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Numerous is that today anyone has the capacity to make such videos. It takes merely the right app and a bit of patience. Unfortunately, patience is just a bit hard to talk about with someone, but the best stop-motion apps are absolutely shareable! I checked myself! Choose one from the list down below and take courage to be creative!

iMotion is that rare stop-motion app for iOS that is free. The app is surprisingly good and has a lot of features, not every free app can boast about. Like you possibly can make stop-motion and time-lapse videos in 720p and even yet in 1080p! It is possible to manage the app and preview videos using Apple Watch, that will be very convenient as you don’t desire to spoil a stop-motion video by accidentally replacing your phone. Each of that comes with Retina display, which, incidentally, looks very stylish & minimalistic.

The app may be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch along with synced between most of these devices. There are a few capturing features, such as for instance focus, onion skin, exposure, white balance, and various other features like, for example, reverse playback. Overall, this really is quite a superb stop-motion / time-lapse app! Try it now and see when it fits you!

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is the most used stop-motion app out there. A straightforward Google search rates this one’s hyperlink as the initial one. In order never to be too mainstream, let’s just review the app in a nutshell. With Stop Motion Studio, you can create wonderful stop-motion animations.

Stop Motion Builder by MEGA Brands

Stop Motion Builder is just a simple and easy-to-use stop-motion app that’s everything a one may need in order to develop a good stop-motion movie. This pocket animation studio enables you to record and edit frame by frame. The amount of editing tools embedded in the app is very amazing – there are sounds you can add to your movie, filters, effects, end credits and more.

Lapse It • Time Lapse & Stop Motion Camera

Lapse It is for making time-lapse videos. The difference between time-lapse and stop-motion is not too big. If the former one just makes things appear to be they happen in a shorter period of time than they actually do, the latter one makes unmoveable objects look like they move. Both are connected with exactly the same technology of creating shots, not one by one but through intervals. Yeah, I could as well just started reviewing the app, which I’ll do now, but hope this data was useful.

I Can Animate

I Can Animate will come in two versions – the light one and the full one. Let’s start with the light version. The light version has that basic minimum that nonetheless allows you to create a good animation – delete, copy, past, preview, and all that stuff. You may also regulate focus, white balance, exposure, change speed, make time-lapse videos.

Zing StikBot Studio

Zing SkitBot Studio is really made for filming StikBots – apparently, some toy-creatures which are convenient to put anywhere. There’s a whole movement of fans of these things. The app is frills-free, but it has the fundamental stuff that makes things work – I suppose, you are able to film anything using the app’s features and it is totally free!


Frameographer, along with the iOS app following it, is not free, however, the price is not too high in the event that you compare it with a professional software – just about $5 for an item. The app possesses an intuitive design and clear uncluttered interface. It needs iOS 8.0+ and compatible both with iPhones and iPods. Frameographer may lack some features, however the features it has are very useful and truly necessary.

iStopMotion for iPad

Without doubts, working with something creative is much easier on bigger screens. Having this in mind, the developers of iStopMotion decided to create a stop motion app just for iPad. And it repaid pretty well! The app has become employed by many folks of different ages and for different purposes. The cost is too high though – almost $10. But, I suppose, this one-time payment is nothing if you are really going to utilize the app frequently or in an extended term.


PicPac is an Android app for making both stop-motion and time-lapse videos. No need to claim that videos can become broken down into pictures. No limitations here – both ways are available for free.


The only thing that bothers me is that the app requires money. Numerous though is that it includes a light version, to help you check it first in order to make sure whether this 1 is what you need.

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