Top 10 Games Like My Candy Love

The applying My Candy Love translates as “sweet flirtation”, and accordingly it requires us to the world of virtual dating with virtual flirting. Actions take devote a college where there are numerous girls and boys. Most of the characters are good in their very own way but you’ll need to choose the most desired. After that, girls should make an effort to fall in love with a son, who she liked. However, to win the center of among the classmates, you’ll need to create plenty of effort. All things considered, there are numerous beautiful and charming girls in the institution but you’ll need to become the most effective of the finest ladies so your guy will pay attention to you.

In the application form My Candy Love, you can create your own, unique love story, get to know a man more closely and plunge into the world of romance. In the application form, episodes are updated often, and what result will soon be from him in the long run, each girl decides. The most important thing is to choose the dialogue that presupposes an optimistic final. By the end of each episode, you will are able to take a romantic date with the guy you chose. In order to advance to another location levels, you’ll need to perform most of the tasks which can be built on the dialogs. However, there’s a tiny nuance, you will see many guys, and new characters will often appear, so the option could be difficult.

The applying My Candy Love will soon be relevant for several girls or girls who wish to immerse themselves in a digital romantic world and get to know better the inventors and their characters. In reality, you are able to find out how to choose the right solutions that can be useful in real relationships. Download the overall game about love My Candy Love and meet your chosen one!

Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story – is the overall game for anyone who dreamed or still dreams to go entirely from an as yet not known actor to a brilliant star. To penetrate life as a separate character, and the entire city all together is quite affordable because downloading the overall game is fairly simple.

Spirited Heart

Fantasy Life Simulator. We create our “avatar” and watch him, ensuring that he rested on time, earned well (with an option of more than 20 classes), developed his skills, and also didn’t forget to establish relationships with other characters. Create your virtual “I” of any race – a typical person, a cute elf or an evil demon. Each character has its initial attributes and a unique personality, which could greatly affect the gameplay. Running the overall game you may find yourself in a digital fantasy world. Choose a job from 20 available. Increase your skills to accomplish more. Relax on a break in a variety of exotic places. And, finally, find your soul mate.

LoveStory : Highschool Romance

Simulators on the Android continue to evolve, and some directions so generally live their lives, offering us probably the most diverse options to spend their time. We’ll run ahead and immediately give you to disassemble all the pros and cons of the overall game, which can help you to quickly decide whether you’ll need it or not. Among the pluses on the go are interesting dialogues, beautiful locations (professional artists worked on each one), cute characters, an interesting genre, no linear development of the plot, a complete lack of donat (provided that you can even download the overall game for free) and several other less significant moments.

Monster Loves You!

Become a monster, born in a slimey vat. Mature and become an inveterate monster. Each of one’s choices through the fairy tale adventure will affect the world of monsters and people. Become a monster, born in a slimey vat. Mature and become an inveterate monster. Each of one’s choices through the fairy tale adventure will affect the world of monsters and people.You are now living in the village and adore to consume the fingers of small children. Being a monster, you realize how to stay the best places. What will you do if, with you, three furious bears find a lady in their hut? Or in the event that you stumble upon a wolf who chases a lady in a red hat? So long as you are a tiny monster, your decision is very simple. Can you chase poor mice (+1 cruelty) or protect them from dogs (+1 kindness)? Can you admit your friends ate a mushroom (+1 honesty), or remain true for them (+1 bravery)? In youth, actions form your personality.

Choice of Robots

Selection of Robots is one of the top games of the Selection of Games LLC company: the best ratings on Steam (“extremely positive”), the best sales level and all of this at the expense of a great story and character development system. The foundation of history is the creation of a full-fledged artificial intelligence in the near future. The protagonist dreams of becoming the best in this field, he studies in the graduate school of a certain university, assembles robots, and tries to create them learn to review themselves. Immediately it’s necessary to state that the further plot depends entirely in your choice. Variability here has become the maximum for this kind of games. Events can happen quickly, and your own personal robot (the second main hero of the saga) at some point can be an individual having its desires and aspirations. You will have to constantly conform to the events, change your ambitions and attitude to your companion.

Champion of the Gods

Champion of The Gods is the weakest of the listed games but it is also not without its charm. History unfolds in certain alternative world, copied from Greek mythology. The key character goes his way from the shepherd to the demigod (or the overthrower of the Olympic gods) and constantly reflects on the nature of man, gods, and this is of life. The overall game literally abounds in cliches of game titles and ideas about Ancient Greece. The plot is banal (it is necessary to save the entire world from Ancient Evil) and it’s saturated in rather beaten turns extracted from ancient Greek tragedies. Incest, mandatory bouts of madness, unhappy love, death of loved ones, and deeds – all this may necessarily affect the life of the hero and will affect your choice. It would appear that people see obvious signs of failure but from some time everything starts to be perceived harmoniously. History does not pretend to be original but meticulously depicts the ancient setting.

Choice of the Deathless

The Selection of the Deathless story is as confusing since it is exciting. In a nutshell, it is a simulator of a dead workaholic necromancer, crushed by credit, and corporate gnawing. And all this really is followed closely by office intrigues, devouring souls, summoning demons, and sex with a skeleton (if charisma is sufficiently developed). You’re offered to stay the role of a lawyer doing work for an occult magical organization in an excellent noir world. With the external fantasy setting, everything that occurs is more like a bile satire on a modern society. This game – the most insane of listed, an actual hellish mixture of incompatible genres and storylines. Here we have a creation saga about corporate squabbles, an outrageous and perplexing world in the style of Chiina Mievil and a noir history in the spirit of Neil Gaiman.

High School Story

High School Story is a superb mobile simulator of school life. Every schoolboy here has their own personal story, that you need certainly to disclose. Organize the coolest school party, brainstorm with friends, and have fun with cheerleaders! Anyone who wants to download High School Story may find here something for himself. Secondary school is rarely connected with students with endless parties, dates, and walks to a strong evening, mainly thoughts are only about finding your way through complex control work, doing homework and viewing teaching aids. In the High School Story, you’ve to learn but thanks to the players, the main place will be used by parties, surprises, fashion shows, and other youth events! Place the mandatory buildings, decorate the institution grounds with cobbled paths, trees, and magnificent fountains – students will have to taste it!

Always Remember Me

Here is the game, the audience of which are girls. The plot is definitely on the basis of the romantic relationship of the main character with one of the characters to choose from. In reality, it’s a combination of the visual novella and dating simulator. The story begins with the fact that the main character and her boyfriend are in an incident, after that the latter loses memory. If it will assist you to restore memory to the beloved or will choose another way – to fix to you. The overall game process is split into two stages: work and free time. In his time, Amaranth (the main character) can head to any point indicated on the town map. She can improve her skills, head to the shops, walk in the park, visit a nightclub or perhaps relax at home.

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