Top 10 Games Like Need For Speed

Need of Speed: No Limits is one of typically the most popular racing games on the mobile platform not merely because the overall game is, obviously predicated on an incredibly famous racing game franchise (on PC and consoles) but also due to the wide variety of race types as possible enjoy playing. Unlike CSR Racing that focuses solely on drag-racing, Importance of Speed: No Limit provides players with fun and unique game modes like Nitro Rush which you will soon be required to keep spamming your car’s nitro while doing your darkness to keep your wildly-speeding car in order, as well as the game’s signature car drifting.

  1. Assetto Corsa

Could be the greatest driving game of this year, with its openVR and Vive support you should not only feel the raw of a beefy engine nevertheless now you may be in the car as it fly’s at 200 MPH. What if there isn’t VR? No problem, this game is still one of the greatest driving simulators around. The intense realism, mixed with the addicting sports aspect make for an incredible racing experience all car lovers will enjoy.

  1. Project CARS

Go beyond your monitor and experience a handcrafted driving simulator that’s been guided, tested and approved with a passionate community of racing fans and drivers. Set out yourself into the thrilling world of brutal racers and learn how to dominate the land of racing. Project CARS also includes full support of VR and has next-gen graphics, authentic handling and 12k HD resolution.

  1. Forza Horizon 3

Nothing has been doing it quite like Forza Horizon and I could let you know that the overall game completely lives up to the hype around it. If you will want game that resembles significance of speed, but better in most way then horizon will be the game for you. This open world, drift packed game with over 350 cars is preparing to blow the mind and enable you to experience real driving with your pals unlike ever before.

  1. Grand Theft Auto

I had to incorporate grand theft auto into this list as it’s probably the most played car game of ALL TIME. I am aware GTA isn’t specifically a vehicle game, but I must admit GTA has the most effective car mechanics. After all it’s so fun to drive cars and bikes and it’s a real pleasure to tune up and race friends and cops as you battle online.

  1. iRacing

If you prefer track racing then you will end up a supporter of IRacing. This can be a game that’s constantly being updated and has one of the most killer driving simulators. The problem is the actual fact the overall game wants monthly payments that will be DUMB. After all it’s an incredible game and could have a huge community when they charged a one off price or at least lowered the monthly cost down to some dollars, After all $15 per month is merely an excessive amount of for some the youth and adults to shell out on a game every month. However this game does offer a truly unique and awesome experience.

  1. Shift 2

Shift needed to be mentioned on this list as it shares loads of the exact same top features of Need for Speed. Become immersed with the hundreds of cars, the tune-up options and the internet racing and feel the air run throughout your in-game hair as you smash every online race… Or come last and rage as I do.

  1. Dirt: Rally

Dirt is and I believe always will soon be my favorite rally racing game. With dirt: Rally they really blew me away, with the thrilling camera angles, the amazing graphics, the realism and way the car gives you feedback it’s hard not to have sucked into to this awesome game.

  1. Grand Turismo

There’s no way I really could do a set of games like Importance of Speed and not mention Grand Turismo. No, it’s not the a similar, but as a vehicle fan you will find it just as addictive and in the event that you enjoy simulation it’s one of the greatest console car simulators around.

  1. Burnout Paradise

It’s time and energy to through it back all the best way to 2009 with Burnout Paradise. This was and is still a total classic car game that shares so much with the Importance of Speed Series. Believe it or not this game really has an energetic community and is still played, when you want something a little old school, crazy and destruction based then buy it and have a blast.

  1. Driveclub

For me Forza wins, however, Drive Club definitely has its strong features. It comes packing with ultra-realistic graphics, numerous cars, and amazing feedback in the cars and honestly, it enables you to feel like you’re in the game. This game smashes anything I played when I was younger and if this is around I’d have now been completely hooked.

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