Top 10 Games Like MapleStory

MapleStory released in 2003 and it has evolved over the years. The constant Updates took the overall game to help expand heights and now it includes lots of amazing environments, quests, Characters, Items and a great deal more to discover. With an incredibly addictive and casual gameplay, MapleStory aims at a huge audience that could enjoy the overall game Free of Cost. With all the simple controls and 2D Side Scrolling fun, MapleStory enables you to create an online account. Down the road, you can enjoy learning the gameplay using a brief tutorial. Once through the original steps, you can go on some fun quests, complete various jobs, craft items, and engage in thrilling PvP battles.

Games like MapleStory

1.  Elsword Online

Elsword Online enables you to like a vigorous Action and Skill-based MMORPG experience. This brilliant title allows you to like a 2.5D and Side-Scrolling play by which it includes a myriad of amazing features and perks. With a modernistic approach, it engages you in a Guild-based PvP environment where you can enjoy Skill-based Combats. It supplies a team-based mechanism by which it encourages one to participate a group, complete various game stages, and progress with the story. By following the multi-region map, you’ll have to undergo dungeons, talk with NPCs (Non-player Characters), complete quests and trade for items.

2.  Tree of Savior

The 2nd MMORPG game on our list of games like MapleStory could be the amazing named as Tree of Savior. By having an enchantingly cute and rewarding nature, Tree of Savior supplies a Ragnarok Online type gameplay. The overall game centers around epic journies, quests and a graphically rich experience in a full world of chaos. You’re tasked to pick the available characters from four main classes. These classes include characters such as Swordsmen, Archers, Wizards, and the Clerics. There are more classes in the overall game that you can unlock on advanced levels.

3.  Mabinogi

Mabinogi is another fantastic Anime themed MMORPG titles that overwhelm you with a myriad of amazing Features and Content. It supplies a unique rebirth system that enables you to respawn your character while keeping all of the amazing skills. This makes the overall game much more interesting because you won’t see this kind of feature in all the similar MMORPG games. The overall game enables you to select your character from the three main race types. These race types include characters such as Humans, Elves, and Giants.

4.  Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story is an amazingly similar MMORPG title to the MapleStory. It’s impressive visuals, freedom of exploration, unique character classes and a good number of grinding elements makes it one of the greatest games like MapleStory to play and enjoy. The game provides a 2.5D Side-scrolling MMORPG experience with a good look and feel. The in-depth play, elegant graphics, and advanced mechanics are a wonderful attraction for an incredible number of online players. The game provides a unique backstory that revolves around powerful entities, demonic evils, and valuable artifacts. In a sense, Lunaria Story is really a true pleasure for all the 2D and Side-scrolling enthusiasts.

5.  Lost Saga

Together with the very most prominent and rewarding titles, Lost Saga is really a Free-to-play 3D Combat-based Multiplayer game like MapleStory. The game focuses on Fighting aspects and offers a number of different characters, skills, and game modes. The unique brawling system of Lost Saga allows you to enjoy PvP combats in an incredible and ever-evolving environment. With an original visual style, epic skills, and a sheer number of other great options, Lost Saga is one of the greatest games like MapleStory to play and enjoy. The gameplay of Lost Saga is very straightforward but hard to master. It offers an easy WASD movement and follows the absolute most basic control scheme. It lets you use various combinations of the buttons for various kinds of attacks.

6.  Dust: An Elysian Tail

This kind of title is one of the greatest games like MapleStory that provides Offline Playability. The game revolves around a young warrior, who wakes up in a black forest without any memory. The purpose of the overall game is to simply help Dust find his origin while accompanying your pals, a mythical Sentient named as Blade of Ahara and its protector Fidget a Nimbat by nature. Dust: An Elysian Tail provides a quest-oriented gameplay. Your task would be to explore the forest, meet other characters, get quests as jobs, and complete them to understand more concerning the world. You will have to develop more skills and abilities as you progress in the game.

7.  Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga is an impressive Browser-based MMORPG gaming filled with wonderful graphics and an immersive gameplay. The game provides a 2D Side-scrolling experience and allows you to relish it in a Browser Online. With all the Casual game, it offers a number of different elements with more exciting and enjoyable gameplay and plenty of customization options. It offers easy mobility and requires no such special movement skills. You can simply explore the world by clicking on places on the map. It offers freedom in selecting character genders and lets you choose your characters from the available classes.

8.  LaTale

If you prefer an almost 100% replica of MapleStory, LaTalemight is a most readily useful MMORPG title for you. The game draws much inspiration from MapleStory and provides a similar 2D Side-scrolling experience. With a typical MMORPG play, LaTale lets you explore the overall game world by simply controlling your character from your own keyboard and mouse. Like other MMORPGs of this specific type, your task is to perform quests allocated by the NPCs. On every quest completion, LaTale rewards you with Skill Points that you can spend to obtain some cool upgrades. On the other hand, you can make Ely, the official LaTale currency by defeating monsters, bosses, selling the things, etc.

9.  Flyff

Flyff is really a longest running Anime and Fantasy-based 2.5D MMORPG video game. The game provides a standard gameplay with an emphasis on exploration and combat. Why is it stand out as an original title in MMORPG genre is the remarkable flying system. You can use it as the principal methods to transport yourself to any part of the game world. This cuts short the full time to travel to any part of the game world and makes the overall game a bit more fun at exactly the same time. With a success of unique content, characters, and quests, Flyff is really a fantastic social game. It allows you to relate to players via guilds and events such as parties, marriages and an original Pupil system.

10. NosTale

NosTale however not the least title on our listing of Best Games like MapleStory is none other compared to the brilliant NosTale. This phenomenal title based on the typical MMORPG formula and offers stunning graphics and a lot of class and customization options. With a great level pacing, multiple maps, Pets and housing facilities, NosTale offers a number of elements in the play. As the principal character, your task is to truly save the world of NosTale from the Vernon who would like to plunge the world into utter darkness and chaos. You are able to proceed through various available character classes and select one just based on your liking.

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