5 Sites Like GeoGuessr

Have you ever dreamt of discovering the world’s map through a randomized street view or not? Here, you have to guess your current location on the map using the visible clues. Being released in 2013, the developer added a gaming element where it locates you in five pre-determined locations around the world.

The locations include roads, streets, and other paths as well that allow you to view them by Google Street View Camera. GeoGuessr does not provide any information beyond the streets such as road signs, vegetation, and landmarks. As a gaming element, it assigns you a score that bends upon how far away your guess was from the true location. 

Why people want something similar to GeoGuessr?

It is a big question and how far my idea is based on that people always want to experience something different by remaining within the same pattern. Here we will provide the best alternatives to GeoGuessr for having a different encounter.

1. vPike

No one can deny the fact that vPike is one of the best means for capturing real-time photos of the desired area and driving directions as well. You can measurer the maps with a measurement tool to determine the length of the paths.

No rocket science. Just go to the official website of the vPike employing your favorite web browsers, type the name of the area you want to see, and view the result in the form of a map with images. 

2. MapCrunch

One of the most similar sites like GeoGuessr is MapCrunch, a website that the people with the best view of the streets of their favorite location. You are not limited because here, you can find new and thrilling travel destinations by exploring them on the official site to see how these places appear to be in sight.

Social media is always the favoritism of people and the people can even share beautiful places with their friends using MapCrunch. No matter you are an urban or rural citizen, just search and explore accordingly. Through MapCrunch, everything seems like you are viewing them with naked eyes in real-time mode.

3. OpenStreetCam 

No doubt, a site that offers no fake images of the most beautiful locations all over the world. It retrieves the images from the street-level photographers for improving the functionalities. The site has an official CC-BY-SA license, and the project’s code is open source.

You can even take images of the streets or whatever the place is, does not matter, with your smartphones using its official application and upload them for other people. The official platform recognizes the captured images, then process the captured shots, upload them, and publish to its official website.

4. Fast Street View

As a site like GeoGuessr, it allows you to explore the places around the world at your fingertips. You can view your favorite areas in 360 degrees as well as street-level imagery format. Well, somehow, you can share the images with your friends on social platforms.

A bad disadvantage of the site is that you cannot view the area of any location if it is two hundred meters away from your present location. If you are in diameter of two hundred meters of your present location, then you can surely search for the nearby locations.

5. eMaps

If you are looking for the best alternative to GeoGuessr, then no one could be better than eMaps. No long procedure for exploring the locations. Just visit the official website, enter the desired areas, and get instant access like never before. Three alternative things such as addresses, intersection, and postal codes can be fruitful to retrieve the data

One feature that I like the most about eMaps is that it offers you to search the points according to interest, such as the search for schools, parks, national buildings, or any famous thing around you. It does not offer satellite images rather displays simple images of the areas.