Top 10 Games Like Limbo

Limbo is about a nameless boy, who finds himself in the center of the forest on the Edge of Hell. While seeking his beloved sister, the protagonist encounters human characters, who either are dead, run away or attack him.

During his journey, he meets with a female character, yet is prevented from approaching her. Puzzle and Platform are main genres using in the game and has single-player support. The game’s setting takes place in the two-dimensional world with the ability to run right and left. Limbo published by Microsoft Game Studios and produced by Playdead.

Looking for Games like Limbo, then you’ll discover top 10 Similar Games to Limbo based on game’s setting, story or environment.

  1. Black the Fall

Black the Fall brings the popular genres together such as puzzle-platform, side-scroll, and action by Sand Sailor Studio. An old robot escapes from a brutal factory and stuck in a strange land where the evil robot is searching him.

He must survive as long as possible, face off robots who finding him and explore a variety of levels to progress. During the journey, he befriends the strange creatures, a little robot. Could both characters escape this deadly world together by solving mind-bending puzzles and more? Check out the game, you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Feist

Feist is the most similar game in the list of Top best Games like Limbo. Action, Platform, Side-scroll, and Exploration are the prominent genres in the game and it is set in the 2D setting world. The game puts the player in the savage survival experience full of the beautiful world, dynamic strange creatures, breathtaking soundtrack, and more.

Take on the role of the lonely creature through a series of levels take place in the stunning world full of forests, Hazard Mountains, caves and glowing swamps. The gameplay much similar to Limbo. Check out the game and have fun.

  1. Inside

Inside is another video game by the developers of Limbo known as Playdead. Single-player is only the mode in the game and combines the component of Puzzle-Platform and side-scroll. The game is about navigating the levels, solving interesting puzzles while avoiding death.

The player controls a young boy in a breathtaking world from 2.5D view and efforts to complete a series of increasing difficulty levels. During his exciting journey, the player will encounter masked guards equipped with flashlights, vehicles and more. The player needs to be a hero and survive as long as possible to become the master.

  1. Grimind

Grimind is the fabulous video game for those who are looking for Alternatives to Limbo. The game features the Action Adventure, Platform and Side-scroll components similar to Limbo and has the Single-player mode. The breathtaking world where the game takes place is filled with strange creatures, mind-bending puzzles, and horror-filled levels.

The game puts into the ancient caves and crypts with no memories. There the player must complete levels by solving puzzles while avoiding obstacles and hazards. Dynamic gameplay, physics-based element, narration, challenges, single dynamic objects are the most brilliant features in the game to enjoy and have fun.

  1. White Night

Historical breathtaking world in 1930, insane puzzles, and black and white horror-survival elements awaits. Are you a fan of Limbo, and looking for some similar games based on gameplay, story, environment or some other elements? Then there are top 10 Games available in the List of Top 10 Games like Limbo.

The game consists of a series of levels filled with different environment, puzzles, and strange creatures to encounter. The level difficulty continuously increasing, depending on the player progress. The protagonist are stuck in his nightmare where darkness is the most prominent threat. Could you survive in the hearth berating environment? Check out the game and have fun.

  1. Schein

Schein is a puzzle-platform, action and adventure game by Zeppelin Studio. The game tells a story of a father who get into a strange swap to find his beloved son. As the father envolved in darkness environment and begin to lose hope, a mysterious angel appears and offers him a guidance and her magical powers such as a light which uses to reveal the hidden worlds.

There are at least up to three hidden world presents to reveal. The player needs to use the light and solve mind-bending puzzles and defeat deadly beasts. Explore environment, solve puzzles, and use intellect are the prominent elements in the game.

  1. The Fall

The Fall is an action-adventure and single-player game with platform component released by Over the Moon Games. The story follows  a A.R.I.D. an AI character in a combat space suit, as she explores industrial facility to find out medical attention for the injured of suit.

The game’s setting centers on a stunning world, containing different environments full of puzzles and insane obstacles. The player needs to avoid foes with a task to survive as long as possible. Check out the game and tell us how it similar to Limbo in comments.

  1. Monochroma

Monochroma brings cinematic puzzle-platform and single-player gameplay for those players who are looking for Games like Limbo. Set in an alternative universe, and revolves around two boys, who are brothers and have an ability to fly kites. In the game, the older brother looks after his young brother, who injures himself.

Soon the brothers become witnesses something truly awful. Both brother alone in the storm must survive in six hours of gameplay by completing puzzles while avoiding hazards. The game features increasing level difficulty system and enhances the challenges while the player becomes master.

  1. Child of Light

Ubisoft Montreal’s best action, side-scroll, puzzle-platform and single-player video game with role-playing elements for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo and more. Both Single and Multiplayer modes supported in the game and the game’s setting take place in the mysterious world filled with obstacles and hazards.

Control the protagonist, Aurora, as she awakens on the land of Lemuria. She encounters and befriends a firefly called Igniculus, who rewards her to a sword that she uses for her protection. Reveal the secrets, complete puzzles, and avoid obstacles to survive longer. Check out the game.

  1. Braid

Braid is a Puzzle-Platform video game with Single-player mode released by Number None. The game’s story revolves around the protagonist, as he struggles to rescue the princess from a brutal monster who wants to slay her.

It features the traditional aspects of the platform component while integrating different time-manipulation’s power. Using these abilities, the player is capable of progressing through the game by finding the princess and completing a series of puzzles.

There are Top 10 Similar Games to Limbo.

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