Top 10 Games Like Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls manages to inform an abundant, intricate story, even though the game doesn’t directly tell you much at all. The Dark Souls has a fierce reputation to be a difficult and unforgiving game that will require you to bring your very best strategies and efforts. If you love these challenges, here are a few more games like Dark Souls 3 you will enjoy!

  1. Bloodborne

This Playstation-exclusive was meant to be always a spiritual sequel to the Dark Souls series, and whoever has ever spent more than 10 minutes playing Dark Souls will immediately observe how similar this game would be to Dark Souls. From the combat system to the equipment and inventory layouts, all the best way to the way the story progresses, it is pretty much a carbon copy, just put in to a different setting.

  1. The Surge

If you want sci-fi to fantasy, The Surge is the game for you. You are accountable for piloting an exoskeleton to overcome the challenges ahead and improving it through ‘modular upgrades ‘. This takes devote a terrible dystopian future where every one of the world’s resources have been depleted. This game paints a gloomy image of how mankind responds to stress and how we interact with each other.

  1. Demon’s Souls

Another fantastic Playstation-exclusive, Demon’s Souls is widely regarded to own popularized this kind of style of games, so much so the entire genre these games belong to are commonly referred to as ‘Souls’games, and Demon’s Souls was used as the foundation for not just the popular Dark Souls series but was also drawn heavily on by Bloodborne. While a few of the mechanics are dated, if you’re buying game similar to Dark Souls, this will be going all the way back to where all of it began.

  1. Lords of the Fallen

Play as an exiled criminal, provided for win back your honor in a cruel, unforgiving landscape, where you have to do what you may can to survive. Everything about any of it game, from the User Interface to the class and combat systems, draw heavily from the Dark Souls series.

  1. Nioh

Journey through time, all the way back to Japan in the 1600’s. If you’re buying Dark Souls-style game set in a very traditional Japanese-style fantasy world, this is surely a game you should take a look at, as its gameplay draws heavily from other Souls-style games, and experienced Souls players will have the ability to cultivate accustomed to the quite quickly.

  1. Monster Hunter Generations

If you’re knowledgeable about the Dark Souls series, chances have you been are knowledgeable about the Monster Hunter series as well. Whether you first played Monster Hunter Tri or some of the games before it, you realize that Monster Hunter is not just a genuinely good game that deserves its critical acclaim, but it can also be an extremely interesting mix-up to what you would normally expect from the Souls-Style game, with a much more arcade feeling to it.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game-of-the-year-winner that folks still play even today, the Witcher 3 is just a fun and challenging action RPG, where you take the role of Geralt, a genetically-altered being designed for the sole purpose of being truly a monster-killing machine. A high-fantasy setting combined with everything from intense combat, to rich and exciting quests, to playing a card game, the Witcher 3 has it all. The challenge-level because of this game will most likely end up being just a tad bit more difficult than in games like GTA V.

  1. Salt and Sanctuary

This is actually not what you would expect from the Souls-style game since it is just a 2D experience. This game has received all-around positive reviews from both critics and players about its amazing gameplay and lore. Although it’s 2D, when you begin playing this game, you’ll realize how incredibly similar everything is, especially the inventory system, and the massive array of items you can use.

  1. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Play as a hero in this grim, yet somehow high-fantasy world filled up with evil, talking dragons, souls of the dead, and more, as you recruit allies to assist you incinerate, slash, and pierce the right path through foes using a wide variety of classes and weapons. This game matches the intensity of Dark Soul’s combat perfectly and is famous to be a difficult game to master. If you will want Dark Souls that focuses a bit more on traditional quests and heroism, this is for you personally!

  1. Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

The fourth installment in the ‘Momodora’series, this game is another amazing 2D side-scrolling RPG. You play as a brave priestess on a quest to prevent a curse from completely corrupting the land you love, collecting items, fighting monsters, and steering clear of the numerous obstacles that stand in your way. This game will challenge your combat abilities and give you wanting more every time.

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