Top 10 Free Media Players

A listing of the finest free media players has been scribbled down seriously to provide you with a better notion of the solutions in this category. When a few of the most popular programs can be found at free, shelling out the dough on similar ones doesn’t really make sense. Here you’ll find tools that are perfectly compliant together with your content on various platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

  1. KMPlayer

A versatile program, KMP extends support to various types of formats and plays back most files without the need for yet another codec package, thanks to its internal codec. It runs efficiently even on low-end computers and allows you to modify your environment for an enhanced experience.

  1. MediaMonkey

As the developers with this software claim, the program serves as a audio and video organizer for serious collectors. Be it audio tracks or videos of any size scattered around your personal computer, this program involves your rescue and can help you organize all of it. You can even choose to filter your content by genre, research missing album art and customize the tool with various skins, plug-ins, visualizations and more.

  1. Winamp

Taking our lineup further is Winamp, an easy-to-use software that is available on multiple platforms including Windows and Android. Besides synchronizing with playlists from Android devices and the iTunes library, this multi-lingual tool boasts of USB sync support in addition to compliance with Flash videos.

  1. Real Player

Not just is this multitasking software efficient at playing multiple formats, but it addittionally allows you to download videos on the internet and convert them to another format if you wish. Unlike a several other tools mentioned here, it is portable in addition to social, considering that it allows you to share your preferred videos with friends over networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. MPlayerX

Considering that MPlayerX is armed with FFmpeg and MPlayer, it claims to manage to playing nearly every audio and video format without codec packages or external plug-ins. It takes benefit of the multi-touch gesture support in Mac computers and allows you to control your quite happy with some the finger. Additionally, this tool is intelligent enough to detect subtitle encoding and eliminates the necessity for encoding conversions.

  1. GOM Media Player

A movie playback software, GOM, has been included on our compilation because it has some powerful features that are an easy task to use. Meant for newbies in addition to experts alike, it may be employed for the goal of playing back nearly all common audio and video formats such as for example WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, AVI, MP3, AAC, OGG and many more.

  1. VLC

This open source cross platform software employs framework that makes it compatible with many formats in addition to DVDs, VCDs and various other video streaming protocols. It claims to be always a simple, fast and powerful application that will play codecs like MP3, MPEG-2, DivX, MKV, WebM, WMV to mention a couple of, without the assistance of codec packs.

  1. DivX Plus Player

DivX Plus urges you not only to play your videos, but play them well. It works together with file formats including DivX, AVI, MOV, MKV and MP4 amongst others and includes the DivX To Go feature that formats and prepares your videos saved using the pc for other DivX-certified devices like DVD players or gaming consoles.

  1. Kantaris

Still another piece of software which doesn’t need additional codec packages to play nearly every audio or video file format is Kantaris. This open source tool featuring on our roster can link to an online subtitle database to locate relevant subtitles for the video being played. A cool and modern default skin successfully adds some style to it. Moreover, the developers are also planning to add support for add-ins so you could have your own personal features in the applying if you so wish.

  1. QuickTime

This application from Apple lets users enjoy top quality videos from their personal library or the internet, thanks to its QuickTime technology. It plays numerous file types including music, videos, still images, VR movies and graphics. The software flaunts an easy graphical user interface and takes benefit of advanced video compression technology so the clip utilizes less bandwidth and storage, while maintaining its quality. Moreover, you can fast forward your playback and search through individual movie frames too.

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