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Too often in the world of video games, we take plenty of modern concepts for granted. One particular is available in the shape of taking cover behind objects which were actually modernized in a game called WinBack. Released originally for the Nintendo 64 and then seeing a newer port on the PS2, WinBack is really a gaming title that people seem to forget even existed. However, we here at Just Alternative To never forget a number of the more influential titles and thus today we’re honoring WinBack. How can we do that you could ask? Well, simple. We made a 6 Games Like WinBack list for the reading enjoyment.

Similar Games to WinBack

Gears of War

Humanity has traveled to the remote world named Sera to search for a new house away from Earth. Discovering a substance called Imulsion, humanity began to fight because of this new substance until a hidden threat emerged from the floor called the Locust. Having lost horribly as humanity tried to push them back, the time has passed as humanity faces losing their new home. Following Marcus Fenix a prisoner for action taken place throughout the war, he is freed to find out he is necessary to find some means of neutralizing the Locust once and for all. Marcus, his close friend Dom and several others are planning to fight to hopefully rid themselves of the Locust once and for all.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

World War II continues for the soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division Parachute Infantry Regiment in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. Yet again we follow Staff Sergeant Matt Baker as he leads his team into the horrors that are World War II. Taking place during Operation Market Garden, Matt must lead his team by way of a deadly skirmish for an essential territory that the Allies can’t afford to lose. Failure means not only Matt’s team dies, however, the war could spiral out of control. Enter his plight as you lead his troops in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway.


Commander Cullen Grey is named to duty whenever a rebel unit appears near Malaysia. Cullen must lead his special U.S. Navy SEALs team to stop the rebels who recently stole privatized military grade weapons and technology which could lead them to gain power. If Commander Cullen and his team fail this mission, the rebel army could rise and take over Malaysia and then eventually make an effort to invade the United States. Prepare yourself, soldier, you’re planning to take control of possibly among the deadliest mission Cullen has ever been tasked with.

Resident Evil 4: HD

Leon S. Kennedy has seen too many horrors in his life, especially after the Raccoon City incident. Many years have passed since that nightmare and now Leon works as a Special Agent beneath the current US President. Leon is sent to a not known section of Spain to look for the President’s daughter Ashley Graham who has been taken by some odd cult. However, Leon is approximate to find out that this mission provides him back once again to the nightmares of Raccoon City whenever a new virus has been unleashed on the villagers. Leon survived the zombie outbreak of Raccoon city but can he survive this new more evolved outbreak?

 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Earth has become devastated by global warming and other human missteps leading the planet towards becoming an inhospitable planet. Hoping to find out a fresh world that humanity could go on the mega-corporation known as NEVEC finds a harshly cold planet naming it E.D.N. III and hopes to colonize it for human living. Though as they start to heat up different areas they discover an alien race who has been hiding away and now are prepared to fight due to their land. 150 years have passed and humanity still fights to survive on E.D.N.III and continues to use the T-ENG from the fallen aliens now known as Akrid. Wayne Holden and his father, several snow pirates are about to have to combat not only the Akrid but an enemy who had been once considered an ally.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch follows super-soldier Nick Bishop. Despite Nick being so extremely powerful, he’s actually controlled by an as yet not known person only dubbed as “Controller”.Nick’s mission is to actually begin a war between a Northern faction and Southern one so Profiteer Archer can sell the sides various technology and make a large fortune from the sales. However, during his mission, Nick begins to have odd hallucinations about a woman and will quickly learn that his memories contain the keys as to the really happened to Nick long ago. Will Nick be able to survive being fully a puppet or can he find some means of escaping his controller? Only time will tell in Kill Switch.

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