9 LOVOO Alternatives

LOVOO is an internet dating application that permits users to interface with intriguing individuals with whom to visit, Flirt, and

15 IM+ Alternatives

IM+ is the most generally utilized versatile IM application and associates across the board with MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM,

14 Twilio Alternatives

Twilio is an online platform, which offers users the entire solution to develop communication with telephony. There is an availability

12 Plivo Alternatives

Plivo comes with offering voice as well as messaging services, so it can help business owners along with the app

12 Tidio Alternatives

Tidio is an all-in-one customer service marketplace, which can level up users’ customer support, as it can help with generating

12 HappyFox Chat Alternatives

HappyFox Chat is a mobile responsive program, which comes with multiple integrations, through which users can sync as well as

12 Textus Alternatives

TextUs is a business-class messaging program as well as the real-time communication marketplace, which is developed to improve how businesses

12 Bandwidth.com Alternatives

Bandwidth Inc. is an online company, whose communication is based on the Paas network. This platform can allow numerous enterprises

12 ServiceNow Alternatives

ServiceNow comes with an advanced set of tools, which processes as well as catalogs customer service requests. Users can raise

12 Telnyx Alternatives

Telnyx act as next-generation communication as well as connectivity marketplace, which offers several carrier-grade services on any of the private

12 Zipwhip Alternatives

Zipwhip is a SaaS-based platform, which can provide its users with text messaging to multiple businesses around North America with

12 Smartsupp Alternatives

Smartsupp is helping numerous businesses, so they can deliver an online shopping experience as well as drives sales just by

Applozic Alternatives

12 Applozic Alternatives

Applozic is an effective and secure messaging and chatting API for developers who need to chat so often on private,

13 Plus Messenger Alternatives

Plus Messenger is the fastest messaging application that uses Telegram’s API. The app is different in the interface, such as

11 Trillian Alternatives

Trillian is an instant and efficient messaging app that enables users to connect with a large variety of social network

11 Wire Alternatives

Wire is a simple and lightweight messaging application which is specially designed to perform voice calls in a quick, secure,

11 LINE Alternatives

LINE is an intuitive and famous messaging platform that offers you to create an account quickly and connect from different

11 Nimbuzz Alternatives

Nimbuzz is a comprehensive and practical application that promises you to connect to various social networks and stay in touch