Top 10 Games Like Outlast

Outlast is really a first-person horror game takes place in the hospital setting and ability to invoke sheer horrific environment via basic but creative game mechanics, including its now-famous ‘viewfinder ‘perspective. You play as Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter hoping to uncover the disturbing truth behind Mount Massive Asylum. Armed only with a journal and camcorder, you should guide Miles to operate and hide his way through foreboding corridors and abandoned rooms, attempting to survive the unfurling nightmare. First-person horror games like Outlast comprises on building an insidious sense of vulnerability.

  1. Soma

Developed by the exact same people who made Amnesia, Soma is both incredibly atmospheric and driven by an excellent horror / sci-fi storyline (one of the finest of the genre in recent years). On the exterior, the game’s abandoned underwater facility might remind some of the original Bioshock. However, delve deeper and you will find that Soma shares a great deal more in keeping with Outlast. Additionally, there are no weapons in Soma so you’ll be spending plenty of time running and hiding. You will also solve a couple of simple puzzles over the way. Best of all, Soma’s narrative is surprisingly existential in tone, raising profound questions about what it way to be ‘truly human ‘. A certain must-play for anyone remotely a supporter of games like Outlast.

  1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

These are Amnesia: The Dark Descent first-person horror game shares a great deal in keeping with Outlast. Amnesia traps you at nighttime halls of an old castle crawling with creepy corridors and rooms, much like Outlast’s asylum. The game does have an innovative ‘sanity meter ‘not observed in Outlast that starts to peak if you remain at nighttime or stare directly at monsters for too long. Differences notwithstanding, Amnesia stands strong among other survival horror games like Outlast. Also read the sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, which has admittedly received less favorable reviews set alongside the original.

  1. Penumbra: Black Plague

You play as Philip, a person looking to get at the underside of his father’s mysterious disappearance. The game is placed within an underground research base rife with zombie-ish creatures hungry for… you. Unlike the very first installment of the series, direct fights are replaced with a heart-pounding ‘run and hide’mechanic similar to a few other horror games like Outlast. Primarily, Penumbra: Black Plague unfolds as a horrific paradox: it has puzzles that force you think… yet fills you with a fear that keeps you from thinking straight. Brilliant!

  1. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear twists the perspective of Outlast, where you play as a maniacal painter in place of running from psychopaths. Like Outlast, the overall game nails its immersive horror setting. You’ll make the right path around a decaying house as rooms and corridors mysteriously morph in features (akin to the abandoned Silent Hill P.T. project). There’re also lots of jump scares, some far better than others. Like Outlast, you will find no weapons; instead, basic exploration and puzzles are the key focus. Despite an over-reliance on clichéd horror tropes, Layers of Fear is most definitely worth looking into for fans of first-person horror games like Outlast.

  1. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation and Outlast don’t seem similar but there’s a very good condition why these two games are often compared to each other. You play as Amanda Ripley who sets out onto a distant space station to discover the facts behind her mother’s (Ellen Ripley) disappearance. Unlike Outlast, Alien: Isolation does arm you with a handful of foe-killing weapons and gadgets. However, these do little to curb your terrifying sense of vulnerability. To begin with, you’re constantly being hunted by a treacherous Alien in a position to kill you almost instantly when it spots you. Thus, like Outlast, you’ll be sneaking down dimly-lit corridors and trembling for minutes under a table trying to prevent detection. In short, if you’re searching for horror games like outlast that ooze frightful immersion, look no more than Alien: Isolation!

  1. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins is definitely an oldie but goodie. You play as Agent Ethan Thomas – a detective trying to fix a mysterious hike in violence throughout a decadent city. Like Outlast, murderous psychopaths lurk about dark corridors and rooms, just waiting to attack. You will also have forensic tools to conduct a couple of basic crime scene investigations. You may even want to check out Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Be warned that the sequel does feature more traditional FPS elements that could not appeal to survival horror purists.

  1. The Park

The Park tells a psychological tale of a mother’s desperate look for her lost son in a closed amusement park. Similar to Outlast, there are no weapons, leading to constant feelings of paranoia and vulnerability. The Park can also be full of freaky imagery (e.g. a red-eyed chipmunk, for starters). Like Outlast, the overall game partially utilizes collectible items (i.e. notes, letters, etc.) to weave its intriguing narrative. However, The Park does differ from Outlast in many ways. For just one, there’s no fleeing-and-stealth mechanic. Instead, you’ll spend your time running around the amusement park, triggering jump scares which will shock… but can’t actually harm you. The Park can also be much shorter and could be finished in about a couple of hours.

  1. Cry of Fear

Starting as a Half-Life mod, Cry of Fear is now a free of charge standalone game both much like and distinctive from Outlast. Like Outlast, the overall game has tons of jump-scares, aided by creepy characters, sound, and environments. Also, despite a array of handy weapons, you’ll still persistently confronted with unexpected attacks from deadly monsters hidden around dark corners. The overall game does introduce some mechanics not within Outlast, including dual-wield, item crafting, and a full health system. Overall, many crossover fans have expressed an ardent love for Cry of Fear, making it a worthy entry within our list of games like Outlast.

  1. Slender: The Arrival

In Slender: The Arrival, you’ll make the right path around abandoned homes, dark mines, and other creepy locations trying to perform certain objectives while the menacing Slender Man persistently hunts you down. Like Outcast, you do not possess weapons, rendering you at risk of attacks at any time. Just like Miles, the easiest way to flee is to help keep running for your life. However, unlike Outlast, Slender: The Arrival’s simple mechanics do begin to feel a bit repetitive after having a while. Deaths can also sometimes seem cheap, especially when Slender Man and other foes pop out before you without warning to instant-kill you. Regardless,  Slender: The Arrival is bound to satisfy almost anyone specifically searching for fear-inducing horror games like Outlast which can be heavy in atmosphere and light on unwieldy gameplay mechanics.

  1. Among The Sleep

Similar to Outlast, there’s a sense of vulnerability in Among: The Sleep. This is certainly caused by because of the fact you’re controlling a helpless two-year-old toddler at the mercy of his own terrifying imagination. The overall game features a more surreal tone compared to Outlast’s realistic psychiatric hospital. However, like Outlast, Among The Sleep’s similar utilization of creepy sounds and horrifying enemy designs trigger quite a few nerve-racking moments (though not nearly as terrifying as Outlast). You can even technically ‘die ‘in Among: The Sleep when haunting creatures terrify you to the point of fainting, triggering a checkpoint restart. Overall, this game is advised for individuals who want to play more first-person horror games like Outlast that feature creepy imaginary, no weapons, and an immersive setting.

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