Top 10 Games Like Huniepop

A part fun puzzle game and part adorable dating sim, Huniepop drew players in with dazzling and cute design choices and kept them always returning for more with addictive gameplay and puzzling challenges that anyone would enjoy solving. This game features soft RPG elements and will provide players with an exceptionally memorable experience. And with different avenues to take your story though, this game has huge levels of replayability. So, if you are searching for more games like Huniepop, we’ve some very nice options!

11 Best Games Like Huniepop

  1. Nekopara

In the Nekopara series, you play as the most recent heir to a lengthy distinct confection makers, learning the craft of one’s father and your ancestors making all sorts of sweet treats. Recently, you moved abroad to open your personal pastry shop, and things appear to be pretty normal. But as you are in the act of moving some of one’s things, you eventually stumble upon two catgirls your family has been raising, Chocola and Vanilla. You adopt them and bring them to your brand-new pastry shop, and the adventure accumulates from there. Step into the role of a young man who suddenly finds himself accountable for a pair of small catgirls. As you make them grow accustomed alive in the human world, you have crazy and wacky adventures, touching bonding moments, and a lot more

  1. Sakura Spirit

In this visual novel, you are a rising Judo star, with a mere a couple of weeks separating you from the main tournament you’ll ever take part in. This tournament has got the potential to create or break your career as a Judo champion, and you just cannot afford to lose. You are incredibly nervous, and after some suggestions from friends and classmates, you go to a sacred shrine that’s believed to grant any wish a person may have. You fall unconscious, and awaken in a historical world! You should discover where you are, how exactly to find your way home, and still get all the training you’ll need for the Judo tournament. Just a couple of weeks away from the Judo match that will make or break your amateur career in the sport, you go to a shrine in order to pray for good fortune in your upcoming bout. However, whenever you awaken after praying, you find yourself in a totally foreign land and must find your way home.

  1. Sakura Angels

A long time ago, your ancestors helped to seal away a terrifying and powerful witch, who used her understanding of the Arcane arts to cause great harm. This witch returns and threatens you, the most up-to-date heir of the very most family that locked her and her powers away. Two girls, both blessed with immense magical powers, save you from the clutches of the witch and help you to set about your quest to find what this witch wants from you and tips on how to stop her evil plans. Long, some time ago, your family used their cunning and combined might to lock away the powers of an evil witch who threatened the entire world. Now, however, that which is looking for you, the most up-to-date descendant of the folks who sealed her away, and two mysterious women with mystical powers task themselves with helping you save from the witch and helping you get to underneath with this mystery.

  1. Crush Crush

Have you been a busy, on-the-go sort of individual who cannot afford to wholly devote their attention to a casino game for long amounts of time? Then Crush Crush is the game for you personally! This free-to-play dating sim takes an innovative method of its gameplay, taking aspects from some popular games from the ‘Idle’genre.In this game, you can sign in, have a laugh with the charming and funny girls waiting for you, perform a few tasks quickly, and then log out and continue with your day and soon you are prepared to return to it. If you’re looking for a fun, flirty game that you could jump into and out of easily once you have the time for it, then Crush Crush is for you personally! It adopts the simplicity and addictive gameplay of games like Candy Crush, and combines it with beautiful women to encourage you!

  1. Hatoful Boyfriend

If you should be trying to find something a little odd, irregular, and wacky, look no longer than Hatoful Boyfriend! In this visual novel style dating game, you play as a woman choosing in one of the several charming and adorable boyfriends. There’s just one catch, however… Many of these prospective suitors aren’t exactly human. They are birds. All different varieties of birds, each with their particular beautiful look and personality. Under the strange surface, this game provides some deep insight into our modern society while still being easy and incredibly fun to play. In this original, quirky and crazy visual novel, you play as the sole human student delivered to a school for… birds! When you are at the institution, you turn some very flexible heads, and soon you have gentleman bird suitors lining up to truly have a chance at your heart!

  1. HunieCam Studio

If you have a head for business management and are open-minded enough to think about any kind of business venture, HunieCam Studio could show to be a great game for you. In this uncommon accept a small business tycoon style game, you run an independent cam girl business, amassing followers and raking in money from doing public and private show for your anonymous online clientele. If you have a mind for business and consider yourself to be always a very open-minded person, then Huniecam Studio could be a game that works for you. Inside, you’re put in control of managing an online camgirl service, attracting clientele, and becoming the newest internet sensation!

  1. Shira Oka: Second Chances

If you might go in time and re-live your past, knowing what you know now, can you? That is exactly what you should be doing in Shira Oka: Second Chances. In this game, you are certain to get to rewind time and energy to try various ways to react to problems, different things to say to people, and even different individuals to love in this interesting visual novel. When you yourself have ever played Life is Strange, this really is almost the same premise. Have you ever sat down and wondered how you would live your life differently if you might go in time and try it again, knowing what you know now? That is the situation our protagonist in Shira Oka: Second Chances finds himself in, and he plans to take full advantage of this opportunity!

  1. Gal*Gun: Double Peace

In this interesting and unusual arcade-style game, the key character gets shot with one of many cupid’s famous arrows, making him the thing of affection for anyone around him. Soon after, every girl in his academy seems with an intense interest in our main character, and they’re certainly not afraid to show it. Jumping from behind rocks, dropping from trees and bursting out of lockers. In the visual novel Gal*Gun: Double Peace, your daily life takes an urgent and crazy turn when you are suddenly shot by an arrow from Cupid, making yourself irresistible to all or any the ladies in your school! IN this on-the-rails shooting gallery game, you must flee your school and allow it to be to safety.

  1. If My Heart Had Wings

If My Heart Had Wings is just a breath of fresh air. This visual novel tells the tale of young love and a bittersweet teenage romance that experiences as much trouble since it does nice moments. Do the nice times justify the heartbreak our hero must undergo just to create these girls happy? That’s up for you really to decide, but the game will definitely make you feel conflicted at the very least, and with a sad sense of longing, no matter what you do. This touching and the charming visual novel will take you via a story of love, loss, and the daunting feeling that comes when someone is struggling to locate their invest the universe. In If My Heart Had Wings, you’ll experience many of these emotions and so much more as you settle-back and allow the story unravel.

  1. Sonicomi

In Sonicomi, you play as the personal photographer to Super Sonico, a separate university student chasing her dreams to be a popular and well-known musician. When approached to begin her modeling debut and kickstart her fame, she enthusiastically says yes, and you begin your job as her faithful cameraman. Your choices in the way you film and takes pictures of Sonica will influence the direction her career goes, and also what her fans desire from her. You are a professional photographer who has suddenly had the great fortune of becoming the personal photographer to Super Sonico, and upcoming pop sensation. You will directly shape her career by determining what she wears, and her public image based on what kind of pictures you take of her.

  1. Go! Go! Nippon! My First Trip to Japan

When you have ever wanted to visit Japan, or expect to go in the future, take a look at this game! In Go! Go! Nippon, you will tour all of the famous sights Japan has to offer, using real guidebooks as you navigate the right path through the nation, learning actual details about the nation’s history, geography, and demographics. Presented in an engaging visual novel format, this game allows you to tour the beautiful island of Japan from the comfort of your personal home. Experience all of the sights and sounds of Japan in this touristic accept a Visual Novel! In Go! Go! Nippon! You play as a tourist to the island nation, who’ll explore all of the major tourist attractions, researching Japan’s history and culture along the way!


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