Top 10 Apps for Teenage Girls

Hey, gal! Here is a set of some very cool apps for ya. We’ve collected all probably the most awesome apps mentioned by your chosen YouTubers, checked everything for credibility and got something truly exciting.

All of the #girlboss productivity apps, girly apps and just those who make life easier… Are you currently ready to seize some life-changing apps? Then get yourself comfortable and let’s begin!


Colorfy is just a coloring book app. Coloring books can be quite expensive, if you don’t want to pay your money (or trees) on them, you are able to download this app instead. With Colorfy, you are able to calm your nerves by coloring pictures or drawing your personal ones right in the app.What’s more, you are able to color your personal drafts – just make a photo of one, upload it to the app and enjoy! Understand this ‘glued-to-the-screencap right now!

My creative diary

My creative diary is a journal app, but no ordinary one. It provides you with ideas on things to write. Whenever you open a topic, you see different questions and/or polls linked to it. Obviously, many of us would like freedom in choosing what to create about, but almost everything is covered by the app (even to-do lists), so, you know.


Have you got difficulties with math at school? Or perhaps your homework can be tough sometimes? Maybe, you simply wish you may check whether you got the best answer? Mathaway is able to solve all of these problems. Just post your task and you’ll get an immediate answer with a detailed solution. Now, ain’t it great?!


Snapguide is an accumulation of tips useful in a day-to-day life. It covers such topics as food, fashion, DIY objects, makeup and just some life hacks. You are able to share your personal tutorials or watch those of others to master something new! A fantastic platform for exchanging tips and advice.

The DailyHoroscope

The DailyHoroscope is the most popular horoscope app both on App Store and Google Play. If you believe in astrology or perhaps have a great time while reading predictions and stuff, this is the app you must have on your own phone. The app gives your sign’s daily and yearly predictions. What’s more, you are able to check your sign’s description, your druid horoscope and compatibility with a person you like. Don’t be scared of the red color on the screens below, luckily, they may be changed. So, have the app & have a great time!


Stories make us inspired, thoughtful, imaginative. Through stories, we come nearer to an author’s knowledge of some problem, learn new things or perhaps enjoy interesting plot twists. Wattpad is a software for all the readers and writers out there.

Unfollowers for Instagram

When you yourself have an Instagram account and don’t utilize this app or something such as it, you must get it as soon as possible! Detect suckers who don’t follow you back to know who they’re or even to unfollow them. The app also demonstrates to you ghosts (people who don’t like or comment your posts), fans (people you do not follow back) and mutual (I think it is clear).

Hair MakeOver

Decided to alter hairstyle but don’t know very well what to decide on? Hair MakeOver is exactly things you need! With this specific app, you can try on different haircuts & hairstyles without actually cutting your hair. Just upload your photo and see what suits you best! The app is limited to iOS, but there are lots of apps like this on Google Play as well – just choose usually the one you want the most.


Flo is a period tracker app and a good one. The app provides you with predictions of menstruation cycle and ovulation. You are able to enter symptoms if you have any, like mood swings, pain, headache, etc. What Personally, I similar to relating to this app is that there are a lot of useful information. You are able to read articles on topics that concern you – these articles are created in the form of polls – you answer a concern (anonymously),  see how other users answered to them and what’s the best answer. Download the app today to know for sure whenever your period is gonna start & learn more about your health!

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