Top 10 Apps Like Tango

We are texting a lot these days. Free apps are as easy as breathing. And almost free. Just pay for 3G or 4G internet. And you can freeload in the event that you connect to Wi-Fi. Nowadays recalling those SMS messages once you had to cover each one of these (in some countries) feels crazy expensive in 2016. Fortunately for us, we have come to a place whenever we can hear voices for free. I am talking about we are able to do voice demands free. With a variety of free calling apps.

Back again to top performing apps. This app’s red logo stands out for sure. Initially developed for Android devices it can be obtained on iOS, BlackBerry and Kindle platforms. Tango has lost a few of its popularity recently. Although 300 million users are still with it. They’re probably still utilizing it for the gaming features. Check out the variety.

Facebook Messenger

I used this one several times in multiple countries. It works. This is how you do the calling using Facebook. You decide on the person you calling from your own messaging list. Then tap onto the decision button in the upper right corner. Focus on colors. When the button is almost as blue as the background and less visible that means the person is unavailable, you cannot make the call.


When I heard that Microsoft bought Skype I knew it was a good thing to do. Huge numbers of people have already been using Skype to make free demands years now. First, you have to produce an account. You can develop a funny username, does not have to be the name from your own state ID. I recommend “pandabearhater100%.


If you prefer purple color you ought to install Viber. As always your partner must certainly be a Viber user because of it to be free. Also, many people love Nokia so much they’re still using old ones with Symbian OS.

Line: Free Calls & Messages

Over 400 million users here. Personally, I prefer its cheerful green interface so much more than over-ripe purple of Viber. When you install it the setup process will ask your phone number. Line app won’t show the telephone number to anybody. It takes the quantity to send you the verification code. That is free.

Google Hangouts

Another app with spirit-lifting green logo. That one I have found quite recently. You can encounter it if you just log into your Gmail account. Click on these buttons. When you press “More” button you can get more options (surprise!). Google Hangouts is among them.

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Texts

That is knowing that in continental Europe “kakao” means “hot chocolate” or “coco. Surprisingly it is a Korean app though. In the region between Japan and Indonesia you’re more apt to be asked if you have KakaoTalk than many others. On another hand, it is almost unknown in North America.

magicApp by magicJack

Here’s an app that works together with geography in some sort of opposite way. You really have significantly more privileges in US and Canada. In that area magicApp allows one to call in-magicApp users for free. Both users have to be in that area. When you or another guy leaves the location minus the app you’re charged a small fee.

Nimbuzz Messenger/ Free Calls

Old-timer, this one. The initial release in 2008! Works together on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Nokia S60, Nokia S40, Kindle, Mac, and Windows.

IMO free videocalls and Chat

That one is partly linked to Google. It had been founded by one of many former employees. Of all the apps listed here IMO has one of many simplest interfaces.


This Apple’s free app is sold with Apple products from the box. Video calls can be doable with 3G networks. Voice calls work nicely. FaceTime starts off utilizing your telephone number for the username. In this app, it is called Caller ID. You can change Caller ID using any number or address.

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