13 Plus Messenger Alternatives

Plus Messenger is the fastest messaging application that uses Telegram’s API. The app is different in the interface, such as it offers some separate tabs for every unique function. You


11 Trillian Alternatives

Trillian is an instant and efficient messaging app that enables users to connect with a large variety of social network accounts for different IM services. It is possible to open


11 Wire Alternatives

Wire is a simple and lightweight messaging application which is specially designed to perform voice calls in a quick, secure, and convenient manner. There is a smooth layout and simple


11 LINE Alternatives

LINE is an intuitive and famous messaging platform that offers you to create an account quickly and connect from different mobile devices and your PC to keep in touch with

Yahoo! Messenger

11 Yahoo! Messenger Alternatives

Yahoo! Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app that is designed to keep in touch with your friends and family by sending texts and sharing favorite pictures. This program


11 Nimbuzz Alternatives

Nimbuzz is a comprehensive and practical application that promises you to connect to various social networks and stay in touch with business contacts or friends. It is possible to create


11 Viber Alternatives

Viber is a communication app that allows people to stay connected all the time for interchanging ideas and videos. Secondly, it is similar to Telegram in some of the features


13 Element Alternatives

Element is another secure way to stay tuned with friends and family in hard times like COVID-19. Like telegram, the chat app uses end-to-end encryption to provide private video calling,


13 WeChat Alternatives

WeChat is one of the best communication platform having billions of users worldwide. The user can enjoy the services of messaging, video calls, audio calls, group chats, and play fun


11 Discord Alternatives

Are you looking for a powerful yet free app that can convey your voice and text messages to your friends and family members? If your answer is yes, the Discord


11 IMO Alternatives

Imo is a user-friendly and streamlined messaging application that enables users to chat with their loved ones by using Android or iOS devices, and PC. It is possible to make


12 Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Messenger, developed by Facebook, is an all-in-one communication app with unlimited features like texts, audio calls, video chats, group calls, etc. It offers you to easily sync you’re all messages


11 Skype Alternatives

Skype is an intuitive and compatible program that comes bundled with support for screen sharing, file transfers, audio and video calls, and conferences. This tool lets you manage your contacts

WhatsApp Messenger

12 WhatsApp Messenger Alternatives

WhatsApp Messenger is a reliable application that offers to keep in touch with your phone contacts by sending texts, pictures, and video or audio recordings. This lightweight program comes with