Top 10 Games Like Galactic Civilizations

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Games like Galactic Civilizations may be common today but they certainly were still a distinct segment market when the initial game in the series arrived on the scene in 2003. Entrusting you with the future of humanity, the game thrusts you into the interstellar conflict where humanity’s discovery and sharing of a hyperdrive; kickstarts a race to colonise the galaxy. One other five major races all cease communication and begin vying with each other to dominate the galaxy. Sequels built upon this initial formula with the next game introducing a historical civilization, the Precursors, who once ruled the galaxy before a civil war rent them apart. The Arnor wanted to nurture the younger civilizations and enlighten them. The Dread Lords wanted to exterminate them. The gamer now must attempt to salvage Precursor technology, fight galactic wars with the other major powers, and survive the return of the genocidal Dread Lords. Galactic Civilizations provide several paths to victory, through armed conquest, domination, universal association, or overwhelming technical supremacy. Each of the playable civilizations has a definite personality alongside unique traits and advantages.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Take charge of the remnants of a galactic empire in the aftermath of war. The Agent Emergency Coalition, Advent Unity, and Vasari Realm have all split into different factions. You are able to elect to play as a Loyalist or Rebel, each unlocking new play styles and ships for their race.

Dawn of Andromeda

Lead your empire into a harmful galaxy filled with pirates, merchants, mercenaries, outlaws, anomalies, black holes, artifacts, and much more. Fans of 4X games will adore the depth of strategy available here as well as the myriad number of possibilities to you. Each new system brings great danger or great opportunity.

Endless Space 2

As the best choice of a nascent empire, pick from certainly one of the several races, each with their very own strengths and weaknesses. Decide to ally, trade, or conquer, with rival empires. Recruits armies and fleets to subjugate the galaxy. Design ships and learn tactics to provide you with an advantage over your foes.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Modern society has collapsed and humanity faces an uncertain future. Lead colonists to a brand new frontier within an expedition sent to find a new home. Explore an unfamiliar planet and its many dangers, build cities, research technology, muster armies, and change the face area of your new world.


Explore a massive galaxy and forge an empire. Featuring a several of alien races and with rich planned depth, Stellaris offers many paths to victory as becoming a game title from the creators of Europa Universalis. Venture into a detailed galaxy, design your ships, colonize space.

Star Ruler 2

Control from dozens to a large number of systems in a distinctive galaxy. Expand and colonize. You have to master the economy, participate in galactic diplomacy, raise a military, and learn the secrets of the universe. Almost all facets of the game are moddable and the scale is limited only by your hardware.


Create or choose your own personal alien race to lead to the interstellar fray. Explore a wealthy universe filled with random events, hidden dangers, treasure, and rebels. Utilise a different espionage system to wreak havoc amongst your enemies. Research technology and customise your ships. Fight battles in the initial arcade mode.

Sword of the Stars

In 2045, humanity discovers faster than light travel. Disaster follows as Earth is attacked by an unfamiliar fleet. The future is just a violent one. Lead certainly one of the several distinct races each with their very own unique design of the play. Enjoy breathtaking graphics and solid gameplay both contrary to the AI and in multiplayer.

Star Ruler

Offering an entirely modifiable experience, almost the whole game could be altered through Notepad. The engaging AI and vast procedurally generated galaxies ensure that no two playthroughs are the same. The interface is user-friendly in contrast to the complex gameplay. Research planet-killing weapons, level the whole galaxy if you want!

The Last Federation

Jump into this thorough simulation of an entire solar system with its untold billions of inhabitants. As the last survivor of a murdered race, you need to set about a mission to unify the other 8 races, by force if necessary. Exterminate people who refuse in this turn-based game.

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