Top 10 Apps like Tip Calculator

This useful tip calculator app is not any less popular than any other app on the list. This can be a simple application for calculating how much you need to leave a tip. It will soon be helpful while paying the bill in the restaurant or a cafe or anywhere else. The app will allow you to split the bill and know the sum of a tip.

Tip Calculator Free

This colorful app is in the first place among iPhone tip calculator apps and it’s really worth it. After an evening in a town with friends, the final thing you want to do is do math in your head. You’ll always understand how much to leave “for tea” to the waiter in the cafe having this helpful instrument in your pocket.

QuickTip Tip Calculator

This really is quite a good program, an alternate calculator for anyone cases once the calculation of numerous tips becomes tedious work. And this app gives an opportunity to solve the situation without immersion in the jungle of mathematics.


Gratuity is just a simple tip calculator app that’s plenty of benefits and deserves to be on the list of the best. In general, the main principle of this app is simple and clear. It consists of the ability to calculate tips with respect to the level of the bill in the café

Tip Calculator

This app has many positive reviews due to its simplicity and helpfulness. Calculate how much to tip with this free application! Simply enter the sum total bill and the app calculates the tips that you must give.


Tipulator is just a small application for the iPhone, which lets you calculate the tip. The applying lets you enter the sum total level of the bill, the percentage of tips and the number of people who participated in the feast.

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

Tip N Split Tip Calculator is a good helper when you really need to calculate the tip. The app is helpful to those people who often visit restaurants and cafes, and often wonder how much tip to leave the waiter since it’s a suggestion calculator. Everything is simple here, you simply need to enter the sum total bill and the percentage that you plan to cover as a suggestion, after which this system gives the sum of tips and the sum total level of the bill. Also, a practical feature is the ability to set the number of people to split the bill. The program also displays the quantity that everyone must pay.

Tip Me

This app is just a smart tool which will allow you to and your friends to calculate tips. The program has numerous functions and settings that are ideal for a variety of cases. First, Tip Me lets you select a share of the bill that you are likely to spend “for tea.” Secondly, you can specify the number of participants in the feast and, indicate the amount of each debt, obtain the sum that every one of your friends should pay as a tip.

Tip Calculator

Are you aware the situation when you wish to leave a suggestion, but don’t understand how much? The app Tip Calculator will solve these problems. The program lets you quickly and easily calculate tips that are worth leaving, considering the level of your satisfaction with food and services.

QuickTip Tip Calculator

This can be a simple and beautiful tip calculator. The simplest application in the world for tipping. Just enter the amount of the check, and immediately obtain the result. Nothing extra. No drop-down menus, settings and other rubbish. Immediately starts and displays the result. This allows you to cover and don’t burden your head.

Tip Calculator Free

This tip calculator itself really is easy and intuitive to use. Inside, the master of the unit enters the amount of the bill and the number of people paying. Furthermore, there is a share of tips that are planned to be left. Consequently, this system will calculate both the sum total level of tips with respect to the specified percentage and the sum total sum that all the members must pay.

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