Top 10 Games Like Criminal Case

Criminal Case lets the players be a detective and solve numerous crime scenes takes place in the fiction places. It has puzzle component and can be played on mobile devices as well as windows. Higher points can be earned by investigating cases, finding clues, interrogating suspects, solving puzzles and completing complex cases as fast as possible. As a detective, the player navigate the area where the crime occurred, using his detective tools to analyze environment and interact with NPCs to find more about the case. Engage in detective experience, show off the abilities and shock your friends.

There are a list of Top 10 Games like Criminal Case for those who are searching for it.

  1. Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes 

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is the Storm8 Studios’ best puzzle and hidden object video game for iOS and Android released in 2014. Set into the shoes of a brilliant detective and involve yourself in solving puzzle cases in this hidden object game. The goal is to investigate cases, hunt down clues, and expose the hidden motives of criminals that the cop can’t catch. Find objects hidden in multiple places and proof in retina display scenes. The game includes a series of locations, from subway terminal to sunny park. As the detective, the player must find objects, explore locations, enhance skills, unravel the mystery, interrogate suspicious, solve murders, and adopt a companion. Enjoy its cool features and have fun.

  1. Police Line Investigator 

Police Line Investigator is an Adventure, Detective, and Single-player game released by iMobi Games for mobile devices. Be a detective, investigate the cases, find clues and solve mind-bending puzzles. The crime rate goes higher and the criminal and murderer scattered every corner of the street. Compete in different levels and find hidden objects to score the points. Complete murder cases, and prove that you’re the best detective in the world. Amazing features included in the game – identify the killer, solve puzzles, and find hidden objects, etc. Have fun.

  1. Witches’ Legacy: The Dark Throne

Witches’ Legacy: The Dark Throne is a brilliant Hidden Object game by Big Fish developers. You are selected as a detective, who has to solve different murder cases. The criminals and murders threatens the world and the graph of crime goes higher and higher day by day. Take on the role of the protagonist, navigate each level, in which you must find objects, investigate different cases, interrogate suspects and solve different complex puzzles to advance.

  1. Inspector Parker

Inspector Parker is a 2003 Board and Card game released by Big Fish Games for Windows. You must assist the inspector to solve the mystery of Misanthrope Manor by solving complex puzzles. Find out weapons, victims, motives, and evidence and disposal method as you said inspector in solving the cases of crime. It has ten levels in career mode, and it has puzzle mode as well as time mode. It has three level difficulty – Easy, Medium and Hard. Act like a detective, test your skills and dominate the game.

  1. Another Case Solved

Want to become a famous detective then this is the perfect game for you that complete your desire. There are multiple criminal cases takes place and lots of clues available to find. Be a detective, it is your responsibility to investigate the criminal scene, find clues and analyze them, interrogate suspects and solve puzzles to capture murderer. Unlock achievement, create detective, solve cases, etc. are key features.

  1. Pearl’s Peril

Pearl’s Peril is a Wooga’s best hidden object game for Facebook, Android and iTune. A list of items is given to the player to find within a scene. He receives points for each item found, and a score multiplier for accomplishing tasks. Hint system is featured to highlight items that the player find difficult to watch. In puzzle levels, the player has to assemble and find items linked closely to the storyline. It mixes the building elements, in which the gamer can construct buildings on an Island.

  1. Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time

Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time lets the gamer to step into the shoes of the leading role Adam Wolfe, who is an investigator in a tropical Island. The player has to find out the disappearance of his sister through a streets of San Francisco. Solve each mystery after one to unearth a large conspiracy that will lead the player to his missing sister. Use his wits, show of the detective skills when all else fails, in the thrill pack gameplay. Check it out, and have fun.

  1. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a puzzle game with hidden object twist by Ubisoft Entertainment. Join the community of twenty million investigators and solve complex crime cases in Las Vegas. CSI: Hidden Crimes introduces a brilliant interface and characters which the player will instantly recognize from the show. The mission is to investigate stunning crime to find out clues, analyze them and interrogate the suspect. Multiple episodes are available and dozens of episodes included every week.

  1. Mystery Case Files

Mystery Case Files is an attractive puzzle and hidden object video game for puzzle lovers. It enables the player to step into the shoes of the investigator and struggle to fend off the people of the town from mysteriously aging. When the player reaches as the protagonist to the abandoned town where he encounters a strange person taking over the remaining people. Navigate the story, find clues, analyze them, interrogate the suspect and find out the secrets behind the scene as soon as possible and save the remaining townspeople.

  1. Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic

Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic is a browser-based puzzle and hidden object video game revolves around the murder takes place on the RMS Titanic. The player just help the professor named as Magnusson in order to solve complex puzzles, expose clues, analyze them and combine the evidence of the dark conspiracy to solve the murder case.

All above games are brilliant and fit to the list of Games like Criminal Case. If you are searching for hidden object games then you should give them to chance to prove how valuable and enjoyable they are.

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