Top 10 ‘Games Like Club Penguin Island’

Club Penguin Island is really a child-friendly, virtual world game developed by Disney with the only aim to improve and replace its popular browser-based predecessor, Club Penguin. Designed with children at heart, the overall game features plenty of fun mini-games and interactive objects like the ziplines, various locations (and hidden places) on the island for you really to explore, many exciting story-based adventures, collectibles, a well-regulated chat system, and a very good piratey theme. Players can also customize their respective penguins by designing their particular outfits and using them or by purchasing one of the numerous pre-made costumes.

  1. Club Cooee

Club Cooee is a cultural online chat game in which you can customize your avatar and bond with individuals from all over the world in exciting chat rooms. The game features a huge number of exciting game rooms with unique themes including hip night clubs, romantic gardens, palm shaded beaches and much more. You also get to keep magical pets including dragons, cats, butterflies and unicorns. A massive number of customization options are designed for your avatar. Wear the latest tops, coolest shirts, accessories and handy gadgets showing your personality to players from all over the world.

  1. Zwinky

Zwinky is really a rather popular virtual world game where players get to produce a cute chibi-like avatar and customize it with a wide selection of clothes, accessories, hair styles and color as well as facial features. Once you’re done, you can explore and chat or talk with other players from throughout the globe in the beautiful, cartoonish world of Zwinktopia. There are numerous other items for you really to do as well, including fun mini-games, exciting special events and more, along with meeting new friends and hanging out with them.

  1. ourWorld

ourWorld is a brilliant, kid-friendly virtual world game that’s a residential district of over 75 million players. The game features complete avatar customization, a huge cache of games from a number of genres as you are able to play to earn the overall game currency, “flow”; a lot of beautiful and cool-looking clothes, contests, a sideshow theater and, needless to say, parties. You will even have your very own condo to decorate as you see fit. In ourWorld, you can form virtual relationships with other players and even get married. There is an entire new world in there ripe for you really to discover! Have you been ready to step into ourWorld to experience it?

  1. Fantage

Fantage is really a fun 2D virtual world game where players arrive at chat and meet new friends, dress their avatars up fashionably, maintain an active in-game “social media marketing profile”, and explore the vast and fantastical world of Fantage. In this game, you’re also given a virtual home never to only decorate but to host wild parties in by inviting every player on the server. There are many of games for you really to play, achievements to earn, collectibles to… well, collect, and for those who miss a pretty furry friend, you can even hatch or adopt adorable pets! Fantage also includes a competitive side – it includes a ranking system for the best dressed, the best home decorator and the best gamer.

  1. Chit Chat City

Chit Chat City is really a rather unique game mainly because it has 2 game genres rolled into one. It’s partly a cultural virtual world game since player interactions are what make Chit Chat City enjoyable. The other part includes some aspects of a store simulator as players in this game are allowed to create their very own shop as well as to draw, design and eventually sell their particular items, be it clothes, pets, or furniture. Not just a big fan of artsy stuff? Well, you can even hire other more talented players to do the meet your needs! Obviously, there are lots more activities as you are able to enjoy such as for example farming, role-playing and more. In a nutshell, Chit Chat City is really a game of imagination and creativity which will interest fashion-loving teens and tweens alike… and the on top of that? It’s free to play!

  1. WoozWorld

 WoozWorld is a fantastic social virtual world game that is designed for teens and tweens in mind. Featuring a very good and funky vibe, WoozWorld is an awesome spot to chill and hang out with friends and family or to generally meet new ones. You are also given a virtual home, called Unitz, of your personal to decorate and do with it as you please, including hosting an event and inviting everyone over for a good time. As well as being able to adopt woozpetz and customize your avatar to your liking, you can maintain your own personal social media marketing page in the overall game by updating your woozen status and wallz. There is a good selection of casual mini-games as you are able to play, places to see, videos to view at Wooztube, and achievements to gather as well. You can find just so much to do here! So, play Woozworld and start expanding your social circles today!

  1. YoWorld

YoWorld , formerly called YoVille, was purchased and revived by Big Viking Games after Zynga have deemed the game to become a loss to maintain. This can be a move hugely supported by the large player base and it has had us here today – to YoWorld, the newly reinstated virtual world game “YoVille “.Such as the old game, YoWorld lets you create your avatar, customize him or her to your liking, and meet and chat with your friends in the numerous venues in the game. There are also a lot of fun mini-games for you yourself to enjoy along with an on the web casino containing games like Dice Poker, Dominoes and Lucky Wheel for you yourself to potentially double your money.

  1. Poptropica

Poptropica is an incredible child-friendly virtual world game that’s full of various often-themed locations to explore, new friends to meet, and a lot of fun mini-games to enjoy. Actually, several of those mini-games also provide multiplayer mode so you can play against a live player in real-time, as opposed to playing against yourself, constantly trying to improve your high score. You’ll even get to customize your avatar in the game by either changing its features or dressing it up in various sets of clothes and accessories (some that are also themed).

  1. Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is a cultural virtual world game emerge a massive virtual hotel containing many rooms for you yourself to discover. Featuring distinctive pixelated graphics, the game has a lot of activities because of its players to accomplish, including having fun chatting together and simply going out, role-playing, and even making a room or two of your own. Some rooms even include a maze-like game for you yourself to play while others, mostly the role-playing ones, is going to be willing to pay for you some game cash just to accomplish “work” for them. There are also pets to get and achievements to earn in this game. If this is often what you’ve been looking for in a game, then go book yourself a space at Habbo Hotel today!

  1. Avataria

 Avataria is a digital world game that allows you to become whoever you’d want to be. Customize your avatar to your liking by changing not merely its physical looks but in addition how it’s dressed – you can purchase more outfits, costumes and accessories at the mall. Besides making friends and chatting together, you can also visit a wide variety of places in the game, ranging from the hangout spot at the park as well as at a beauty salon to the hippest clubs in town.

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