Top 10 Games Like Alan Wake

Games like Alan Wake set you in haunting worlds that make an effort to spook you at every corner. These games tell captivating stories and immerse you with fantastic sound. In Alan Wake, the protagonist is on the look for his wife as she’s disappeared during their peaceful vacation in Bright Falls. Alan Wake is a best-selling thriller writer who now must confront darkness and his own mind, as he finds pages from a thriller book he doesn’t even remember writing before. The story is split into episodes and plays out being a TV series, with various twists and excitement. Through your adventure, darkness rules the little town of Bright Falls. The shadows take control of varied objects such as for example knives and chainsaws to be able to attack Alan Wake. To prevent the darkness, Alan must use light to shine through. With only a firearm and flashlight, you need to carefully make use of your flashlight and weapon as battery and ammo are limited. Next, to the precious, trusty flashlight, Alan may also make use of flare guns and even objects such as for example streetlights to your advantage. Each enemy is protected by a specific amount of darkness that you need to slowly destroy with light to be able to end the enemy with your firearm. Some enemies are faster than others, and some will even teleport, so be prepared for anything in this intense world. Great gameplay, sound & story help Alan Wake feel like a horror game any fan of the genre should play. Mixing peaceful day scenes with action-packed, scary nights helps with pacing and provides great, atmospheric experience. In the event that you haven’t played Alan Wake already, then you definitely should. (Unfortunately, Alan Wake is unavailable to get on Steam anymore due to the expiration of music licenses). Trying to find more great games like Alan Wake? Then take a look at this list of spooky games full of thrills, horror and just story rich games.

Best Games Like Alan Wake

  1. The Evil Within

In this intense horror game published by Bethesda, you play as a detective who gets a call to see an abandoned insane asylum. When you arrive on the scene, you see it is not entirely abandoned, and your world as you know it becomes a black place, inhabited by terrifying creatures.

  1. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is just a 3rd person survival horror where you play as detective Sebastian Castellanos, who must return to the terrifying world of the STEM to save back his loved ones. Fight disturbing creatures at once or utilize the shadows to survive this painful world. Utilize the crafting system to craft various items such as traps and ammo.

  1. Metro: Last Light

Metro Last night is the most popular game with many incredible features as visual and action components. The story is placed in the town of Moscow and you’ll meet with the streets of the town in the deep war. Through the war, a superweapon pops up with the likelihood to destroy the remaining humanity.

  1. Metro 2033

The battle for your life and for the continued survival of mankind in this gritty, dark survival horror game. Metro 2033 goes to the post-apocalyptic landscape of Russia, where mankind has survived by barricading themselves into the machine of metro tunnels under Moscow. But you’re called to accomplish greater things, and so you have to venture into the darkness, with the dangers it brings.

  1. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls, you play as a woman who has been guarded by a supernatural entity for so long as she can remember whom she affectionately calls ‘Aiden ‘. Together, you and Aiden travel the United States, danger seeming to follow your every move as you attempt to navigate being gifted with also just trying to survive in day-to-day life.

  1. Heavy Rain

In this film noir thriller game, you will seize control of four different characters, who’re all tied for some reason to the mysterious Origami killer. The lives of those four individuals are in your hands, and your actions together can cause fatal consequences for the others.

  1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

In this stunning and beautiful game, you play as a Private detective hired to investigate the case of a lost boy named Ethan Carter, who has which may be incredibly hard to track down. You’ll track Ethan through eerie towns and dense forests, but what’ll you find once you finally catch up to him?

  1. Until Dawn

Several adults journey into the Canadian mountains to a remote cabin, hoping to invest a quick vacation having a great time in the snowy forest. However, when their friends slowly commence going missing one by one, it quickly becomes clear that somebody, or something, does not want them there.

  1. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy, or Fahrenheit, is hailed by many as a breakthrough in interactive storytelling, and it is obvious why. IN this particular game, you take control of certainly one of several characters at the time, and every single choice you make gets the potential to impact one or all of them further on in the story.

  1. The Walking Dead

In this particular episodic Telltale game that’s left gamers wanting more and more, you’ll, at first, take the role of Lee as he struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse while protecting Clementine, a small girl Lee took under his wing. This story about hope and tragedy will keep you hooked until the final moments.


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