Top 10 Best Visual Novel Games for PC

Visual Novel is an engaging game introduced in Japan in 1990s, featuring anime-style art, live-action stills, and static graphics. Visual Novel games are different from other game types by their gameplay. The players can assume their specific roles, interact with non-players using dialogues, progress through the story to advanced. There are different types in Visual Novel like Dating Simulation, Adventure, Romance, Interaction, and more. Multiple endings are rare part of the game, depending on the decisions taken by the players will affect the story of the game. Up to 10 Best Visual Novel Simulations are mentioned in the list below that you can check out to have fun.

Best Visual Novel Games available below the list:

  • Bunka no Kenkyu: Revival of Queen Leyak
  • AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel
  • Galaxy Girls
  • Highschool Romance
  • Nicole
  • Spirited Heart
  • Love and Order
  • In Your Arms Tonight
  • Katawa Shoujo
  • Episode

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