Symple ID

9 Symple ID Alternatives

Symple ID deals with password management solutions that can help its users simplify their web security. This platform can let its clients get the tap-to-pay fingerprint option that can allow

Mozilla Persona

9 Mozilla Persona Alternatives

Mozilla Persona refers to an authentication protocol through which users can integrate with numerous leading and unknown sources instantly. This platform can let its clients engage with several platforms, such


9 OAuth Alternatives

OAuth is one of the leading platforms through which users can get the integration & app authentication services in no time. This platform can let its clients add social logins


9 Fakeaccount Alternatives

FakeAccount deals with the advanced-based provider that can provide its users with the ability to access numerous sites, whether secured or not, by offering them disposable details for their signup

9 Alternatives is an online marketplace that can offer its users several passwords that they can easily use for multiple sites. This platform lets its clients create new accounts without any


9 Login2 Alternatives

Login2 deals with a web-based service through which users can get the solution services so that they can save the time & effort that they can need to register on


10 BugMeNot Alternatives

BugMeNot refers to the internet service solution that can offer its users multiple passwords & usernames so that they can quickly bypass the registration process to numerous sites. This platform

Share Me Pass

9 Share Me Pass Alternatives

Share Me Pass is an online platform that can help its users with the public data set of passwords they can easily use for signing in to the web’s administration.


9 ShareAccount Alternatives

ShareAccount is an online platform that allows users to share their current accounts with others with the security system. This platform can let its clients share their accounts, like Netflix


9 OpenID Alternatives

OpenID refers to the solution-based program through which users can get facilities to create multiple new accounts on numerous sites. This platform can let its clients access all digital services

opera gx

22 Opera GX Alternatives

Opera GX deals with the advanced-based Opera web browser through which users can get help regarding their gaming. This platform can let its clients get multiple tools, such as CPU,


15 Cpasbien Alternatives

Cpasbien is a kind of website, which deals with torrent as well as file-sharing space. This site is specifically visited by millions of users in countries that are based on


5 Searx Alternatives

Searx is a metasearch-based engine, which can aggregate the results like the other search engines without storing any of the information about its clients. The platform may be not offered


5 UnBubble Alternatives

UnBubble developed as well as hosted in Germany is a search engine that is neutral, secure, and clean. This site is more than one Search Engine, as it has unbiased


5 Qwant Alternatives

Qwant launched in July 2013 as well as operated from Paris is a web-based search engine in European areas. This is the only site, which has an EU-based engine with

Disconnect Search

5 Disconnect Search Alternatives

Disconnect Search is a meta-based search engine as well as a browser extension, which can let the user search privately. The platform can act as a proxy server for all


5 StartPage Alternatives

StartPage is also known as IxQuick is a solution platform for the user, when he is dealing with various online companies that are harvesting his data without his consent. This


17 DuckDuckGo Alternatives

DuckDuckGo is like a search engine, which offers the customer the application of a mobile browser and an extension for a desktop. The available services have the aim of allowing


11 Cryptomator Alternatives

Cryptomator will grant you full authorization to encrypt all of your data on your series of workstations, on top of any cloud devices, or any storage media. It will be


11 AxCrypt Alternatives

AxCrypt is an open-source USB encryption system that can encrypt and secure all sorts of USB and flash devices by encrypting and securing them with passwords to prevent unwanted and


5 Stores Like Signal 

Signal is one of the best messaging services for users to send and receive messages one-to-one or group chatting. It does not limit the user to only texts; rather, you can