Top 10 Games Like Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most famous and downloaded games ever on mobile devices, and the long-running franchises to ever hit the mobile market. And once you play you will see why having its mixture of puzzle-solving, simplicity, addictiveness and sheer comedy elements.

Games Like Angry Birds

  1. Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is the reverse of Angry Birds, this time around you’re in the trotters of the pigs and you’ve to complete crazy missions as these nasty piggies. These characters have made themselves some vehicles as mad since they are, and you can pilot them. Use your special moves and abilities to navigate the right path around fun obstacle courses, and you can see pigs fly!

  1. Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio transports you to the city of Rio de Janeiro where the first Angry Birds have been kidnapped. After their escape they have to free their Macaw friends and try to get free from the city, but as you’d expect it is not so simple to do. With over 300 degrees of fun, and of course the bonus and hidden levels there’s so much fun to be found. With a variety of boss fights, lots of interesting levels and the power of the Mighty Eagle you can find challenges a plenty.

  1. Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast brings a brand new game style to that much love series, here you’re not shooting birds but rescuing them from bubbles developed by the bad Pigs. Here you’re utilizing your match and tap skills to free the birds from puzzling bubble encounters. This fun fast paced game lets you try different tactics and provides you with over 250 levels to enjoy, filled with useful boosters and bright action.

  1. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 could be the sequel to the smash hit game, here yet again you’re in the amazing universe of Star Wars, though this time it is the prequel movies. Become any of the 30 characters available, and for the very first time ever you may be the Pigs and join the Pork Side, where for an individual will be the crooks and jumping in the shoes of the nasty piggies. With the gameplay you adore you have a brand new experience full of all the fun you’d expect.

  1. Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga puts the boing back into casual games. Here you have an original game style where you drop a bouncing ball into the arena and need to have it sign up for several different elements of the board for you. Each level provides you with a specific number of Pear’s to play with and some goals to achieve.

  1. Angry Birds Evolution

Angry Birds Evolution has the biggest nest ever, with over 100 characters to pick from you have a massive selection of birds to collect. And as soon as you have you got the special Evolution ability to turn them right into a Super Bird. The evil Bacon Corp has settled on the island and there are always a lot of strange and nasty things happening. Would you stop them, would you make it to the top of Eagle Mountain to claim your prize?

  1. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends is really a bit different from one other installments of that much loved game. Here you’re not just chasing down the green pigs you’re doing it in a group against other players all over the world. This version of the game is purely for having fun with other people.

  1. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 could be the sequel, and it is really a really really fun game for you yourself to play. Here you have the fun of the first with a massive selection of new toys to play with and special effects to assist you get those nasty piggies and of course, break their towers.

  1. Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars grants your every fan wish, mixing these two monster franchises in a way never seen before. There is an amazing and cool Star Wars universe to enavigate with the Angry Birds, this time disguised as and using the powers of the characters from the movie settings. Travel round the planets and in space smashing those bad pigs and taking part in all of the much loved gameplay and flying bird action you came to understand from one other games in the series.

  1. Scrubby Dubby Saga

Scrubby Dubby Saga is really a soapy adventure that takes you on a colorful adventure filled with fun. In this excellent match 3 game you have the ability to slide your solution to victory by matching the different colors of soap together in a point shifting arcade game. With a path filled with levels and a sweet story to play through there will be a lot of gameplay awaiting you. Follow the adventure and see yourself in a brand new game from the makers of Candy Crush.

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