Top 10 Games Like Crossword Puzzles

What is the greatest way to train your memory and intelligence? As an example, attempt to memorize and reproduce from memory a specific sequence of objects and numbers. And whether is there something more interesting, many ask? What about the crossword puzzle – the famous game with words that have been invented over 100 years back?  iOS is precisely what is perfect for the modern man who would like to try his hand at the art of constructing words! So, check out the list of the finest apps.

This application will surprise you with the clear presence of high-class pictures that shows beautiful places from around the world. Solve a number of puzzles and enjoy nice photos. Also, you will discover lots of tips. Most of the puzzles will undoubtedly be available for your requirements without a net connection.

Crossword Light

Guess crossword directly from your mobile phone. Most newspapers are printed crosswords within their publication, you will solve them online. Get tips, choose that a lot of, monitor your rankings – all these you will discover in the app Crossword Light absolutely free.

Crossword US

This interesting crossword puzzle presented in a grid. In each letter fall 2 tips that be determined by one another (across and down). Complete all 480 levels.

Crossword Puzzle Free

Train your brain and solve a great crossword puzzle. Guess the word, use the tips, enter the right answer in the squares. Play anywhere, anytime! Each month the application form is updated and new puzzles are added.

Crossword Cryptic Lite

This application is more ideal for avid fans of crossword puzzles. It offers 120 puzzles and keys to them. If you learn it difficult to answer – you can use a touch! You can open an individual letter or an entire word.

NYTimes Crossword


When you’re bored and need to pass the full time, occupy yourself with something useful. This application is one of the finest crossword puzzles in the world. Plunge into the world of complex brainteasers.

Crossword Quiz

Here is a very interesting crossword, that has 3 types of keys. Turn your mind and down to solving the puzzle! If you may not know the right answer, don’t despair. You’ve got coins that you could invest in tips. Earn as numerous awards as possible for buying tips and for opening new levels. Spend an unforgettable time with this particular unique app!

Penny Dell Crosswords

This interesting crossword puzzle you are able to download to your phone. Most editors work to create a fun but at the once exciting crossword. You will discover 150 interesting puzzles with various keys. Crossword includes different degrees of complexity. Choose the one that is right for you.

World’s Biggest Crossword

Solve puzzles and extra quests, win, and earn trophies. For you, application creators have prepared a good amount of clues to resolve 361 crossword puzzles. Quests, awards, and achievements – you will know what to do throughout your leisure time! Now, do you understand why it is one of the finest crossword puzzles for the telephone? For an extra fee, you can buy additional packages and remove ads.

Daily Celebrity Crossword

Download this app on your own smartphone and you won’t regret! Enjoy more than 500 stellar solution crossword. One exclusive puzzle, based on developers, is added to the collection every day. Synchronize the application form with all of your devices and play everywhere. You have the capacity to track your achievements in Game Center. Have a look at what place you occupy in the table of champions.

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