Top 10 Games Like Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper is a tower-defense-like strategy and building game which enables you to create your own dungeons, recruit staff it with different demonic minions, and tripped to raid other’s dungeons to earn some crazy loot. Play like a ruthless dungeon keeper since you do your very best to end these pesky adventurers from stealing stuff through your dungeons. Get creative and devise the hardest ways to handle these hapless heroes while using the many tools you can use like traps, hordes of demons off shapes and forms, and more.

Games Like Dungeon Keeper

  1. Factorio

Factorio can be a simulation game the place you build, expand and observe after a few factories. The overall game will need you to take control of the whole production line from obtaining resources you require and also for packaging one more product while constantly upgrading and modifying every factors of your factories to grow their productivity. As the enterprise grows, you’ll eventually unlock various technologically advanced machineries, tools and hires that are basically as good as what we currently have.

  1. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is amongst the top tower defense games that you could play for free. After gaining its fame on ArmorGames’ website, the franchise removed at alarming speeds as huge variety of players from everywhere across the planet began to fight the game’s challenge to protect the kingdom from the range of enemies that are trying to rush-attack it. The overall game is comparatively fast-paced for the tower defense game, since there are lots for you to consider before you even setup your 1st tower. Several types of towers play different roles and possess an advantage on specific enemies, after all. The positions of one’s towers will also be crucial because these positions are fixed on the map and this you can’t exactly buy more. There are several spells you can use so they are utilized once the going gets tough.

  1. Age of War 2

Ages of War 2 is a sequel on the popular browser-based game, Ages of War. With even other themes around, Ages of War 2 provides an identical but equally exciting gameplay but it’s simple to pit the original Egyptians against an advanced alien civilization looks want it got their start in the Aliens and Predator movies. The graphics also has seen an excellent overhaul, though the adventure retained its cartoonish looks. Obviously, let’s not overlook the game’s more fleshed out upgrades and research system as well.

  1. Age of War

Ages of War can be a strategy game that features a gameplay that brings to mind tower defense games albeit inside of a 2D format. The premise of Farmville is straightforward really – all you want do is to defend your base and send troops to destroy the enemy’s base. You’ll find lots of upgrades and in some cases turrets that you could eventually build, nevertheless the most fascinating area of the game is because you can advance through 5 different ages not to mention, the bigger age you will be, the higher troops and turrets you’ll be permitted access to. Contemplating in the position to progress faster than your attacker though?

  1. Undermaster

 Undermaster , manufactured by Upjers, can be a well-made dungeon-building simulation game the place you are permitted to produce your own underground lair and fill it with each type of monsters imaginable. Create different rooms to draw different monsters on your “Team Evil” and execute research to unlock additional features in the game. Remember to decorate your dungeon with products that display your power, wealth and glory, to ensure that monsters will flock to join your cause in droves. With progressively more monsters within your command, it will definitely be much easier to bring your evil intends to fruition! Looks like a great deal of fun? Well, enroll now and play Undermaster today!

  1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

 Kingdom Rush Frontiers will be the exciting sequel of one of the primary breakout tower defense game since Plants vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush. Regardless of the similar storyline, Kingdom Rush Frontiers provides its players with a new adventure with fresh maps and levels to try out in, new towers to create so therefore more tower abilities, and of course, a wider array of enemies (including the dreaded special units and bosses) and respective abilities in addition! Best off, the adventure even has multiple legendary champions that you may then deploy on the battlefield, each because of their own groups of skills to provide the battle.

  1. Pockie Defense

Pockie Defense is still another unique tower defense game that’s has a rather different fairytale theme. In this game, you’re given the heavy duty of defending Fairy Tale lands from the evil Witch and her minions but don’t worry – you won’t do the whole “You shan’t pass” sequence alone! Instead, you get to recruit a wide variety of mythic heroes and heroines to help you. These characters are actually your “towers” in this game and they could be upgraded permanently by consuming other lesser heroes. Most interestingly, you may even challenge other players to a fun PvP fight where merely a selection of your heroes will go up against the same amount of opponents sent from one other side.

  1. Heroes of the Banner

Heroes of the Banner is a structure defense game with a great little twist. You may also recruit more and better heroes at the tavern by various means of summoning. Each of your heroes can have their very own special skill that you need to use during combat at the cost of mana. The game even gets gradually more difficult with the introduction of boss waves along with the numerous several types of creeps. However, with medals and stones earned from completed levels, you can upgrade your skills and forge your equipment to enhance stats up to deal with the much tougher creeps.

  1. Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles has a great game and helps it be better still having its PvP battle approach. It’s also free to play, which is really a big deal for many who might not want to pay a few dollars just too pop balloons. Gameplay is much more intense because you’re out to defeat other players who’s probably sitting there looking forward to the next move. The vast battle rooms enable you to explore and participate in many new challenges, which keeps the game interesting and never boring. This game will definitely stop you finding its way back for more epic battles among monkeys, balloons and your real-world opponents.

  1. One Piece TD

 One Piece TD, designed and developed tower defense game which has a striking resemblance to Pockie Defense and has some new features to call its own. In the game, you have to need to build wonderful quality companions, equip them with gear and train them up so as to ensure that your team’s battle power is high enough to tackle the waves of bandits who would like to steal your treasure.

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