Top 10 Free Nook Color Apps

Our list of free Nook Color apps is set with various interesting software bits. They span across a wide variety of categories like productivity, social, games, entertainment, news, lifestyles, utilities and interests. All of the names we’ve gathered right here can be found minus a cost so that you can take complete advantage of all of the goodies and never having to part ways with your precious bucks. With most of these treats fitted into your handy Barnes & Noble tablet, you’ll have the ability to stay abreast of the latest news, trends and tweets buzzing over the social scene.

10 Free Nook Color Apps

  1. Evernote

Turn your treasured gadget into ‘an expansion of one’s brain,’ in line with the brains behind this endeavor. This user-friendly service allows you to save all of your precious ideas while they pop into your mind while on the go. You can also create to-do lists, take notes, record voice reminders and capture photos through this program. You’ll even have the ability to seamlessly search throughout your notes and organize them by employing tags and notebooks. What’s more, you can send items of information to loved ones via Twitter and Facebook. This option is available in quite handy for jotting down important points during lectures, creating grocery lists or even arranging a trip.

  1. Seesmic

If you think about yourself to be always a social butterfly, then you definitely have to acquire this entrant in our roster. Through this software, it is simple to juggle all of your accounts which are spread across social networking websites like Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, Facebook and Google Buzz. You’ll have the ability to acquire notifications, update your status and even share videos and photos with your pals, all using a single space.

  1. Pulse News

Prepare to feel every buzz that’s pulsating through the tech world. With this particular sparkling treat roped into your portable device, you’ll have the ability to scan through news bits which are plucked from popular social networks and websites. And the cherry at the top seems to be the way all these details is portrayed. You will discover that the info is presented in the proper execution of an interactive and beautiful mosaic. You can also share captivating stories with others via email, Twitter and Facebook. The software even allows you to save interesting bits so that you can relish while offline.

  1. Netflix

Besides just reading news bits or accessing your social networking sites, the eReader also allows you to enjoy all your chosen movies and TV episodes. You will get your hands on a number of films and TV shows by ponying up a regular fee.

  1. Springpad

‘Create notebooks for just about any topic or area of interest,’ is the decision to arms here. This can be anything, from a recipe book to a spare time activity project. What’s more, you’ll have the ability to further decorate it with trimmings on the internet like links, pictures, maps, reviews, price comparisons, show times, products and more. And once you’ve created your potpourri of a masterpiece, you can also share it with friends and family who consequently, can donate to your creation in the event that you wish. Even the interface can be customized to accommodate the project at hand.

  1. Goodreads

Want your eReader to satisfy all of your wordy cravings? Well, you will want to add garnish to your current reading experience with this specific inclusion in our array? Through this software, you can keep an electronic bookshelf of all of the titles you’ve already read as well as the ones you wish to acquire in the near future. You’ll also have the ability to perceive book reviews and updates formulated by friends and other members. Simply by scanning the barcode of a particular book, you can acquire all its information bits.

  1. Word Off!

It’s a turn-based word game that enables you to play against friends via the internet, another Barnes & Noble tablet or even Facebook. Participate in alphabet battles with pals to see who emerges as top word wizard. You can further indulge in multiple games simultaneously, acquire boosts to obtain an edge and earn in-game currency which may be used to unlock new boards.

  1. Boingo Wi-Finder

This software piece allows you to gain unlimited Wi-Fi usage of a host of Boingo hotspots scattered all over the globe. When you’re paired with certainly one of its Wi-Fi networks, you’ll have the ability to enjoy high-bandwidth activities such as downloading movies, pictures and TV shows. All you need to do is get this interesting program from the store, sign on the dotted line and create an account.

  1. Nook Word of the Day

The developer with this contender in our roundup urges one to ‘expand your vocabulary.’ Emerging from the barn of Wordnik, this system displays precisely how a particular word is utilized in context and by the very best authors out there. You will find even audio pronunciations thrown to the amalgamation.

  1. Dropbox

Our final mention is noted to be always a no cost service that enables you to port along all of your precious photos, documents and videos wherever you go. Whatever data bits you store in your individual Dropbox is going to be accessible via your PC or mobile device.

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