Top 10 Anime Demon Girls

The world of dating can appear like heaven or hell. We’ve all had some relationships where our significant other could easily be described as a b*tch from hell. The fortunate thing about anime is that even demon girls can be heavenly sweet. A population of devilishly darling girls including senior school succubi to ditzy demons, regal vampire queens, and DD demon lords live out their lives, some in simple slice-of-life and others in epic story arcs that give Bram Stoker a run for his money. We now count down ten of the cutest creatures of the night in anime. This is an update to an older list so be sure to read the original below too!

 Kurumu Korono from Rosario + Vampire

 Kurumu Korono is just a demon girl with the heart of an angel. She is just a student at Yokai Academy and is deeply in deep love with Tsukune Ano. She’s also a succubus. You’d imagine that it could be easy on her to ensnare Tsukune with her aphrodisiac powers, but he makes the decision that getting him to love her through magic is wrong. She wants him to love her as a result of who she’s, not as a result of spell. She’s one of the very honest characters in the series and one of the very dependable ones, too. Kurumu is obviously the first to throw herself facing danger to guard her friends. She cute and sexy all rolled up into one. She has a killer body yet wears a baggy sweater and loose-fitting socks that gather across the ankles. Kurumu even wears a blue ribbon that matches her blue hair. You combine her attractive appearance with loving personality, sexy body, and the fact she can overheat you all of the muffins and tartlets you would like and you get a succubus that doesn’t need any different powers to entice your devotion.

Ai Enma from Hell Girl

Ai Enma is different than the majority of the girls with this list. She’s, actually, an actual demon spirit and a servant of Hell in how most of us consider Hell as a place of punishment. Ai, which ironically can indicate love, is a quiet girl with long black hair red and eyes. She is usually seen wearing a dark seifuku, or sailor uniform. Here are a servant of Hell is a questionnaire of atonement; Ai was sacrificed to a mountain god centuries earlier by her village, but she dug herself out of her grave and burned all of the villagers alive. She is currently summoned by people who think they’ve been done wrong. As a swap, because of their souls, once they die (naturally), she’ll drag another party to Hell immediately. Her personality seems only a little detached but the more you watch her story she may seem like she still has feelings and is searching for excuses, or simply hoping that people will choose not to contract with her. Her fate of being punished for exacting a just revenge is tragic and leaves you hoping that there’s a way she can find happiness.

Elucia De Lute aka Elsie from The World God Only Knows

Elsie includes a similar job as Ai from Hell Girl for the reason that she sends spirits escaped from Hell back, but she’s a complete 180 personality-wise. She is really a bubbly, earnest and sweet girl. Elsie teams up with Keima, a senior school student, and dating sim master, in order to expel spirits from teenage girls by filling the holes within their hearts with love. In many ways she is really a go-getter, working her way up from janitor in Hell to soul-catcher, although it did take her 298 years. Elsie includes a good heart, despite causing problems for the folks around her. An example of that is she tells Keima’s mother that she an illegitimate child of her husband’s in order to stick with Keima in the role as his little sister. Keima’s mother accepts Elsie straight away, then goes off to beat the Hell out of her traveling businessman husband. Despite being a tiny dork, Elsie is proficient at her job. Elsie and Keima collect loose soul after loose soul and she looks adorable doing it.

Lilith Asami from Trinity Seven

Lilith Asami is really a teacher at the top-secret magic school Royal Biblia Academy. The academy’s job is to train mages to stop what is called the breakdown phenomena, a magical plague that dissolves organic matter and had spread within the world. Her job, as a teacher obviously, is to guide and train Arata, an immature, sex-obsessed mage. Lilith’s primary goal is to prevent Arata from learning to be a demon lord by teaching him to control his potential power. She doesn’t sound such as for instance a demon, does she? Yet, it’s revealed that she is certainly Lilith Azazel, the daughter of a demon lord who’d her memories erased. Hence, qualifying to be on this list as a demon. Lilith is an amazing mage, one of the very most powerful in existence. She’s also a knockout with a Ph.D. in L-U-S-T. No, we’re serious. Her theme, or course of study, could be the magic related to the sin of lust. Lilith is quite prudish for a mage that studies lust and makes a good foil for the sex-obsessed Arata. She on this list on her beauty, brains, and overwhelming power as a mage.

Vignette April Tsukinose from Gabriel Drop Out

Horns, check; spade tail, check; bat-like wings, check; malicious intent, nope; bad to the bone, not really close; Vignette April Tsukinose might be a demon by birth but she’s a total angel of a girl. She could be the demon nearby and best friend to the protagonist Gabriel, a foul-mouthed slob and MMORG-obsessed angel. Vignette does her absolute better to look after the wayward angel by getting her out of your home and to school as frequently as she can. She’s genuinely adorable as a demon; she doesn’t lie, cheat, or litter and is the very first person to offer help if you need it. Vignette is really a demon girl goody-two-shoes and we sometimes wonder what she’d end up like if she let her little hellion out. I’m sure she’d do something bad like not wash the dishes right away. She is really a full-blooded demon but seems absolutely divine.

Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa from Gabriel Drop Out

Satanichia is an arch-demon bent on conquering Hell and Heaven. She will hone her skills by not doing her homework, teasing angels, and not separating her recycling. She is actually a demon, one descendant from an extended line, and ready to leave her mark on the world. The truth of Satanichia is really a little different. She’s an idiot. She thinks she’s truly being evil by leaving the cap on the bottle when she recycles it. The dimwitted demon is also an ideal mark for Raphael, an angel that has a better possibility of being a demon lord than most demons. Raphael truly enjoys toying with extremely gullible Satanichia. She’s such as the redheaded dorky little sister you’ve always wanted. We even feel bad for the girl, she’s continually taken advantage of. We realize she’s a kind girl who’s always willing to simply help those in need. She may be a dangerous demon but she’s also a dork worth citing in this top 10.

Mio Naruse from The Testament of Sister New Devil

Mio is really a beautiful teenage girl with long red hair and a fiery personality. She tends to have a small short temper, but that’s understandable given that she watched the folks she thought were her parents get killed and then discovers that she may be the heir to the deposed demon lord. Alongside her bodyguard Maria, a succubus, she devises an agenda to dupe a widower and his son into taking them in. They don’t really understand that their marks are immune to their spells. Rather than kicking them to the curb, the daddy and son opt to bring them in and protect them. Convinced by Maria, Mio forms a mysterious contract using their new step-brother Basara, a contract that will alert him if she’s ever in peril and also makes her his servant. If she disobeys him or thinks bad thoughts about him the magical contract makes her very horny. The lustful punishment is a superb contrast to her conservative demeanor. Mio is primarily just a teenage girl trying to find out who she’s in this magical world recently revealed to her. We like Mio because her character develops from the scared girl putting up a top of toughness to a girl with power and the knowledge of how to make use of it.

Rais Gremory from High School DxD

Rais Gremory may be the youngest sister of Lucifer, gives her more than enough street cred to seem near the top with this list. She lives her life as an everyday senior high school student and the president of the Occult Research Club, a club full of other demons. She is, as plenty of demon girls we come across, a red-head with a killer body. She does her far better take care of her friends and balance the demands of her station as a devil elite. The demons that follow her as members of the club normally need to get out when summoned by someone and do their best to grant their wishes, mostly mundane things like keeping someone company. We like Rais, not due to her power or her aforementioned rocking body, but due to the gentleness and humbleness, she shows as she wields that power. She is debatably one of the most deadly demons in the story yet compare for others and doesn’t instruction like a tyrant. She treats the members of the club like a family group and is going to do anything to guard them. Rais earns our respect, our devotion, and love as at the very top that understands the thought of noblesse oblige.

Satou Sakie from Interviews with Monster Girls

We’ve all had this 1 senior high school teacher we end up having a crush on and Satou Sakie is not an exception. Even though she does everything she can to make herself less attractive to avoid the attention. Satou lives alone in the United States; she takes the very first and least-crowded train to work in the morning and home at night. She even wears a tracksuit, no makeup and keeps her hair in a ponytail — all to appear less attractive. The trouble she goes through to be less appealing almost works. You see she is really a succubus and emits pheromones that arouse most men and even some girls. We can’t help but like her, pheromones or not. She adorable, too. We love watching her handle her conflicting feelings in relation to her crush and fellow teacher Takahashi Tetsuo. She is an honest and caring teacher, though she may keep her students at arm’s length for their particular protection. She knows that standing too close or god forbid actual physical contact brings on a harmful amorous reaction in people. We love her for her self-sacrifice and living a rather lonely life all to guard us against ourselves. It is a sacrifice that puts her at number 1 on this list.

Mina Tepes from Dance of the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes may be the ruler of most vampires and dragged the entire species out from the coffin and to the light of day, figuratively speaking. She has arranged in a cope with the federal government of Japan to begin a “Bund,” an autonomous region in just a state, on an area of Tokyo as a homeland for vampires. Mina is really a shrewd leader. She has to be a cunning leader to put together political power and economic might. The vampire queen needs to fight factions from within the vampire world and from the human world to guard her dream of an area nation. She has several faces she shows to the planet: the queen, the warrior, and the girl. We’re never sure which the actual Mina is. We’d like to consider the actual Mina is the main one we see when she is with her bodyguard and lover Akira Kaburagi. She’s a smart girl who enjoys teasing the boy she loves and has a center full of passion for him and her people.

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