Top 10 Games Like Momodora

You could recognize games like Momodora from your childhood. They’re 2D, side-scrolling platformer games that have amazing soundtracks and gameplay that’ll always stop you finding its way back for more. The iconic art style of Momodora, combined with the storyline, are the two things that make Momodora unique whenever you use it facing other games like it. You can find multiple installments in the series, such as for example Momodora: Reverie by the Moonlight, but if you’re buying classic platforming experience, you can’t match the original Momodora, which can be acquired for free download online proper who desires that experience. The initial Momodora is a notably dark and sad story about a tiny girl named Isadora. Isadora tragically lost her mother and was left as an orphan, forced to fend for herself in a cool and uncaring world. Desperate to get her mother back, she enters the Forbidden Lands on a search to locate a fabled approach to resurrecting the dead, to ensure that she can revive her mother and come back to how life was before she became an orphan. The overall game is not easy, and even experienced platform players will face difficulties in Momodora, but the atmosphere of the overall game and to be able to experience how well the gameplay blends with the world around it is really worth the effort.

Here are the Best Similar Games to Momodora

  1. The Surge

In The Surge, it is an understatement to say you’ve had a tough first day on the job. You get knocked out in an explosion, wake up in a military-grade exoskeleton, and need to fight your way out just to figure out what on the planet is certainly going on.

  1. Bloodborne

Take the reins of an intrepid adventurer in this gritty, gothic Dark Souls-esque for Playstation. In Bloodborne, you are going to be hacking, slashing and flame thrower-ing your path through hordes of terrifying monsters that look like they have climbed straight out of nightmares.

  1. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is well-known because of the fight with enemies with various weapons as bows, projectiles, and swords. The role of protagonist is to locate and re-establish five lords of Cinder to the thrones and turn the flame again. The key character Unkindled is established from the leftovers of the warrior who was unsuccessful in linking the flame.

  1. Salt and Sanctuary

In this punishing and challenging 2D action RPG, you are left to explore an eerie and hostile island that doesn’t appreciate you being on it. You have to fight your path through a huge number of monsters, where any mistake is brutally punished, hoping that you solve the mystery keeping you there.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Play as Geralt, a person in a dwindling race of human-like creatures specifically designed to be monster-killing machines. Your travels will take you all across the war-torn land, meeting strange characters, solving mysteries, and sitting right down to play a couple of hands of cards to your heart’s content!

  1. Demon’s Souls

The precursor of the Souls series, Demon’s Souls is the overall game that inspired every one of the Souls games that we all know and love today. Demon’s Souls presents its players with difficult, throwing unforgiving monsters and minions and boss battles at them until they either break or emerge victoriously.

  1. Lords of the Fallen

In this fun, challenging Dark Souls-like RPG, you play as a criminal who has been provided for a monastery in the far north, provided for redeeming yourself in the eyes of gods and men. However, the monastery has been overrun by demonic beings, and you should use your skills to defeat terrifying monsters.

  1. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is the very first part of the legendary series. Prepare to Die takes invest the town of Lodran which prepares you for death. During the overall game, you encounter various traps, mobs, dragons, and demons. The world is cruel and you might find the deaths of others to be able to learn how to persist.

  1. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Like the very first part, Witcher 2 is founded on novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. You play as a Geralt of Rivia, genetically enhanced and trained human who hunts monsters for a living. A great deal of quests and legions of monsters are waiting for you.

  1. The Witcher

The Witcher is really an Action RPG developed by CD Project Red and released in 2007 (enhanced edition premiered in 2008). You play as a Witcher (monster hunter for hire) named Geralt. Through the overall game, you are going to be fighting the monster, learn magic and make difficult decisions which influence the whole story.

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