Top 10 Games Like Farming Simulator

If before we considered arcades, so Farming Simulator 14 is just a real simulator of farming, near modern realities. The game has several variants which are added each year, but that one becomes the most used among users. Initially, you will be given under your control one tractor, one combine harvester and two fields. While you are plowing/sowing or harvesting from the first field, on the second you can leave to work free machines, including autopilot mode.

Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay

Farm Paradise: Hay Island Bay can be an adventure game about agriculture from the creators of Farm Town. The application form can be an analog of the Farm game. You’ve to sow and harvest, create the required mechanisms, sell your products grown in your base. Create your own personal menagerie with rare species of animals. Also in the game, you can explore the caves, which come in the jungle. Show everyone as you are able to create an ideal corner for a player even on the island.

Fairy Farm

Fairy Farm could be the kindest and fantastic game about wizards. Now all you need for magic could be got right on your farm. Magic has not been so simple and clear – easy training and fun tasks can help you to learn how to play for some minutes. The game collected over 150 different plants, and about 100 lovely animals for growing. Also, using various herbs and berries, you can prepare various healing infusions and potions.

Moy Farm Day

A clear land, located far beyond the city, completely overgrew with weeds, fertile crops have practically disappeared, and the owner’s house and warehouse are destroyed and can’t be restored. The owner has left these fertile lands quite a long time ago and went to the city searching for a better life, and, therefore, it’s time for you to redeem the land and turn a ruinous place into a beautiful, farm!

Magic Country: fairy city farm

Magic Country: fairy city farm is an everyday game in the classical design of “Farm” in a fantasy-magic setting. Gamers can provide their own fairy-tale country and populate it with various characters, along with erect majestic and grandiose buildings.

Green Farm 3

Your old uncle Hull, is famous as an animal lover. He’s who owns the greatest flocks in the local district. But because you regularly have to change pastures, and move from your own personal farm, he asked you to appear after it, in his absence. There are always a large number of works, but there is no money, it indicates that you will need to roll-up your sleeves and earn them.

Let’s Farm

If you thought that the farm boom had ended way back when, the developers of the Let’s Farm application are rushing to please you – because it is not too! Today, the authors of the project suggest you once more to feel just like a village dweller and do the hard work on the farm: feed the chickens, milk the cows and feed the neighbors. In exchange, you can get not really a developed farm but additionally authority among the villagers.

Village and Farm

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the finest game for cellular devices about managing a medieval farm! Go your unique way and develop your farm, as our ancestors did. Your farm just must become the most effective, because you are the owner who does not shun everyday work. You’ve to become an agronomist and a gardener, an economist, and a manager since without this knowledge it is impossible to make a dream farm.

Farm Town: Happy City Day Story

Farm Town: Happy City Day Story is just a classic farm game for mobile devices. The game has colorful graphics and extensive functions. A large number of buildings, many animals, and plants, hundreds of tasks, complete freedom of action. At once, the creators of the game realized a unique idea, your farm is not a separate world, but just a suburb so that the life of the adjacent city is determined by the development of one’s enterprise. Otherwise, it’s still exactly the same farm.

Farm Frenzy Free

Farm Frenzy is a famous game for mobile devices. It absolutely was downloaded more than 10 million times. Farm Frenzy is just a real farm in your mobile Android. You could have cattlemen, chicken coops, and other buildings. You’ll grow animals and your welfare is determined by it. You must monitor everything that happens on your fun farm – feed the animals, control their breeding, collect food, sell your products, protect the farm.

Dairy Farm

Another farm, which in reality is an enhanced economic strategy. Grow crops, enhance new crops, breed animals, trade, etc. You’ll control the entire cycle of one’s farm’s life. On the earned money it is possible to construct various constructions.

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