Top 10 Games Like Portal Knights

Portal Knights are the exciting survival experience that combines the elements from two different games Minecraft and Terraria. As main advantages of the game users indicate interesting combat, story plot and freedom of creation. Only bad thing about the game is complicated settings. Games like Portal Knights are specific building stories which you have to experience. Portal Knights is a sandbox game where players can explore, fight and build. There are a lot of opportunities for building, fighting and crafting the weapons and making the spells. This is another type of multiplayer game allowing you to play with 3 friends at the same time. In Portal Knights game you begin the story as Warrior, Mage or Ranger and meet the monsters as you progress. In order to achieve in your mission, you should kill them and earn new skills and abilities. As you travel through the world of islands, there are a lot of shards to collect, crafts to build and possibilities to enjoy the journey.

  1. King Arthur’s Gold

In this enjoyable 2D, side-scrolling game, you will do battle against his friends, strangers and AI as you compete to conquer the map and destroy all who oppose you. If you enjoy strategy and wargaming, King Arthur’s Gold will challenge your skills as a commander on the field of battle.

  1. Planet Explorers

You are part of the first ever starship colony sent out by Earth to inhabit a new planet in the far distant future. Upon getting close to the planet, however, something goes wrong and you crash land. You manage to escape the wreckage, but you find yourself trapped on a planet filled with lifeforms that do not want you there.

  1. Minecraft

The popular multiplayer building and crafting a game that has come to define an entire genre, Minecraft is a 3D game where you gather materials, fight monsters, and build incredible and beautiful structures. It has come a long way from its indie roots, and is still being regularly updated today!

  1. Terraria

In this fun, colorful side-scrolling building game, you will start with almost nothing but a set of basic tools, and you need to gather resources to not only build up a village populated with NPCs and merchants, you also need to defeat powerful bosses to earn legendary weapons and armor.

  1. Junk Jack

In this fun, grid-based building and crafting game, you will fight hordes of enemies while you gather resources to build a fantastic home and create weapons and armor to defend it. This game is incredibly reminiscent of Minecraft and Terraria, in all the best ways possible.

  1. Magicite

Playable for wherever between one and four players, Magicite allows players to explore together through a charmed forest, gathering equipment, ahead experience, and leveling up as they battle their way through ever-harder foes! This game truly does justice to the roguelike genre and is a solid pick for anyone who enjoyed the combat or platforming elements from a game like Spelunky.

  1. Treasure Adventure Game

In this old-school adventure game, you play as an intrepid treasure hunter, who is unafraid to take risks and sail the high seas in pursuits of riches and glory. In this 2D game, you will encounter unique problems and have to find creative solutions in order to make off with that precious loot!

  1. Dwarf Fortress

Hailed as one of the most challenging, yet rewarding games to be made, Dwarf Fortress puts you in command of the wellbeing of a settlement, leaving almost every aspect of governing the settlement up to you. It is a game with so many different ways to play as interesting things to do, and rewards those who spend time getting to know it!


Colonize new planets, explore the new worlds, and create fantastic structures in this colorful and fascinating spacefaring game. Manage your resources carefully and you may see yourself come out on top of your competition all throughout the galaxy. You will be tasked with exploring new and fantastic worlds, and going bravely where no one has gone before.

  1. Crea

This game truly takes the word “Random” To the next level. In it, you will battle through procedurally-generated worlds, slaying vicious monsters and earning experience points as you go, all in the name of exploring ever more land and finding ever more loot.

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