Top 10 Games Like Angels of Death

Angels of Death revolves around Ray and Zack and their efforts to flee from the strange world. The game takes to invest the fictional world and lets the ball player progress through the story by completing objectives, and puzzles. It uses top-down perspective and lets the ball player navigate the environmental surroundings where he encounters NPCs and monsters. To earn experience points, the ball player must fulfill certain requirements of the episode and level-up. The game includes a couple of missions with escape and shooting themes. The game world consists of houses, buildings, and forests that the ball player must explore.


LISA takes to invest the post-apocalyptic-themed world developed and published by Dingaling Production. It revolves around Brad Armstrong who’s a middle-aged man with a drug addiction and he must traverse through the world to find his adopted daughter named Buddy. Throughout the exploration, he’s to create a choice that affects both of his group members and his well-being. It combines the weather of Role-playing and Turn-based elements, and the ballplayer can navigate the environmental surroundings from side-scroll perspective. The player controls the protagonist as he regarding efforts to overcome his bad addiction and accomplish a series of quests to progress through the story.

The Deed

The Deed centers around the smoothness named Arran Bruce who returns to his father’s home after understanding that his abusing father has a decision to disinherit him from his will. In anger, Arran has a decision to remove his sister to displace his father’s decision. The game lets the ball player navigate the house of Dunhill, encounters Arran’s family unit members including servants. The outcomes in the overall game on the basis of the choices taken by the players. There are lots of missions that the ball player has to accomplish at any cost to progress through the story. The Deed offers core features such as for example select the Weapons, Face the Inspector, Plant the Evidence, Meet up with the Family and more.

Mad Father

Mad Father supports Single-player mode and provides the similar gameplay like Undertale. It revolves around an eleven-year-old girl known as Aya, who uncover the secrets of his father laboratory and releases the horrifying truth behind his father research. The game takes to invest the fictional Northway Germany, where the female protagonist lives with her parents named Drevis and Monika. She’s a timid girl and never goes out from the home. Her mother is ill, and her father runs a secret laboratory in the basement of his house and performs secret research with the help of maid named Maria. After 12 months, the death of Monika, the protagonist awakens through the night and find herself surrounded by test objects, and she escaped from the laboratory. After reaching her room, she encounters a salesman named Ogre who tasked her with completing puzzles and interrogate her father’s laboratory to unearth his mystery. The game offers multiple ending on the basis of the choices of the player.


OneShot takes you on an unreal adventure with unique capabilities and mechanics and takes invest the mysterious world. You are able to control a child and travel to various mysterious locations to displace the long-dead sun. You can find a couple of levels, and you should complete each someone to progress through the game. You’ll earn experience points as you complete the levels and can use them to unlock further content, and levels in the game. It features haunting sounds that suit the environmental surroundings and a distinctive relationship between the overall game and you that immerse yourself in its gameplay. You are able to explore the environmental surroundings from the top-down view, and the entire world consists of various locations.

To the Moon

To the Moon can be obtained to play on Multiple Platforms developed and published by Freebird Games. The game revolves around the memories of Johnny to explore and find the objects to gather energy from their store to help make the memory strong and connect with an, even more, to lead back to his childhood. The player must navigate the house of Johnny and its surrounding areas to find clues if the ball player can’t collect enough energy and don’t know how to proceed Jonny will die. Once the objects are collected, and the ballplayer can easily see all memories, they can connect objects across two memories and freely move between them. The player can manipulate the memories by modifying objects, characters, and events. He is able to immerse himself in the role-playing gameplay experience and can solve complex puzzles to earn experience points and use them to unlock further content.

Pocket Mortys

Pocket Mortys can be obtained to play on Android and iOS platforms only. It will take devote the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse and contains 10 episodes in season one. In the game, you assume the role of the trainer and the key objective would be to catch the Mortys and use them to battle against other trainers in the proper execution of aliens such as Jerry and Ricks. It uses top-down perspective and contains three main screens such as an overworld, a selection interface, and gameplay settings. Players can use Morty Manipulation Chip to recapture different Mortys and can earn experience points by defeating other trainers in battle. It includes the turn-based system and lets the ball player try his best on his turn to remove foes. The main objective would be to gather and rank-up a group of Mortys to fight contrary to the Council of Ricks.


Contact has both Single and Multiplayer modes and centers around a scientist named referred to as Professor who disappears through space from a known foe called cosmonauts. The spaceship of professor lands on a strange planet and loses his cell the energy his spaceship. There’s a strange environment where the game happens, and the cell is hidden in certain dangerous areas full of monsters and other creatures. Professor selects the protagonist named Terry for his assist to obtain the cell of the ship. The protagonist accepts Professor proposal and starts exploring the entire world to obtain the cells. Top-down perspective uses the game to navigate the environmental surroundings where the ball player can encounter plenty of monsters and can use different weapons to remove them. The ball player must maintain his health by avoiding enemy attacks, overcome obstacles, and progress through the story to gain experience points. There are lots of tasks that the ball player can perform like gather resources, cooking, exploring, and fighting against foes. T

Why Am I Dead At Sea

Why Am I Dead At Sea has a superb story, in which you are stuck on a boat at sea and dead. Now, you are a ghost and can assume the role of different characters using their bodies. Talk with other players, talks them using unique conversation system. The game takes devote the fictional world, and you can navigate the environmental surroundings from a top-down perspective. The conversation is dependent upon the character that you’re controlling. The best task would be to navigate the entire world, interact NPCs, complete objectives and uncover the hidden secrets to earn experience points. In the game world, everybody has a secret, and you have to investigate. Encounter nine developed and unique characters, with their ambitions. Use your powers to possess bodies and read other minds. Unlock Multiple Endings, Recover your Former Identity, etc. are the key options that come with the game.


EarthBound incorporates the Role-playing elements and supports single-player mode produced by Ape and published by Nintendo. The game focuses on the protagonist and his group contain four members and revolves around their journey through the fictional wasteland to collect melodies and fight contrary to the evil force referred to as Giygas. It is the second entry in the group of the game. The game world contains villages, cities, dungeons, and caves. For experience points, the ball player has to defeat evils and can use his experience points to improve the level. The game plays from a top-down perspective, and the ballplayer must complete a couple of quests full of puzzles and objective. Avoid enemy attacks and overcome obstacles to maintaining his health bar and score the highest points to progress to the story.

 Always Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters offers an exciting story where you can assume the role of the protagonist who’s an author and receives a observe that his love is marrying someone else in just a month. After being evicted from your own apartment, you should intercept the wedding and attempt to win back the love you lost. It will take devote the stunning environment and uses top-down perspective to navigate it.  You are able to communicate with NPCs and earn money by completing the tasks, which means you progress to next location in the game world. The results of the game are dependent upon the decisions taken by you during the gameplay. There are hundreds of dialogue to use and communicate with Non-player characters.

Stardew Valley

Undertake the role of the protagonist, resign from your own job, and dominate your grandfather‘s farm referred to as Stardew Valley. There are some levels, and the key objective is to cultivate crops and harvest them to earn money. Upgrade your farming tools, manages time and energy and clear each and every level to score the highest points. Purchase different animals, craft useful items, immerse yourself in social activities, mine for ores, and find your passion for romance. Purchase different decorations to make your farm awesome and unlock further content to play. Navigate environment, communicate with NPCs, and explore procedurally generated caves. Raise Animals, Grow Crops, Enhance your Skills, Local Community, Explore Vast Cave, Breathtaking new Life, and more.

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