Top 10 Games Like Doom

Doom is inarguably one of many granddaddies of FPS games, with the first Doom (proceeding Wolfenstein 3D) pushing the genre into mainstream success. Inspired, many developers over time have followed suit with a lengthy set of games like Doom. But you can never hold a genuine classic down. Louder, faster, and more brutal than ever, the recent Doom reboot can have you destroying demons with heavy-metal infused mayhem. The overall game sits right at home with the retro old-skool vibe of the initial games with some modern elements tossed in.

  1. Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm feeds you pure over-the-top carnage. The overall game allows you to hand out plenty of creative slaughters similar to Doom’s glory kills. Enemies fill your screen and you’re given an excellent array of a$$-kickin’weapons to blast bloody holes into heads. Like the new Doom, Bulletstorm rewards you with upgrades for performing certain moves. The overall game also oozes one-man-hero machismo by the bucketloads.

  1. Shadow Warrior

Similar to Doomguy, you will end up ripping through hordes of demons in an effort to truly save the entire world from complete destruction. The game is also split into different loaded stages exactly like Doom. Shadow Warrior’s demons are also made of many sizes, strengths, and abilities. This encourages you to be strategic in the way you approach them. Like Doom, there’s a good number of projectile weapons with lots of gore to be spilled.

  1. Hard Reset

Hard Reset’s centers around classic fast-paced action often seen in retro-style FPS games like Doom. Similar to Doom, the game uses a traditional medkit pickup system in place of modern health regeneration. The story here’s equally bareboned, set in a charmingly over-the-top gameworld. The game offers a massive army of enemies to cut through using futuristic weaponry and exploding barrels.

  1. Serious Sam 3: BFE

Like Doom, you will end up tearing through waves of incoming enemies (i.e. aliens) within an effort to truly save the world. Serious Sam 3 also features a similar game design to Doom. This includes large levels, traditional health and armour pickups, no limits to your inventory, and an ample dose of weapon choices. Furthermore, you’ll should try to learn different kill strategies to be able to best takedown various enemy types.

  1. Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

An advanced remark of First-person Shooter classics Painkiller and Battle-Out of Hell, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation mirrors Doom in several ways. The game is defined in Purgatory where hordes of bloodlusting demons are just waiting to be slaughtered by you across a variety of levels. Like Doom, the demons in the game are varied and can be found in a variety of forms with their own unique abilities. Additionally you will be armed to the teeth with incredibly powerful weapons which can be mostly no-reload and are designed with devastating alternate fires.

  1. Rise of the Triad

Lots of the more tongue-in-cheek elements from Doom is found in this reboot of a FPS cult classic. First of all, the premise of the game is hilariously goofy (i.e. a wayward monastery threatens to destroy Los Angeles). So, it’s clear Rise of the Triad doesn’t aim to take itself too seriously, much like most retro FPS classics. Like Doom, there’s an outrageous amount of enemies to kill in each level with a great deal of crazy weapons to wreak havoc. Rise of the Triad is also very fast-paced with a gratifying dose of bloody carnage. Eye splatters never get old.

  1. Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood

This is Wolfenstein back in shining form after the series struggles to find its modern footing. Like killing demons in Doom, The New Order / The Old Blood will discover you splattering the blood of hundreds of evil Nazis with a great deal of powerful weapons, often dual wielded. Violence is also abundant here, with an ample amount of very graphic kill scenes. Obnoxious bosses can make you want to offer them a beating they won’t soon forget.

  1. Killing Floor 2

Like Doom, Killing Floor 2 pits you against hordes of enemies, now zombies instead of demons. You’re built with a wide arsenal of both melee and projectile weapons. This encourages one to adopt different killing strategies for various foes and boss fights. Similar to Doom, the action can be incredibly fast, furious, and gory. It’s quite definitely straight to the stage sans the fluff of most other modern shooters. Additionally, the story, while serviceable, only serves as a skeletal excuse to unleash undead chaos onto you.

  1. Wrack

Like Doom, Wrack is really a true homage to old-school FPS classics. The game doesn’t work with many modern-day trappings. There’s no regenerating health, no inventory limits, and plenty of loaded stages. In addition, you will be spending nearly all of your own time speed-killing waves of baddies and flipping switches. Better yet, Bobby Price – who composed the music for Doom II, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nuken 3D, and Rise of the Triad also created the tracks for Wrack.

  1. Ziggurat

Similar to Doom, Ziggurat requires fast-reflexes for you yourself to survive swarms of magical enemies who desire only to kill you. Hey, you can find even flying skulls, a la the Lost Souls of Doom! You’ll also manage to use various weapons (i.e. wands) together with your classic main and alternate fires, picking right up a lot of items along the way without an intricate inventory system.

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