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When hit online toys appear on cellular devices, most of the time the feelings from the game do not coincide with the emotions of the “big” version. But this doesn’t affect Elsword – an awesome online RPG, which United fans of anime around the world.Elsword showed as possible play a little but equally as much fun – that’s what makes it distinctive from many RPGs. The first time Elsword starts, it begins loading data. It ought to be noted that this process is long – you have to be patient. A fascinating thing begins after unpacking all the packages – the choice of the hero. A total of three characters can be found in different suits and with various types of combat.

Each hero can receive as much as 3 different skills, earning experience in online battles. Also, it’s possible to pump out unique forces for someone character, like, magic or various weapons. Obviously, in the mobile version of Elsword, there are fancy costumes – greater than a hundred different improvements can be found for each of the heroes.

Management in the game is simple: on the left will be the buttons of the movement, and to the best – the jump and strike. To the located area of the elements, you receive used quickly, so there shouldn’t be problems with incorrect movements during battles. Furthermore, by hitting the hit button, the smoothness will have the ability to continuously attack the opponents while you are determined by an additional action plan.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is really a free multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) using a non-target system that offers the player full control over all the actions of the smoothness! It’s stated that Dragon Nest was originally developed as a console slasher, however, in the length of development, the creators centered on the internet component, without giving up the initial ideas. The key emphasis of the game is on battles, and they are really gorgeous. Moving from the usual “click-hit” scheme, the gameplay of Dragon Nest brings many new interesting experiences with it. The heroes have a basic and special attack, tied to the left and right mouse buttons. What’s remarkable for every single class is different ways of attack: like, a priest is a stop, and a magician has popular with a book. Such details are peculiar to console actions.

Age of Wushu Dynasty

The RPG action calculated more on PvP or cooperative passage. The overall game develops in ancient China, which means that we may have an epic confrontation between different dynasties and clans where incredibly skillful masters of these schools will fight. Beautiful graphics, an enormous, detailed world full of opportunities and events make this journey an exciting adventure for several fans of the genre. The Age of Wushu Dynasty project is similar to a role-based action film with active battles, automatically seek out the way in which, and an amazing atmosphere of oriental culture. Characters are equipped with thematic armor and run between medieval houses, consisting only of wood. Battles, too, effects and a mm do not lag behind the normal bar – jumping, dodging, precise punches with swords and fists.


A network shooter with slasher elements is comparable to the GGO world from the 2nd season of SAO. A broad arsenal of weapons includes, as well as the gunshot, even braids, and katana, which it is possible to slice the enemy in half. Because of a sizable amount of acrobatic techniques, the gameplay is very dynamic. Beautiful graphics, an atmosphere in the spirit of cyberpunk and realistic physics of damage – will be the characteristic options that come with Warframe. Warframe is an online shooter where players release the solar system from the mutants, robots, and zombies which have filled it. The battle between the players is not here. You will find only one-on-one friendly duels, and they are not available immediately but only whenever your clan gets a special room on the base.

AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest 3D – is just a quality role-playing game from the Korean manufacturer of Entertainment  LLC. The developers of role-playing thriller AdventureQuest 3D immediately positioned it as a beautifully designed cross-platform entertainment in MMORPG format – in real-time, users from totally different systems are able to interact with bosses and raids, battles among guilds, and dangerous sieges. In the second plan, the key top features of the genre – several classes, customizable inventory, and an abundant database of tasks – have been placed. In AdventureQuest 3D, it’s easy to show from a starter right into a professional – it’s enough in order to complete a five-minute training and carefully study the given tips, the others will already come with experience. The majority of the time, incidentally, must navigate the locations, collect items and cross forces with allies. Everything is decorated with dignity – beautiful levels, nice characters.


So, meet Wartune Hall of Heroes, here you are waiting for an incredible number of players, typical for these games mobs, which could fill the level. Pull to the final level, complete many tasks and get an opportunity to get to the legendary hall of fame, in that the names of the best players are located. Along with the habitual killing of bots and the execution of tasks, players can be found global PvP battles, in which you can invite your friends. Furthermore, by assembling a small community, you can cause your personal Guild and take part in the battles with a team back-to-back with time-tested players. Are you aware that classes, it’s not so dense; the user can choose a warrior-knight, a brilliant and accurate archer or magician, a poor hand-to-hand combat but with powerful spells? As in many such games, you buy many different armor, weapons and other useful items.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders

Lague of Angeles: Fire Raiders – is just a classic role-playing game in that you have to select one of many parties – Evil or Good – to become the participant in militant history in real-time! Throw lightning and curses at the enemies! Fire and terrible spells! Twist the plot of the game on the most unexpected trajectories and spirals of one’s imagination! Change the game world wherever your Hero appears! The goal is to lead the army of angels; smash hordes of enemies – demons and their henchmen. And to be able to finally defeat the enemy, you will need to penetrate into his lair – to seize the impregnable Fortress of the Demon Prince, and, thus, to become the only one who survived this trial – Legend!

BLEACH Brave Souls

BLEACH Brave Souls – is a range MMORPG in the Japanese style. A number of years there clearly was no quality role-playing games with slasher elements. This game should fix this example for the better because, in it, you may find a wide selection of characters with unique skills, and, obviously, the enemies with whom you’ve to fight for life and death. The game is manufactured in the very best traditions of action-RPG with colorful Japanese stylistics, which will certainly appeal to any or all the fans of anime. After a short training, you are waiting for the initial ending up in a large boss, overcoming that, you should return to the village and enhance the characteristics of one’s hero.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order – is just a game in the style of JRPG for the popular anime, that was re-embodied through a fairly competent franchise, initiated by Fate/Stay Night. The plot of the game takes in 2015, to the summit of the Chaldean Security Organization, which reveals that the complete existence of mankind is in peril, if not take any action in just a year. Scientists can identify the reason why for a possible so epic catastrophe – it’s all an anomaly that appeared in the city of Fuyuki in late 2004. Your mission will be to travel through time as well as several special agents, to challenge destiny, to stop the very appearance of a risk, and thereby save the world. At the very beginning of the game, you will need to produce your personal special agent, select his gender, and produce a name for him. In long conversations in this game, you may also show the individuality of one’s character thanks to the capacity to switch between different dialogs. Of course, you can always skip a couple of chats but this really is not really recommended. The story line Fate/Grand Order is one of many main features of the game, that’s why it’s worth spending some time reading the dialogues and narration.

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