Top 10 Games Like Firewatch

If you are trying to immerse yourself in an intricate, dynamic story, paired beautiful sights of the forest and the intense mystery of feeling like you are never truly alone out there, Firewatch with surely have satisfied you. However, after you finish, you are left desperately wanting the more games like Firewatch. So, today we are likely to look at more games that will give you that same amazing feeling you merely get from unraveling a secret!

  1. Gone Home

You’ve embarked on your own first visit to your childhood home in a long time, excited to see your household and catch up. However, once you arrive in the home, you discover that your home has seemingly been abandoned, and you can’t shake an eerie feeling as you make your way through the house.

  1. Murdered: Soul Suspect

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, you play as a detective whose life was cut short by way of a serial killer he was investigating. Now, his soul cannot rest in peace until he finds the identity of the one who killed him and sees them delivered to justice.

  1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

In this stunning and beautiful game, you play as a Private detective hired to investigate the case of a missing boy named Ethan Carter, who has proven to be incredibly hard to track down. You will track Ethan through eerie towns and dense forests, but what will you get once you finally catch up to him?

  1. Journey

This game is unique and made waves as soon as it was published to the public, with good reason. This game does not have any dialogue, nothing to read. The story is told entirely through the environmental surroundings, which you must navigate along together with your partner, and the anonymous player who is embarking on this journey with you.

  1. The Stanley Parable

You play as Stanley, an office worker who is, by all accounts, average, if not a little less than that. One day, Stanley’s job of clicking on his monitor suddenly doesn’t function, and he gets up to explore the huge, empty office, with the aid of a snarky and sarcastic narrator.

  1. Oxenfree

In Oxenfree, you play as Alex, a new boy who is part of several friends who have the misfortune of accidentally opening a rift into the ghost world when you party. This game is as much of a teen drama as it is a supernatural thriller.

  1. Everybody’s Attended The Rapture

In Everybody’s Attended The Rapture, you are tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of not only one individual, but an entire town of individuals who seem to own just disappeared. Witness beautiful and eerie landscapes, and discover the real cost of knowing the what best left unknown is.

  1. SOMA

From the exact same those who created the masterpiece that was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, we get SOMA. This sci-fi horror game takes place far under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, where a rogue AI has brought out an underwater research station, and you should solve the mystery of what happened in order to escape.

  1. Life is Strange

In Life is Strange, you play as your average teen who was picked by unknown forces to have the extraordinary gift. The main character in Life is Strange can reverse time, allowing her to reverse her decisions as she navigates high school life, and attempts to truly save her town from an impending disaster.

  1. Homesick

What is more terrifying: your nightmares, or the waking world? In Homesick, that question is a very hard one. Explore an abandoned building as you solve puzzles and are chased by evil creatures both real and imagined, as you attempt to find your way out and solve the mystery that brought you there.

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