Top 10 Games like FIFA 16 For Androids

Electronic Arts made fans pleased with the newest the main football simulator – FIFA 16, this time around the engine was updated and the management was reworked, new features were added in the shape of changing and selling players, as well as the “simulation” mode for a fast match. Combined with updated engine, the game was improved significantly when it comes to graphics, but with it, the game became more demanding on the resources of the device. The complete interface, even management, everything is sharpened under the tablets, but on smartphones, the game pleases quite simple and responsive control. In addition, you are able to connect the gamepad and fully enjoy the game!

Dream League Soccer 2017

Dream League Soccer – is really a quality football simulator with realistic physics and a fantastic gameplay. The overall game is positioned as a substitute to Fifa 16, while it does not have a license and all of the teams, and the players will be unknown to the user, whatever the case, this does not make the game not interesting. Obviously, first thing we need to do is create our own team, indicating the main player who could be the coach and starting his hard climbing path in the table of the chosen league.

Soccer Physics

Score goals simply and accurately. Press the button and punch! Play with a friend on one device – for everyone, there’s one button! Incredible physics, random game modes, shape and appearance of one’s team! In addition, you are able to record your winning goal and watch the video again and again!

Score! Hero

Score! Hero – become the absolute most successful young football player, having passed just how from the youth football school to the captain of the national team! Who of the boys did not dream of becoming a great footballer and repeat the achievements of these idols as well as surpass them? This game can transfer this fantasy into reality, even though virtual. In the Score! Hero you are given the opportunity to take part in the most crucial moments of football matches, directly affecting their result. To get this done, we must assess the specific situation, calculate all of the options and start scoring the ball. All that’s required would be to swipe your finger over the screen in the direction that the ball should go. It’s easy to master, but it’s hard to become master, so prepare yourself to pay hours attempting to play a draw of the following scoring chances.

Puppet Soccer 2014

If you are fed up with classic football games, then your game Puppet Soccer 2014 will change your idea about football: in the match will participate not 11 players because it is accepted, but only 1 from each team. One of many rules remained unchanged – this is actually the total duration of the match – 90 minutes. Prior to the start of the match, you’ll need to choose which is why country you will perform, there are many than 30 countries available, after you’ll need to choose the character for which you will act: you can find both real players and fictitious and even high-ranking personalities like President V.V. Putin.

Just Soccer

At our disposal, will be a football field, as well as two gates and two football teams – in blue red and forms. The goal of the game remained the same – to score as many goals as possible. The overall game continues and soon you score five goals in the opponent’s goal. Control of the game is carried out with simple clicks on the display.

Perfect Kick

We introduce the world’s first sports simulator of football penalties, with the capacity to contend with friends from around the world in a multi-user mode. Improve your players and bring them to champion titles and medals. What did the developers of Gamegou Limited prepare for people? Undoubtedly, beautiful 3D graphics amaze in the initial place comical characters and stylish stadiums. Management is excellent, now you need certainly to take into consideration not merely the angles but every point of one’s gate. Each bend of one’s finger on the screen will clearly change the trajectory of the ball, or jump the goalkeeper. To more diversify the game, three modes were added radically different from each other. As an example, you are able to compete for the Champions League Cup, or have the title of Superstar, and of course, try your luck in the tournament with the players from around the globe.

Stickman Soccer 2014

In the overall game, we have an incredibly convenient and simple control, as well as a great graphics, which was simplified alongside physics for a convenient passage of the game. The game is performed in a two-dimensional version with a fairly simple design of locations and characters that differ only in along with of the form. In other respects, the overall game has nothing special and exciting that can attract the consumer for an extended time. But when you like football and want to play for Stickman, then go ahead, select the team and go to the football field.

Head Soccer

Head Soccer is a two-dimensional, light-hearted football simulator with an area view, where the big-headed players are invited to learn whose skills are better. This game is the state application of competitions one of the teams of the Spanish Football League. A distinctive feature of Head Soccer, which allows you to recognize it among many games of this sort, is that the players inside it have disproportionately large heads, while they look grotesque and in the pressure may make special super strokes making use of their big head, scoring goals and sending opponents into the target following the ball.


Pro Evolution Soccer – one of many few games that will not need advertising. The developers presented the next sequel to some football games. In the overall game, you are waiting for improved graphics, beautiful animation, updated lists of players and the latest teams. The matches in the overall game became more entertaining and interesting. Even at light quantities of difficulty, a player cannot bypass the opposing team as standing chips by one player and score a goal. The developers also pleased the players with more vivid emotions of the players when scoring a goal.

FIFA Mobile Football

FIFA Mobile Football – is a basketball simulator from the talented developers from the organization EA, will please all fans of this sport. Choose one of many football clubs, which in the applying of more than six hundred and fifty, and lead him to an unconditional victory over all rivals and competitors. As a group captain, you should try to produce a single organism out of it, build different concepts for the upcoming games, do homework and train personnel. Download FIFA Mobile Football and select experienced players or promising young talents in the team, trying to produce it invincible and effective. This will help you a thorough system of numerous improvements and skills for your players, which you may open for earned experience points. Develop all possible characteristics of players, buy or rent strong players, widely using the system of transfers.

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