Top 10 Games Like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Best Party Games

    Fall Guys brings you a brand-new type of Battle Royale gameplay, in which you’re supposed to use deadly weapons and equipment to take on others. Mediatonic releases Fall Guys in February 2020, and since the first of its release, the game has gained such massive popularity because of its decent and funny gameplay, as well as a cast of characters.

    People from all over the world, who are familiar with Wipeout, It’s a Knockout, and Takeshi’s Castle may find the gameplay similar to those game shows because Fall Guys draw inspiration from the said shows, as well as playground games of children like British Bulldog and Tag.

    Why Similar to Fall Guys?  

    Fall Guys pits up to sixty players against each other in a single match to experience the Battle Royale-style gameplay. The game represents you with jellybean-like characters which move around a 3D environment with the unique ability of jumping, diving, and grabbling to assist the gameplay.

    We’ve compiled a list of Best Games Like Fall Guys for you to choose your favorite one. The list of Alternatives to Fall Guys was created by keeping funny gameplay, characters, and detailed, stylish graphics in mind. Here we go!

    Fall Dudes

    Having similar gameplay to Fall Guys isn’t a big deal, because the majority of games copy each other to add something exciting and engaging. Although Dall Dudes isn’t 100% match of Fall Guys, in contrast of most components, it’s similar.

    Get ready to go against other 39 characters in a chaotic physics-based game to wear the crown of the ultimate winner. Tons of dudes are waiting for you to be get unlocked.

    Knockout Race

    Heavily inspired by game shows like Wipeout, Teshi’s Castle, and It’s Knockout, Knockout Race brings you fabulous gameplay full of touches of humor and endless fun.

    The premise of the game is an ultimate social party game, where the competition pits teams of contestants against each other in a frantic online Battle Royale Platformer race to be the last. Players will race against the clock to escalate chaos until the last standing player.


    Run Royale 3D

    Insane physics-based obstacles, tricky challenges, and chaotic obstacle course – the game has everything you are willing to find in an Alternative to Fall Guys.

    Run your way through different courses while experiencing the battle royale-style gameplay to complete all challenges. Similar to other Battle Royale games, your goal forces you to be the last standing person to win.

    Super Mega Mini Party

    Did you find competing against buddies is a fun job? It can be if you have more tools and equipment than your buddies because no one prefers to be get lost.

    Super Mega Mini Party game pits you and other players from all over the world in a competitive game shows where your goal is to be the last. Over 20 mini-games are there, and the player with the perfect skills and lots of achievements can win the game.


    Gang Fight – Fun Beasts Party

    Similar to Gang Beasts, Gang Fight: Fun Beasts Party is responsible for pitting four friends against each other, and set a rule to be the last standing player.

    It features an accurate physics simulation that makes the game unique. While playing, try to survive in the fighting party game to be the last similar to other Battle Royale game.


    • Accurate Physics Simulator
    • Stickman-like Characters
    • Great Party Game
    • Compete against 8 Players

    Worms Rumble

    Although Worms Rumble isn’t released yet, the popularity of the game has been increasing day by day until the confirmation of its release will take place late 2020. The beautiful mix of Battle Royale and Multiplayer Party game elements, offering you action-packed gameplay in a highly complex world where you can freely move around the globe anywhere anytime.

    Whether you’re willing to play solo or with friends, there are dozens of fun-filled modes to compete with other players. Customization lets you modify your character to make it unique and prominent among others. Besides its features, the game comes with similar gameplay to Fall Guys.

    Boomerang Fu

    Nothing similar to Wipeout and Tenshi’s Castle game shows, but the game comes with party gameplay offering you chaotic mechanics and arena where up to four players are thrown to be the last at any cost.

    Don’t be shy being roasting and toasting your friends in the fast-paced rounds of cute physics battles happen between six players. Gran stack power-ups to rid of problems and take on friends to be the last one.

    Party Animals

    Expected to release in late 2020, Party Animals will release with the similar gameplay to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. More than 100 ways will be available for you to mess with buddies. Assemble a team and go against others, but keep in mind that the only way to success is the teamwork.

    Moving across different maps using the third-person perspective would be great as you will have a better grip on each component. It would be one of the Best Games Like Fall Guys.  

    Ultimate Chicken Horse

    Released by Clever Endeavour Games, the game introduces a beautiful mix of Platform, Multiplayer, and Side-scrolling game elements. It is taking place in the cartoonish world where the game intends to introduce level editor to you for the creation of custom maps.

    The game is quite different than Fall Guys, because of its level editor and side-scroll game elements – you can try it as Fall Guy Alternative.

    Pummel Party

    Pummel Party (Pummel Party Alternatives are here) isn’t for kids, because it contains something chaotic and has a bit of violence. Unlike Fall Guys, you supposed to watch blood scattered across the floor after beating other contestants within the game. The graphics are neither realistic nor cartoonish; it something that takes place between the said two components.

    Up to 8 players can enjoy the party game on both local and online multiplayer games. The core features include the following: Items, Weapons, Mini-Games, Bots, Board Mode, and more. Please leave us your thoughts about Fall Guys Alternatives.

    Suggest us any title similar which could be in this list of Games Like Fall Guys.