Top 10 Alternatives to Snapchat

Snapchat is really a mobile multimedia application that is known for its disappearing messages right once it has been seen by way of the receiver. It includes funny templates and filters useful once you take pictures. In case you want to share a quick story, than the app will even permit you to do so. Inspite of these, many tend to receive bored with all the app and want to try other available Snapchat alternatives. There are a variety of apps that found on the internet and to assist you, what follows is a breakdown of the highest Snapchat substitutes you could use.

Best Snapchat Alternatives with lots of Selfie Filters

  1. Wickr Me

This application provides its users with encrypted text, image and video messaging with the entire command over the user. In addition, it features a shredder function that irreversibly takes out all erased images, messages, and videos. Also, it offers no annoying ads and it will make your Wickr ID anonymous so that there is no-one to trace your conversations. Exactly like Snapchat, this tool even offers photo filters, graffiti and stickers which users can use upon taking pictures.

  1. Snow

Another solution to Snapchat is Snow. Using this app, every user can cause and share their own personal awesome video by making use of different motion stickers. A lot like Snapchat, this app doubles in interacting together using its chat function. Upon chatting using your friends, you can instantly create animated GIF’s quite cool. If you want to share your story, then you should utilize the “My Story” feature. Considering its look and functions, it is a decent Snapchat substitute.

  1. Instagram

You know Instagram as being a photo-sharing application, but it could be a good option for Snapchat as well. It is currently positioned on both Android and iOS. This app has built-in camera filters that you can consider, and in addition it gets the “Story” and “Live” function which positioned on Snapchat. Above all, this app has the disappearing text, photos and videos, a component that is certainly distinct with Snapchat.

  1. Clipchat

Another mobile app that is similar to Snapchat is Clipchat. But unlike Snapchat, this app features a much nicer interface and features faster speed in sending and receiving messages. Plus, users can easily search for friend via username, email and Facebook. If you are particular with all the interface, than the app is one for you.

  1. MSQRD

If you are looking for applications like Snapchat that represents you with an animated filters like you can do with your selfies or videos, then you should try MSQRD. This mobile program may change anyone’s face into an astronaut, a dog or any scenario that they chose from the filters. However, the app features a watermark which annoys many and features less face filters than other apps.

  1. Messenger Day

If you would like the identical disappearing images and videos along with your very own daily stories, you’ll be able to accomplish this new feature from Facebook’s Messenger called Messenger Day. What this app does is actually a lot like that from Snapchat where one can take pictures or short videos by having a built-in camera. Using this you could add text, cartoon overlays, animation stickers drag it into “Your Day. Like Snapchat’s “Story”, your pals can entry to your day’s post as well as disappear on its own in 24 hours.

  1. Boo!

This next application that we have now is actually the easy-to-use version of Snapchat and also kids can use it. Typical sense says to be utilized by numerous users around school and campuses. Like Snapchat, this different provides photo and video messaging which is often enhanced by adding motion stickers, doodles and GIFs. To look at pictures or videos, simply tap anywhere from the screen and you’re done. It’s really a decent app to utilize and it’s perfect for younger users.

  1. Slingshot

In the event you have thus Snapchat and want to get a new mobile application that can assist you share pictures, then consider using this application. Unlike Snapchat that lets you send picture messages and may self-destruct in seconds, Slingshot works in distinctive way. This app is far more of a polling application by making use of images with regard to comparing. Plus, it comes with a daily questions or trivia that you can answer using friends.

  1. Youcam Perfect

If you need an alternative choice to Snapchat that can provide a much better selfie shot, make this happen one. This app comes with various enhancing effects that could make your selfie image or videos look astonishing. As well as camera filters, this app offers you two options in gaining better image. Whether you intend to beautify or edit the graphic by adding effects, text bubbles, stickers many more.

  1. Yovo

One more app on our list is Yovo. This resembles many of the Snapchat functions which makes it your best option for an alternative. Upon using this tool, you’ll find a possibility to take live images, share pictures out of your library and build your own story that can disappear in 48 hours. Additionally, it’s also possible to enhance your stories by adding drawings, doodles and comments.

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