Top 10 Games Like HunieCam Studio

When you yourself have a sharp mind for business and aren’t particularly choosy with the task you do, you could find your perfect career in the overall game HunieCam Studio. In this one of a kind game, players will undergo the unique endeavor of starting a camgirl business from the ground up, starting with only one girl and a tiny following, but quickly growing your online empire to span multiple women and an incredible number of online viewers. Once you get a handle on the mechanics of this game, it really becomes an extremely interesting business simulator that puts the ball player not to the roller coaster industry, but directly into an industry that is not explored much in almost any media: The Sex Industry. HunieCam Studio allows players to do something at the top of a new and exciting business, enabled by the web age! Recruit more girls and send them on photo shoots, modeling shows, and private camera sessions, in addition, to make them unlock their fullest potential, all while making you more and more money into your pocket. HunieCam Studio is obviously a unique game you will be hard-pressed to locate anywhere else, so leave all of your hang-ups at the entranceway and prepare for the business enterprise experience of your life!


Step to the role of a child who suddenly finds himself accountable for a couple of small catgirls. As you make them grow accustomed your in the human world, you have crazy and wacky adventures, touching bonding moments, and much more!

Sakura Spirit

Just two weeks far from the Judo match that could make or break your amateur career in the activity, you go to a shrine to be able to pray for good fortune in your upcoming bout. However, whenever you awaken after praying, you will find yourself in an entirely foreign land and must find your way home.

If My Heart Had Wings

This touching and the charming visual novel will take you by way of a story of love, loss, and the daunting feeling that comes when someone is struggling to locate their place in the universe. In If My Heart Had Wings, you will experience many of these emotions and much more as you relax and let the story unravel.

Crush Crush

If you’re buying fun, flirty game as you are able to jump into and out of effortlessly whenever you have the full time for this, then Crush Crush is for you personally! It adopts the simplicity and addictive gameplay of games like Candy Crush, and combines it with beautiful women to encourage you!

Hatoful Boyfriend

In this excellent, quirky and crazy visual novel, you play as the only real human student sent to a school for… birds! While you are at the college, you turn some very flexible heads, and soon you have gentleman bird suitors lining up to really have a chance at your heart!

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

In the visual novel Gal*Gun: Double Peace, your life takes to surprise and crazy turn when you’re suddenly shot by an arrow from cupid, making yourself irresistible to any or all the females in your school! IN this on-the-rails shooting gallery game, you should flee your school and ensure it is to safety!

Shira Oka: Second Chances

Maybe you have sat down and wondered how you would live your life differently if you could go back time and do it again, knowing that which you know now? That is the specific situation our protagonist in Shira Oka: Second Chances finds himself in, and he plans to take full advantage of this opportunity!

Sakura Angels

Long, some time ago, your family used their cunning and combined might to lock away the powers of an evil witch who threatened the entire world. Now, however, that which is trying to find you, the most up-to-date descendant of individuals who sealed her away, and two mysterious ladies with mystical powers task themselves with saving you from the witch and helping you’re able to the underside of this mystery.

Go! Go! Nippon! My First Trip to Japan

Experience most of the sights and sounds of Japan in this touristic take on a Visual Novel! In Go! Go! Nippon! You play as a tourist to the island nation, who will explore every one of the major tourist attractions, researching Japan’s history and culture on the way!


You’re a professional photographer who has suddenly had the good fortune of becoming the non-public photographer to Super Sonico, and upcoming pop sensation. You will directly shape her career by determining what she wears, and her public image based on what sort of pictures you take of her.

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