Top 10 Games Like RIFT

In the fantastical world of Telara that players explore in RIFT, most situations are possible. Players can forge their characters into the right embodiment of everything they want to be, from clever and cunning rouges to intelligent sorcerers or mighty and noble warriors. If you have been playing RIFT for some time and searching for some games like RIFT, you will need to know what makes the gameplay connection with the overall game so special. For many individuals, Rift is not really a simple MMO, but it also represents a certain experience, both with gameplay and with the broader community. Besides the beautiful and classical fantasy landscapes such as the immense forests, sprawling towns, and flowing rivers, RIFT also boasts a tightly-knit and relatively friendly online community that you can’t find in a great many other MMORPGs today. This community allows the web experience to actually be driven to the fullest of its potential, with players constantly trading hard-to-get items, crafting new things, and generally having positive interactions that make the overall game worth playing. If the social aspect of RIFT was one of the significant reasons you had been interested in the games, you may wish to take a look at and read on the web forums of any MMO you want to try next, since they are able to often be described as a good indicator of how the city interacts with each other. Besides the bustling community of the overall game, you will also desire to look for a game whose mechanics captivate you along with Rift’s does. The unique systems of skills and talents and abilities that RIFT gives every one of its players is something you will not find mirrored in a great many other games, so even though you cannot find the exact same system, read on the gameplay beforehand to see if what they’ve interested you.

  1. Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is really a uniquely in-depth and comprehensive MMO, with player feedback being pivotal to how the developers shape and update the entire world portrayed in the game. Drakensang takes invest an epic medieval fantasy world, where anything is achievable and your character can grow into what you may want them to be.

  1. Black Desert Online

Hailed as one of the first “Next Gen MMOs”, Black Desert Online thrusts players into an income, breathing world that reacts to your character and immerses players in its lore. Players can shape their characters into anything from fierce warriors to simple and peaceful tradesmen, there are no limits to what you can become!

  1. Albion Online

A future MMORPG from heavyweight developer Sandbox Interactive, Albion Online is poised to become the major name in regards to fantasy MMOs. All the info released about this game up to now points to it having most of the aspects of a possible home-run, and a must-play for almost any MMO lover!

  1. EverQuest II

In EverQuest 2, you are thrust into a world filled with fantastical creatures, extraordinary people, and the possibility to set about adventures we could never dream of in our daily lives. The EverQuest Series has arrived at define the MMORPG genre, with the first game remembered very fondly. EverQuest 2 carries on this legacy with great pride.

  1. Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest, a totally free to play MMORPG, is really a unique example in the MMO industry. In addition to is a stunning art style, the game also fixes away completely along with the auto-aiming or lock-on systems in other massively multiplayer online, making players tasks each attack on its target and confirming that abilities are required to thrive.

  1. Mabinogi

In an adorable, 3D anime-style world that’s Mabinogi, most situations are achievable! No matter if you want to be described as a powerful wizard, brave warrior, or possibly a caravan merchant or chef, Mabinogi allows you to take full control over your character’s life to craft them into the most effective character imaginable!

  1. Path of Exile

Massively multiplayer spiritual Heir to Diablo 2, Path of Exile is an experience for all the hardcore fans of Blizzard’s classic Role-playing should try at least once. Everything feels very familiar, from the grid-based inventory system all the best way to the globes they use to exhibit your health and mana.

  1. ArcheAge

If you are buying a fantasy MMORPG that will truly spark your curiosity about its lore and keep you hooked in ways nothing else truly will, ArcheAge is the overall game for you. Create your character and watch them grow in this fantastical fantasy world!

  1. Eldevin

Saturated in character and absolutely crammed saturated in fun, Eldevin is an indie MMORPG, with gameplay centered around following a powerful and fleshed-out story arc and exploring massive urban sprawls, along with isolated and remote aspects of wilderness, all while trying your very best to use your skills to survive.

  1. Guild Wars 2

An iconic hero based Battle Arena game, Guild Wars 2 has arrived at define its genre by being conventional for top quality gameplay, mechanics, and graphical quality. If you are a supporter of Battle Arena games, or if you’re trying to scratch that competitive itch, try Guild Wars 2!


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