Top 10 Games Like Planet Explorers

Far in the future, the very first ships sent by mankind to settle another planet has finally touched planet Maria, a planet with an atmosphere similar to the earth’s that it could accommodate life. However, when the spacecraft approaches its destination, something goes horribly wrong, evoking the shuttle to crash land on Maria. Some colonists have the ability to survive it lifeboats, but they are not prepared for the dangerous and hostile lifeforms that inhabit the planet, and those creatures don’t take kindly to the new inhabitants of these land. In games like Planet Explorers, you often find yourself stranded on a foreign planet, in need to collect resources and fight monsters merely to survive, and the Planet Explorers game itself is no exception. Planet Explorers includes three different modes for you to try out so you can give attention to whatever aspect of the game appeals to you the most. The Story Mode is the key mode for the game, where most of the work from the developers have gone into creating a fascinating gameplay experience that involves NPCs, quests, diplomacy, trading, and farming, alongside so many other creative mechanics. The second reason is Adventure Mode, where your game will focus entirely you exploring a procedurally-generated world, raiding dungeons, and fighting bosses. This mode is ideal for anybody who isn’t keen on the building experience. However, if the building is the only thing you want to do, Build Mode lets you do just that. All hostile monsters are disabled, and you’re given a 40×40 kilometer procedurally-generated map, in addition to infinite building materials, to see all of your visions become reality. However, when you have already played Planet Explorers to the fullest you could stand, and you are searching for other fun and unique adventure building games, we have put together a set of several options that may interest you.

Portal Knights

Take on a role as an adorable 3D character in Portal Knights, a game that sees you not merely choosing a class RPG-style, but additionally incorporates some incredibly fun aspects of crafting and resource gathering in order to make the ball player feel like they’ve truly earned kit they have.

Craft The World

Another game incredibly like Terraria, in Craft the World, you will gather the resources you need to build a magnificent base of operations, and craft the weapons and armors you need to fight off all the monsters and enemies who want to tear everything down.


In this fun, colorful side-scrolling building game, you will focus on next to nothing but a set of basic tools, and you need to gather resources not to only build up a village populated with non-player character, you can also need to eliminate powerful bosses to get legendary weapons.


Operate your space-faring enterprise from the starship as you beam down to a seemingly infinite amount of different planets to gather resources to craft and upgrade your gear to even better versions of themselves. IN this 2D side-scrolling adventure, you will discover places and fight monsters, along with battling the aspects of the planet itself.


The favorite multiplayer building and crafting the game that’s arrived at define a complete genre, Minecraft is a 3D game where you gather materials, fight monsters, and build incredible and beautiful structures. It has come a long way from its indie roots, and continues to be being regularly updated today!

Junk Jack

In this fun, grid-based building and crafting game, you will fight hordes of enemies as you gather resources to build an excellent home and create weapons and armor to defend it. This game is incredibly similar to Minecraft and Terraria, in best wishes ways possible.

King Arthur’s Gold

In this 2D, sidescrolling war game, you can do battle against friends, strangers and AI as you compete to conquer the map and obliterate all who oppose you. In the event that you enjoy strategy and wargaming, King Arthur’s Gold will challenge your skills as a commander on the field of battle.

Treasure Adventure Game

In this old-school adventure game, you play being an intrepid treasure hunter, who is unafraid to take risks and sail the high seas in pursuits of riches and glory. In this 2D game, you will encounter unique problems and have to locate creative solutions in order to make off with this precious loot!

Signs of Life

In this particular sci-fi survival sandbox game, you will soon be stepping onto alien worlds with a bit more than your wits and whatever basic tools you can muster up, and you’re forced to produce your personal way on this strange and foreign planet. Can you survive, or will you succumb to the unforgiving atmosphere around you?


This game truly takes the phrase “Random” To another location level. In it, you will battle through procedurally-generated worlds, slaying vicious monsters and earning experience points as you go, all in the name of exploring ever more land and finding ever more loot.

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