Top 10 Games Like Landlord

Landlord sets itself apart from other city building games by supplying some mayoral skills that you can level and interesting pop-up mini-tasks (with its mini-games) which might be pretty fun to do. There is a ridiculous volume of housing, businesses and public buildings that you can construct in mafia wars and an equally large array of decorations is provided as well! Have a good time expanding your city limits in the massive map available and watching your little town grow from to be a city into a booming metropolitan! So, in spite of the unfortunate natural event containing tainted the start your career since the mayor of this town, you have the ability to fix this – the one question is… are you currently around the position?

Games Like Landlord

  1. SimCity 4

 SimCity 4 is your fourth installment while in the SimCity game franchise and this has been touted since the best SimCity game ever. Instead to create your city at once, now you can make your city part by part and weave them completely into a bustling metropolis. You’ve lots of powers, enabling you to craft and create the landscape as you want, or call down huge disasters to terrify your poor Sims. Like the first games, being their mayor, you’ve got to be understanding of your Sims’needs as well, be it a new stadium or even more universities. You’ll find multiple scenarios and regions that you can create a city in, so there’s loads of replayability right there.

  1. SimCity 3000

SimCity 3000 is a nice old-school version of SimCity. However, in addition to the aging graphics, the action continues to be pretty fun to the present day. The sport gives you 13 challenging scenarios to play in or you can simply hop into its sandbox mode and enjoy constructing a city whichever way you like. There are also “fun” (for you) disasters that you can unleash to your poor Sims, obliberating homes and high-rise buildings alike. With an increase of buildings (landmarks specifically) than ever before, SimCity 3000 is a fantastic step-up from the first and is a testament to the old-school version of SimCity… and well, if you happen to have an insatiable craving to play a mature version of your SimCity, SimCity 3000 is a personal game you’ll be able to play.

  1. SimCity

 SimCity will be the inspiration of the city-building game ever produced and it is so for a very good reason. The sport but not only lets you build a virtual city of your own design, the city-building process is very intricate as soon as it’s done, you can even enjoy watching your little Sims go with regards to their day. As the mayor, you cannot exactly do whatever you decide and like when you hope a people’s support. For this, it is very important take your Sims’feedback and improve town accordingly.

  1. Village Life

Village Life is an amazing, free-to-play village simulation game whereby you manage your small village of people. Assign tasks to the adult villagers to get resources and supplies for growing your village or trading. You must also maintain the villagers happy by fulfilling their demands, which inturn will help you to unlock a whole new choice of resources and items.

  1. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is an addictive city-building simulation where you can assume the role of the mayor of a small town, with a task to try to create an amazing metropolis of the dreams. By manufacturing and crafting a number of goods, you should utilize these products to earn some cash or even to update your existing buildings to enable them to house more people. Help other citizens solve their daily problems with the help of or expanding roads, building entertainment outlets, parks or some other useful facilities nearby, and, of course, so that their basic needs (electricity, water and waste management) is well-taken care of.

  1. SimCity Social

SimCity Social is a nice entertaining city-building game that you can use Facebook. Depending on the popular SimCity franchise, you’ll reach create a bustling virtual city of your own using a beautiful yet remote tropical island. There are lots of buildings to make, everybody will produce a different form of resources which you must update your buildings. The sport is very social as well, allowing you to but not only view your friends’cities but also to help or destroy their cities… dependant upon your mood that is. Many have touted the action as a very good predecessor of your current popular SimCity mobile game, SimCity BuildIt.

  1. Township

Township is an enjoyable city-building simulation game from Playrix. In this game, you’ll learn developing and develop your city as well as to set up farm and factories for getting produce which you may then target your buddies or simply strangers from on world. Place selection of beautioful decorations to boost your city and turn it into a place people, albiet virtual ones, will want to live in. The graphics in this game is likewise amazingly stunning and the tunes is reasonably pleasant to listen to. Best yet, the action is normally updated with fun events to be able to maintain the gameplay fresh and exciting for the players.

  1. Airport City

Airport City is a pretty fun simulation and management game to relax and play that gives you the chance to build and develop both a contemporary airport and the nearby city that supports it. In this game, you will have to collect money, fuel and passengers through the city for being invested in your airport. In your airport, you are able to build and upgrade hangars (so you can aquire more and larger planes), runways, repair depots and many more. Send your fleet of planes off to locations and adventures, and you never know? Your planes might resurrect that something extra – collectibles – that you may supplment your collection. Complete your collection to earn some goodies! Eventually, your airport city will have raised to the stage for those who have the ability and resources to penetrate space exploration as well.

  1. Tropico 4

Tropico 4 is the 4th title in the franchise of Tropico building simulation game where you can play because the all-powerful El President of a tropical island country. The bingo is focused more about the political intrigue this point as you will have to play your cards right with all your people along with the other global superpowers praying of keeping your power and lastly, and keep increasing the dimensions of your off-shore bank account. Anybody can appoint ministers to help you continue unpopular policies so you won’t have to handle the resulting fallout, and draft up national agendas to face challenges which range from needs from your very own Tropicana to a regular natural disaster that’s decimating your population as well as your country.

  1. Tropico 3

3 is likewise social in the sense where you could visit other islands controlled by players and contest with other players through an online scoring system. Feels like fun for your requirements? Well, you are able to give Tropico 3 a try. It’s definitely a step-up from the primary two games (since they’ve older graphics and mechanics) and might attract the players of today.

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