Top 10 Games Like Pirate101

Games like Pirate101 offer a richly detailed world for kids to explore and adventure through. The game is placed in the fictional universe of the Spiral, one it shares using its sister game Wizard101. Safety is in the middle of its design with player interaction limited and controlled by parents. To ensure its child-friendly nature, Pirate101 has opponents disintegrate or vanish without blood when defeated in combat. The game chat and forums are heavily filtered and moderated for inappropriate conduct, ensuring a great and safe atmosphere for children.

10 Best Games Like Pirate101

Animal Jam

A safe and fun online playground for animal lovers, Animal Jam is an academic game for children. In this game the players able to create his own character, pets, and chat with the other online characters and enjoy the game together.

Amazing World

Combat Queen Vexa and foil her dastardly attempts to destroy Amazing World. Do quests singly or together, customize your character and explore reveal and exciting world. Fight epic monsters and play an entire host of minigames.

Moshi Monsters

Directed at young children (5-6), Moshi Monsters lets you select from among six monsters to raise and look after. Players customize their monster, take part in puzzle challenges, navigate and explore Monstro City, play games, and make friends. Monsters and homes can be decorated and accessorized with clothes and items.

Petra’s Planet

A virtual world made for 6-11-year-olds, Petra’s Planet is an academic and fun game that stimulates the natural curiosity of children and encourages the exploration of foreign cultures through play. Explore the lands of the Sami, Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Jordan, and learn about their inhabitants and landscape. Take part in quests individually or with friends.


This online roleplaying game for kids lets players explore a world of interconnected islands. Each island features a theme with a journey attached to it, ensuring there’s always something to do. The mind of the player is tested as most puzzles require extensive investigation and chatting to an island’s inhabitants.


Join some sort of with thousands of other players and compete to catch over 400 different species of fish across 10 different unlockable elements of the overall game world. Customize your character, chat with friends and make new ones, compete in tournaments, decorate your house, breed new fish, and far more!


Emerge the exact same universe as Pirate101, you can explore the world of the Spiral as a wizard. Pick from schools of Ice, Fire, Life, Myth, Balance, Storm, and Death, each with their very own unique spells and playstyle. Besides combat, raise pets, fish, garden, craft, and duel in an abundant and expansive universe.

Hero Smash

Take charge of a fresh smasher in Super City in this hit MMORPG. Get embroiled in the war within the Pandorian Malachite hidden in Pandora’s statue. Fight alongside Demolicious and her robotic Divas contrary to the robotic legions of Luigi Davinci. This bizarre hit from Artix Entertainment isn’t supposed to be studied seriously, just take pleasure in the ride.

Club Penguin

Take charge of a penguin using its own igloo in this immersive online game for kids. Decorate your house with items earned from minigames. Socialize with fellow avians at regular parties at Christmas, Halloween, Music Jam, Medieval, and much more.


Explore a world of homes, shops, schools, castles, and far more in Fantage, a casino game made for children. Decorate your house to suit your specifications. Play minigames and adopt pets. Go on quests and socialize together with your friends. Become knowledgeable on numerous subjects, even host a fashion show with your pals!

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