The Best Apple TV Games

On all the latest Apple TVs, you can easily download different kinds of games from App Store. In this list, you will see a few of the greatest games that you can download and play on your own Apple TV. This really is our selection of the greatest games for Apple TV. Ensure that you browse the next parts for more games!

Rayman Adventures

The developers and creators of Rayman are showing an increased interest in Apple devices as a casino game platform. After the success of Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, Rayman Adventures has been made available on the Apple TV, in which you get lots of freedom to explore the levels.

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper

Crossy Road was demonstrated during an Apple Keynote, so it had been well known that the overall game would definitely be available on the Apple TV. Crossy Road for Apple TV looks very similar to the iPhone version. You swipe over the touchpad on the handheld remote control to scroll left or right, after which you need certainly to tap in order to have a step forward. In so doing, you’ll need to truly get your character to crossroads, rivers and other obstacles, without dying.

Beat Sports

Beat Sports enables you to think of Wii sports games, as a result of fact that the gameplay and graphics are pretty similar. The inspiration behind Beat Sports is seemingly originating from Wii sports games such as for example tennis, golf, baseball, and volleyball. The difference is that you might want to knock away the ball to the beat of the music that’s playing, which makes Beat Sports more of a rhythm game, rather than a sports game. You play Beat Sports by either utilizing your Siri Remote or iPhone as a bat and swing it around.


This game is probably one of the very most atmospheric games available in the App Store. The transistor is really a captivating sci-fi game, in which you play as a lady with a unique sword, attempting to regain her lost voice. In order to achieve a good atmosphere, the overall game uses an amazing combat system, where the planet stands still when you don’t move around.


Shadowmatic is a very nice puzzle game in which you need certainly to rotate your objects in an innovative way, in order to project an ideal shadow on the wall. Due to its creativity and graphics, Shadowmatic could be the proud winner of an Apple Design Award. The developers definitely used lots of creativity once they came up with the theory for this game. Graphically speaking, Shadowmatic is one of the greatest looking Apple game ever.

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore Rising

The next Galaxy on Fire game is immediately one of many exclusive Apple TV games. In this game, you dive into the planet of space battles where you have to regulate your personal spaceship and blast enemies out of the sky. Obviously, this is combined with the mandatory explosions of violence. Galaxy on Fire 3 is a typical example of how fantastic games can look like on the Apple TV. Manticore Rising on the Apple TV is truly a prequel (warm-up) for the name Galaxy on Fire 3 game which will be for sale in 2016.

Does not Commute

The developers of popular iOS game Do not Commute also made a decision to hop on the Apple TV gaming bandwagon. They’ve done this by developing a special version of the game for the Apple TV and released it for free. In Does not Commute, you are required to follow a certain trail in a vehicle, and do this over and once more, trying to not hit other cars. What this means is you will constantly encounter the cars that you have driven yourself.

Battle Supremacy: Evolution

Battle Supremacy: Evolution is the official successor of Supremacy Battle. The game is universally available, meaning that you can download and play it on your own iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. The story of Battle Supremacy: Evolution happens during World War 2; however, much like Galaxy on Fire, the atmosphere is quite science-fiction-like.

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