Top 10 Games Like Destiny

Destiny is a very popular online multiplayer game, undertake the role as guardians of the earth, roam around killing other beings and essentially protecting the earth from destructive alien races. When you have played the overall game perhaps you are searching for something new so have a look at my hand picked list below and when you have anymore suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

  1. Halo

Halo is a first-person shooter game available on Xbox. You could have already played halo in the past and for people which have, know that the overall game has kept the core of the overall game whilst making anything else a lot better (graphics, gameplay, bugs.).

  1. Dawn Zero Horizon

Before I say anything I have to mention the graphics in this game. They are absolutely amazing and realistic, they really immerse you to the gameplay and bring everything to life. Not just do the graphics carry it to living but the specific story is really mesmerising and gripping.

  1. Titanfall

Play intense single or multiplayer in Titanfall 2. Follow the exhilarating story in the single mode, with tons of twists and turns and ultimately carry out very dangerous missions or play multiplayer and play fast-paced combat with titans & more.

  1. Overwatch

A group based multiplayer FPS game that you’re likely to love if you loved destiny. You obtain randomly placed into two teams of six, each character has unique movements, abilities, skill sets & more. You should are a team to protect points in the map or escort something across the map.

  1. Borderlands

You’re positioned on a random desolate planet where you need to participate in quick paced combat and find powerful alien technology. The characters have great funny dialogue, the story is gripping, the locations/graphics are really done well and overall this game is really a solid favourite amongst so many people.

  1. Planet Calypso

if you like SCI-FI and you liked Destiny then have a look at planet calypso, it’s not the most popular game with this list but it’s good and it does deserve recognition. You should try and rebuild the planet and restore civilisation, also explore, hunt, fight robots, craft, develop a profession and much more. It is a free game so you’re not going to reduce anything by providing it decide to try and seeing how awesome it really is.

  1. Warframe

Warframe is another free to play game, emerge a sci-fi world and with third-person shooter gameplay. Participate in the war in this huge online community and benefit from the story, it’s really best for  a free game and i’d recommend it to anyone searching for something only a little different.

  1. Tom Clancy’s: The Division

In the event that you liked the sharp, intense graphics from Destiny you are likely to love Tom clancy’s the division’s graphics. Society has fallen and you are part of the special unit that’s there to protect humanity and take control of the destruction of society. Restore Ny, fight against hostile groups wanting to take advantage of this crisis, you may even play multiplayer.

  1. Fallen Earth

This game includes a skill-based system that is not something we always see in games like Destiny. Fallen earth is not that new but it’s still really active and includes a large community that continues to play. Emerge 2156 this futuristic game is placed after most of the humanity has been wiped out. Play against the harsh environment and against players as you fight to survive in this scary world.

  1. Nexuiz

Play against your arch enemies in an industry based first person shooter. Defy the laws of psychics as you take control of the arena, play solo or online, there’s game-changing power up’s, super competitive and plenty of fun to savor for a few hours (every day).

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