Top 10 Apps Like Handyman

This app is named as a result of its main character and includes DIY tips for each life case. It’s level to measure distances, decibel meter indicating the volume level, the compass that may guide you in the best direction, metal detector, vibrometer indicating the degree of vibration, magnifying glass because of that you simply don’t miss a thing, spectrum analyzer visualizing surrounding your sounds. As you launch the app you can see a picture of a handyman. Select it and there will be a cloud with images of tools you can use. Control each tool using special indicators. In general, this app is extremely simple and those who like diversity will find it a bit boring.

Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

The Family Handyman Magazine presents its new app which contains numerous DIY tips. Utilizing it you may find any information on the best way to save your time, money and other resources and in addition to you will learn how to understand your project as opposed to another failure. The app contains tens and thousands of tips on the best way to cope with carpentry and cleaning things, painting and pests, woodworking to washing windows. Whatever project you select, the app will assist you to help you improve your work and allow it to be easier and more effective.

The Family Handyman

This is actually the same brand but represented as an electronic digital magazine for iOS. Basically, this is just a number of tips on the best way to improve your home covered in magazine style. Once more, in this app, you may find a number of advice on carpentry, cleaning, painting, etc. Those who want to have more space in their house, understand new cool tools, appliance repairs, and plumbing may find everything they’re looking for. In your every choice you will receive a list of information and also step-by-step instructions with photos.


TaskRabbit was developed to be able to assist you with your entire domestic chores and offer you leisure time for all your hobbies and other important activities. You can organize literally everything with this specific app – from cleaning and repair to moving and deliveries. Workers will look after your staff while you can pay your awareness of more essential things. You can hire anyone you will need in 1 minute. All you have to accomplish is to explain the work you need to do, when and where and stuff will come for you. All of the workers are verified by the app and all tasks are fully insured as much as $1 million. Via TaskRabbit, you’ll always stay attached to a worker who you hired. When the job incomplete you pay directly in the app.


Applying this app you’ll find a handyman in the local area who will help you to fix the thing around your house. As you discover anyone you will need you negotiate services, prices and time. After the work is completed you can rate a handyman, there exist a profile picture and text. Anyone with necessary skills can also develop into a handyman and register in the app.


If you’re planning some projects and you will need help this app is for you. Thumbtack connects users who are searching for handymen with professionals in virtually any area they need. Painting for a birthday celebration, building the newest bench, Halloween, roof leaking, broken TV – you’ll find a specialist for everything.


BrightNest can help you to accomplish things around your home without breaking a sweat. Just because it has a lot of tips about making your property work a bit easier. In this app, you may find plenty of useful information on the best way to decorate, clean, fix, etc. Everything required to shape your property in the best way.


That is among the most used DIY apps. You can find any tutorials on any topic with instructions, illustrations, tips and so on. There are more 150000 articles and guides. If you intend to read articles later if you are planning to be offline you can mark it and save it. In order to get any plan from the app into life, follow the detailed instructions. You will even find various videos which will make the procedure of creation much simpler for you.

Surface Level

That is a software for measurement of any type. You can use it in numerous situations to detect very precisely the length between objects. It will soon be really helpful for carpentry works, measuring angles and slopes, home decoration and other. In the reduced the main screen you will see two detectors showing their education of the angle. If you have done your measurement you can press the lock button and save your valuable results. There is also an opportunity to set some alternatives for the app.


That is another app to make measurements in cm or inches. All you have to accomplish is put your finger on the screen and slide your gadget. Select a type of the ruler by tapping on the screen. It’s very convenient since now you’ll have your ruler anywhere with you. In case you are not sure how to make use of i-Ruler there’s a video instruction. For fun, you can set various kinds of backgrounds in this app. It is extremely popular among users worldwide.

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