Top 10 Games like Mekorama

Many players around the World love playing puzzle games with challenging tasks. Martin Magni brings an exciting Puzzle game for those who are crazy about puzzle games.

The game is very addictive; once you play the game, you will become the addict of it if we talk about its story, in which a robot mistakenly reached in the strange World and lost his some parts. The World is full of weird puzzles and levels. The player must assist the robot and try to reach the red circle to clear the level.

Each level contains lots of hurdles, enemy robots, and more. Guide the mechanical robot throughout fifty stories and enjoy the charming reaction of the robot. Through level editor, the player can create his unique level using hurdles, blocks, and more than can send to his friends as a challenge. Mekorama is an excellent game that the player can enjoy.

If you already played this game or become bored with it, then here are the top 10 games like Mekorama that you should play to immerse yourself in Mekorama like gameplay.

Back to Bed

Back to Bed is a Puzzle video game that follows the dreams of the character. It is the first game that offers similar gameplay to Mekorama with the same features.

The player has to assist the sleepwalker known as Bob and try to reach his Bed by crossing hurdles and solving puzzles. The game is set in the surreal and painting-like dreamscapes world full of objects that can be used to assist the bob. Earn lots of points and clear every level to take over the game.

Why Similar to Mekoramaَ?

If we talk about the gameplay, you have to assist the sleepy guy who is in the dream and not know where he has to go. He needs your help to assist him. It is the same condition that you face in Mekorama, where you have to guide a robot who forgets the way of his planet.


Wonderputt is a Puzzle game that is similar to Mekorama. Damp Gnat Ltd developed and published the game, and it supports mobile platforms and Mac OS. It contains lots of challenging stages filled with obstacles, challenging puzzles, and enemies.

Control the protagonist through a series of levels and try to reach at the end of each level. It features unlockable upgrades that can enhance the power of the protagonist. It is the best game for you if you love playing puzzle games.

Echo Chrome

Echo Chrome is the Puzzle Game by Game Yarouze for PlayStation 3. In the gameplay, the player can control a mannequin figure, and his goal is to traverse through a rotatable world where reality and physics depend on perspective.

The game marks the place that you visited. Lots of levels are available to play and enjoy. Show off your progress by completing a variety of stages and earning the massive scores. Echo Chrome looks easy to play but hard to master.

Unlock other levels by earning enough coins and use your wits to clear each level. The puzzle is the primary genre in the game, and it supports Single-player mode only.

Dream Machine: The Game

Dream Machine: The Game is a memorable 3D Illusion Puzzle game for those players who love playing Mekorama. The game is set in the fantasy and mind-blowing World where the player takes on the role of the little character. His main task is to manipulate the machinery, find problems, solve puzzles, and use his abilities to survive in challenging levels.

At the end of each level, the player has to fight against the boss by guiding his mechanical friends through a variety of levels and lead him to the freedom to win the game.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is the top-rated, Indie Puzzle and Single-player game offered by Ustwo. In the game, the player will assist a silent princess throughout a stunning world and manipulate the impossible architecture.

Uncover the path of the secret, guide the princesses through bizarre moments, reveal the story, and complete a set of levels to score the points. The game contains at least eight chapters of illusion and adventures. The game features touch controls, a beautiful world, an emotional story, and challenging obstacles. Check out if you love playing games like Mekorama.

Ghosts of Memories

Ghosts of Memories brings the adventure and puzzle elements together for you and lets you engage yourself in twenty-one unique levels consists of six stunningly fantastic worlds. In the game, you will traverse around six different ancient civilizations’ worlds to uncover their paths and solve their mysteries based on sticky tiles.

Assist the traveler in rescuing the beautiful woman who is stuck in a crystal and is waiting for a hero who saves her. There are tricky levels full of hurdles, enemies, and challenging obstacles that you must overcome to become the hero. Exercise your brain, polish your skills, and get ready to fight for a woman.

I’ll recommend this game to you if you are searching for alternatives to Mekorama.

Magic Flute

Magic Flute by Mozart is a casual, adventure, and puzzle game that will challenge the wits of the player while enchanting the player with the superb vision of the stunning worlds full of surprises.

Within the game, the player will discover thirty-two challenging puzzles situated in the fabulous scenery of opera. It contains lots of levels, and each level is full of obstacles, puzzles, and enemies. Progress through the way, defeat enemies and solve complicated puzzles to win amazing prizes. Check out the game if you find Games like Mekorama.

Outside World

Outside World is a Little Thingie’s Puzzle and Single-player game for Android and iOS. Are you addict to Mekorma, complete it’s all stages, or become bored with it and are looking for games like it.

Then there is a list of up to 10 games like Mekorama created based on gameplay, genres, playing style, and features. An exotic world where the game is set and the story centers on an alone protagonist who wishes to go back to her home.

The female protagonist stuck in a strange world filled with challenging puzzles, enemies, a surreal environment, and more. Control the character through a series of levels, overcome obstacles, and reach the end of each level to find a way out. Outside World is a memorable game for puzzle lover players.


Skyward is an Arcade Puzzle Android game in which the player begins the massive journey to the sky with a single step. It has endless gameplay, and the player controls two different colored circles simultaneously to go as far as possible by using touch controls.

A variety of challenging levels are available, and each level offers moving platforms and challenging obstacles that the player must overcome to progress. Skyward looks easy but hard to play.

Once you start playing the game, you don’t know how much you spend your time on it due to its addictive gameplay. So play carefully and complete it’s all levels to become the master.

Evo Explores

Evo Explores by Stampede is a Puzzle and Brain Game for Android and iOS. The gameplay is similar to Mekorama, but it offers the surreal World where you should trust your eyes.

If something looks real, it’s not real; if you don’t see any problem, there is a fundamental problem. Manipulate the surreal structures, navigate optical illusion, and accomplish mine blowing challenging puzzles to gain experience.

It is a space explorer game that contains lots of planets. You must visit every world and reveal its mysteries to clear the level. As you advanced, other superb and stunning levels are visible for you to play and keep progressing through each level to become the master. Check out the game.

Here is this list we offer top 10 Similar Games to Mekorama.

I hope you enjoy the games. Please tell us about fun in the comments, and if you want to add more games to this list, please recommend the name of the game. Thanks.

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