Top 10 Games Like Happy Wheels

Manufactured by Jim Bonacci, Happy Wheels is proof that the most addictive multiplatform games are often the most conceptually simple… and masochistic. You pick certainly one of several characters, each with a unique vehicle, trying to race to the finish line or complete other seemingly innocuous objectives. However, spikes and several other deadly traps obstruct your way. One wrongly timed move ends with you being decapitated, crushed, and severed in a bloody mess. Alas, games like Happy Wheels remind us there exists a gleeful pain-lover in all of us.

  1. Crafty Mountain

Inspired by Happy Wheels but also introducing a unique original mechanics, Crafty Mountain sees your ragdoll characters speeding down an endless mountain at deadly speeds, often ending with painful injury and missing limbs. Like Happy Wheels, each colorful character has a unique distinct traits, making for varied traversals. You can even upgrade your carts, customize your appearance, and even erect new monuments for the Monkey God-King based on the resources you gather. Beware those yeti archers. They’re a murderous bunch! Players wanting more games like Happy Wheels will soon be glad to know that Crafty Mountain looks and feels very polished, and can be free-to-play.

10 Ragdoll Physics Games Like Happy Wheels

  1. Ragdoll Truck

Like Happy Wheels, Ragdoll Truck can be an addictive balance between driving to the end-goal and maintaining your ragdoll characters alive. The Flash title is less visually brutal in comparison to some other games like Happy Wheels. However, racing your unwieldy army truck over bouncy terrains while trying to keep your dim-witted soldiers from falling out in clumps is immensely fun. There’s also an easy scoring system that rewards you for achieving certain maneuvering tricks and other basic objectives. The perfect alt-tab game for office hours!

  1. Trials Fusion

Like earlier entries, Trials Fusion allows you to ride different physics-based vehicles to the finish line of beautifully rendered tracks, avoiding tricky obstacles over the way. Additionally you will be able to do a lot of stylish freestyle stunts making use of your right analog stick. Trials Fusion isn’t anywhere as garish as Happy Wheels. However, seeing your ragdoll driver fly over fifty feet in the air via his bike only to comically land on his head never gets old. The overall game isn’t afraid to be much more ridiculous, with the official DLC introducing a unicorn with a riding cat, among other mad and highly customizable add-ons. Definitely worth looking at for anyone into games like Happy Wheels with a lot of masochistic fun and challenge.

  1. The Last Trial 2

The Last Trial 2 is certainly one of a handful of ragdoll games like Happy Wheels that loves bringing the pain. In fact, the entire game involves buttoning a shirt, flinging yourself off it, and inflicting as much bodily self-harm as you can for bonus points. Like Happy Wheels, there’s quite a bit of over-the-top blood splattering and spine-dislodging fun to be had. Make sure you land on as numerous bombs as you can to push for new distance records!

  1. Turbo Dismount

Made popular by YouTubers Pewdiepie and Markiplier, Turbo Dismount is a wonky physics ragdoll game that, like Happy Wheels, is approximately getting from Point A to Point B with a great deal of carnage and bodily dismemberment thrown in. You’ll crash into walls, get crushed by oncoming vehicles, create massive traffic pile-ups, and do everything in your power to ensure maximum chaos. The slow-mo replays allow you to relive your very best bone-crunching moments again and again. A popular Steam title guaranteed to tickle the self-punishing fancy of fans into games like Happy Wheels!

  1. Skate 3: Hall of Meat Mode

Forget plain skating! Try Skate 3’s Hall of Meat instead. The principle objective with this pain-inducting mode should be to propel yourself off your skateboard, breaking numerous bones as possible to finish various objectives. Suicide-diving off tall buildings and flinging yourself down stairs never gets old! X-Ray scans of the broken bits makes the cathartic thrill many of the better. One trick to scoring more pain points should be to curl yourself up into an individual cannonball because you try to smash your skull on the pavement. Joy! A must-try for any person keen to get more detailed over-the-top ragdoll physics games like Happy Wheels.

  1. Stunt Master

Comparable to Happy Wheels, Stunt Master helps you to choose from two vehicles and running as you are trying to finish various stunts peppered with deadly obstacles. Points are awarded dependent on breaking objects and bones, hitting targets, and getting good air time. Admittedly, there insert much with respect to blood-splatter as well as reddened body parts. However, Stunt Master remains to be a highly addictive title in our set of games like Happy Wheels. Impaling yourself shards of glass and ramming your poor go to walls is usually glorious!

  1. Pain

Ever wanted to torpedo yourself in to a frail old lady, for kicks? Well, anyone can with Pain. Greater damage you cause, the bigger points you score. May mode that lets you play rounds of human-bowling by using a friend to complete multiple levels while simulation environment, and other objects?

  1. Impale 3

A mixture of Happy Wheels and Angry Birds, Impale 3 is all about shooting out geeky green zombies looking to impale them onto (UN) deadly spikes, hooks, and other gnarly traps. Like Happy Wheels, there’s an abundance of blood and wincing. You’ll also have to handle gravity and momentum in an effort to score that perfectly angled shot. As with other games like Happy Wheels, Impale 3 is just as simple. Addictive, and gleefully rag dollish the way it comes.

  1. Hanger 2

Hanger 2 is package after you combine Spider-Man with Happy Wheels. You basically swing wildly over the screen from ropes that shoot rid of your hand, trying to arrive at no more each stage. Task arises from controlling your momentum to protect yourself from smacking into perilous cliffs, buildings, and ceilings. Like Happy Wheels, multiple stage attempts are a must. Most of your time and efforts can finish in a gleefully bloody mess – something fans of games like Happy Wheels will most surely enjoy.

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