Games Like Undertale

Undertale is a game about how your actions have consequences in a broader context and demonstrate to you the method that you treat people or everything you do might have either great or disastrous repercussion, like another much-loved game, Life is Strange. With a wide variety of approaches to play and different endings to the game’s unique and captivating story, it’s no surprise why you will find millions of people all saying how fantastic the storyline is. So, if you’ve finished Undertale and loved it the entire way through, below are a few games like Undertale to assist you to keep that feeling alive!

  1. LISA

The overall game LISA follows the dark, gritty journey of a broken man as he attempts to reconcile himself with his dark past. You will bear witness to things you wish you’d never seen, and the story will give you wrestling with your own inner demons as much as the protagonist of the story wrestles with his.

  1. OneShot

In Oneshot, a quirky and interesting top-down adventure, you take on the role of a tiny child exploring a cold, unforgiving world, on a mission to bring life back again to the planet’s long-dead sun. In order to do this, you must solve puzzles, make friends, and unravel the mysteries of the planet itself.

  1. Hyper Light Drifter

In Hyper Light Drifter, you play as a person you initially know only as The Drifter, a visitor to a torn and broken world who possesses ancient technologies which were lost for centuries. On a journey to cure a mystical illness you have contracted, you must explore this world, and hope it is not too late for you.

  1. EarthBound

Also called Mother 2 in Japan, EarthBound is a classic game that will see players traveling via a 2D world, exploring towns, villages, and caves, meeting people that are sometimes hostile and sometimes friendly. However, you will be making great memories and forging a legend over the way.

  1. Why Am I Dead At Sea

In this game, sometimes morbid adventure game, players are tasked with solving their specific mysterious murder aboard a cruise ship. As a ghost, players can influence characters supernaturally, possess bodies, and manipulate objects in the 2D environment to be able to figure out who’s responsible because of their death.

  1. Stardew Valley

Upon your grandfather’s passing, he left you the deed to a piece of land with a farm in a tiny remote town. You may not intend to use the deed, but because the nine to five drudgery of everyday life in the town begins to access you, you board a bus and leave to begin your life in Stardew Valley.

  1. To the Moon

In To The Moon, you take the role of two scientists who’ve perfected a brand new technology which allows them to get into someone’s mind and provide them with new, legitimate memories of items that never happened. So, when a classic, dying man comes to them and asks them to produce him believe he went along to the moon, they have to bear witness to a tragic tale of love and loss, and a promise that might not be kept.

  1. Alicemare

Alicemare is a unique and fun horror survival game manufactured in RPG maker. Don’t let this game’s basic 2D chump you, though. This game will push one to the brink, allow you to see things you wish you hadn’t seen, and force you to come calmly to terms with some very uncomfortable questions.

  1. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures

A game inspired by the favorite and hilarious Angry Video Game Nerd online series, Angry Video Game Nerd adventures follows The Nerd when he gets trapped in a shitty game, exactly the kind of game he would hate. He must put it out to be able to find his friends and escape this terrible little bit of garbage!


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