Top 10 Games Like DayZ

Whether you loved DayZ and want something to fill the hole it left, or felt like DayZ might have been more we got you covered. This is a set of games which are just like DayZ, some would say even better. You’ll definitely find higher than a few games that will take the mind of DayZ for good.

  1. 7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is what DayZ should have become. Being an open-world game that enables base creation, being an open-world game that enables base creation, loting and awesome zombie killing you will find it easy to obtain submerged in the awesomeness. The premise of 7 days to die is simple, you’re in a global with a great deal of zombies and every 7 days there is a red moon, this really is when the zombies go ape and turn into straight up savages.

  1. Ark Survival Evolved

If you enjoy the loot, open world and survival aspects of DayZ then you’ll truly enjoy Ark. Ark’s a dinosaur survival game, basically, you spawn in a global dominated by the most extraordinary dino’s and you, and friends and family need to create a platform, loot, train dinosaurs and survive in a global with murders humans and crazy dino’s. I appreciate it’s not totally along the same lines as DayZ, nevertheless the core aspects is there and that’s what allowed me to take pleasure from it even significantly more than DayZ.

  1. Infestation

This game may be the spitting image of DayZ, sadly it has the same negative reviews, and however I don’t believe they’re justly. Infestation in my eyes holds strong for a 5 year old game and most the negative reviews are from those who haven’t learned how exactly to play and just run into it without watching a tutorial and learning the basics. If you love an open-ended zombie shooter video game with real humans that wish to slaughter after this you you’ll enjoy Infestation: The newest Z way more than DayZ.

  1. Unturned

For a second I’d like you to image DayZ and Minecraft had a kid… Got that image? Unturned is precisely what would pop out, it is a FREE to play game, with zombies, cars, helicopters, crafting, base creation and exploring. On the best server this game can be a blast and a natural pleasure to play.

  1. Days Gone

How could I have a zombie game list without such as the new Day Gone? Days Gone is a new open world survival game for the PS4. It had been created on unreal engine 4 and offers incredible detail and zombies just like the movie world war z… They sprint like nothing you’ve seen before. Between this video game and Dying light you may have two of the massive zombie shooters ever released.

  1. Dying Light

The primary reason I needed DayZ to succeed is really because I really like open world zombie games, as well as having the ability to loot, hunt and play with my friends. Now dying light isn’t anything like DayZ from first look, however, it gets the core aspects that I really like, one it has zombies, two, amazing graphics, three, looting and four, amazing co-op. Dying light possesses an incredible zombie and is a must have game for everyone hooked on ZOMBIES!

  1. State of Decay

State of Decay is a better-coded version of DayZ. It’s on a much smaller scale, however it’s got ever core aspect DayZ has, while also containing a story line with amazing, single player alongside base building and finding other survivors. If that doesn’t get you ticking in the right way I don’t know very well what will.

  1. H1Z1: Just Survive

You’ll need to be cut through to be able to protect yourself from the beast which are zombies, but a lot more cut through while dealing with the deadliest threat… Your fellow HUMAN! That basically sums up this game, you will end up looting, and building a platform, exploring and surviving, and then another human can come along and kill you on site.

  1. Rust

There’s NO ZOMBIES to be seen in this game. Fear not, as Rust is one of many greatest game titles I’ve played within the last year. Rust is an excellent exemplory instance of how humans would act if there was no consequences. You come alive in servers 300 + people, with just a stone and a torch, you’ll either develop into a slave to a clan, be killed on sight or if you’re lucky hide long enough to create a heater and produce a door that takes C4 to destroy.

  1. Zombie Army Trilogy

If you’re a zombie lover then a chances are you’ll fall madly in deep love with the zombie army trilogy. This zombie game is simply a new version of Call of Duty zombies, it began included in the sniper elite games and now it has its standalone addition and if you prefer horde survival and snipers, then you NEED to buy this game without the hesitation.

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