Top 10 Games Like Chess with Friends

Chess with friends is for playing classical chess with friends or simply random people. It also offers a training mode, in which it is possible to select your level and compete with the robot. Nevertheless, the key function of this app is playing chess in a real-time, so there are different other functions that donate to a much better battles experiences.

First and foremost, there is the in-app chat that helps to encourage an opponent, give a few hints or, on the contrary, boast about your successful moves. Then there is a ranking system, which provides the motivation to play chess more frequently and become the very best among friends and family! It is also possible to include friends connecting to a Facebook account.

In general, the app provides all the required features for playing chess with friends in a great and entertaining way. An additional remarkable detail is the ability to play several games at the same time. Download the app and start playing your first chess game right now!

Chess – Play & Learn

Chess Play & Learn is designed by, that is typically the most popular site for chess players. It’s employed by over 5 million people all over the world and there are lots of reasons why. has everything a one could consider for improving game skills and putting them into practice. There are over 50 thousand puzzles, a huge selection of interactive tutorials and videos to understand from. What’s more, you can actually play chess with an actual opponent or Al. It’s possible to choose from numerous different modes, such as for instance quick games or long ones, meaning you might think of your next move all day long or limit this time for you to just a couple minutes.

Chess Free

This one is regarded as the very best chess app for Android. Chess Free is most suited to local usage – you cannot play online with this particular app, but it is possible to play together with your friend giving a smartphone to at least one another. If you want to stay unplugged once in some time, this app is your best choice. It features a powerful game engine that can bite even the strongest players. You can select from 12 levels and different modes, such as for instance numerously available hints. Another interesting feature is really a special hint, which shows what figure is much better to select for your next move, however not how to go it.

Analyze This Chess

Analyze This Chess is not for playing chess – it is for analyzing chess games. You can do it by downloading a PGN file of a game into the app. Almost every other chess apps allow to save games in the PGN format, so there won’t be described as a trouble with getting such files. Analyze This can show good luck moves on every step of a game. It has the least two chess engines that may generate the very best strategies. Files created in the app could be sent by e-mail or to different types of social networks.  The interface is straightforward in use. A user may choose the color of the chess board and figures.

Mastersoft Chess

Mastersoft Chess is another great app for playing chess. It claims to have exclusive chess engine that is not in some other chess app. This powerful engine is renowned to be one of the best in the world. The app has a lot of difficulty levels and a training mode. Exactly like Chess Free, it doesn’t have an online regime, but it is possible to play with friends which are near you. The look is just about the best one of such apps, so playing chess will be a lot more pleasant.

Online chess free Chess Heroz

Enough with the helping apps. However, it comes with an offline mode if you want some practice. Hints may also be there for you yourself to use if you want them. Heroz Chess allows playing chess with friends or random folks from all over the world. To be able to join and play all that’s necessary to do is to select a nickname or enter your Facebook or Twitter name.

Chess Live

Chess Live is another chess app for Android devices. It’s quite simple in comparison to the apps above, however, simplicity may also be an advantage. The app has most of the possible modes for playing – you are able to compete with a friend, Al or even a random user of the app.

Real Chess

Real Chess is an additional app for Android. It has gorgeous 3D graphics, which is the key reason why it is on our list. Real Chess is an online game. It’s utilized by over a million people, so there are a lot of potential opponents. While playing you have the ability to chat, so games become more interactive and fun. No registration is needed, so it’s enough to download the app and start to play! Besides online play, there’s also an exercise mode with astonishing 2400 levels. Once you play with Al, you need to use hints to help you out in difficult situations.

Play Magnus Chess

Magnus Carlsen is the current World Chess Champion. He has won all the three types of chess championships and is renowned for his idiosyncratic game style. Try beating Magnus in Play Magnus Chess – the app with a special chess engine. Besides playing chess, the app includes an exercise mode, which can challenge you with Magnus approved problems. You may also learn some interesting details about the World Chess Champion and be familiar with all the recent chess news.


iChess is different things – it is for solving chess puzzles. It’s quite convenient if you do not want to waste your time on an entire game – you are able to just crack a couple of chess problems, which, in addition, are obtained from real competitions.


chess has the complete package! You can enjoy online or with AL, analyze games and solve puzzles, choose different varieties of games which are chess-alike and many more. The wonderful thing is that the app is for free and without any ads. Now it’s a lot more than 150 thousand users, but you can find new ones every day (who knows, maybe you are another!).

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